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10 Killer Adobe Photoshop Tips For Designers

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

One of the most interesting things about Photoshop is you can never stop learning. Whether you are just a beginner or have been working on the tool for decades now, there are still a plethora of professional tools which are yet to be unveiled. Of the countless adobe photoshop tips and tricks available, the tool helps to boost your productivity to a great extent. While some of the steps are easy and obvious to find out, others need a little more learning.

To help you design faster and better with the Photoshop, here are some of the advanced techniques any designer would love to incorporate.
Adobe Photoshop

Here Are 10 Killer Adobe Photoshop Tips For Designers

1. Know The Keyboard Shortcuts For Layer Manipulation

While working in Photoshop, creating layers to your canvas is essential. When it is required to add many dozens of layers to the same piece, here’s a trick you can use to save time and clicks.
New layer with dialog box: [ Ctrl + Shift + N ]
New layer without dialog box: [ Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N ]
When it is required to design a piece which would need too much detailing, zooming in and out is mandatory. It is also required when working on a large print piece.
Zoom in: [Ctrl+ = ]
Zoom out: [Ctrl+ – ]
These two shortcut keys prove much handy.
When you have to make it fit to the window, use [ Ctrl+ 0 ]
Sometimes, it is necessary to merge two layers or more into one of them to decrease the document size. [Ctrl+ E] is a shortcut to merge the layers you are working with.

Keyboard Shortcuts

2. Use Undo More Frequently

This is a very addictive habit, and designers are much keen to undo every time when they don’t like a stroke. Ctrl + Z in Photoshop is, of course, the easiest keyboard action, but there is a limitation to it. Pressing the same key combination again does not go to the previous action but redo it. So definitely it is not the shortcut when you need to go for multiple undo. Try Alt + Ctrl + Z. this key combination let you make undo multiple times. Go to Edit > Preference > Performance and check your settings. Most of the designers are used to Ctrl + Z, for them Ctrl + Shift + Alt + K is the accessible shortcut.


3. Layer Styling With Cloning

Layer styles are very unique but it becomes much tiring when you need to apply same layer styles to all social media icons. Try the adobe photoshop cs5 tricks and believe in the fx icon! Press Alt and drag the fx icon and another layer id added which will copy the first layer’s styles to the one you will drag onto. The common use of the fx icon is to move a layer’s styles to another. What a designer need to do is drag the icon into another layer without pressing Alt key.

Layer Styling

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4. Customize Font’s Tracking

With this adobe Photoshop tips, you can increase the font’s tracking in some of the selected parts of the type with ease. It can be used for specific situation like button or logo creation. It eventually can save lot of time on finding fonts for creating typography in logo or button designing. For instance, if you want to decrease the tracking of the type, ‘360’, select ‘POLO360′ by using Type tool. It is activated by pressing T key + Alt and press < button to start decreasing the type’s tracking and get the deserved result. With this trick, designers can create some artistic fonts, and thus get personalised logo creation.

Customize Font

5. Using Tool Presets

Photoshop comes with a big collection of tool presets. To save time to create a scatter brush from WeGraphicswater color brush set, adjust the Tool Preset palette from [ Window | Tool Presets ] and click on your preferred choice. Use “Save Tool Presets” option to organize the tool and get them as and when you require.

Using Tool Presets

6. Go For Sampling Color

One of the most important point in every adobe photoshop tutorials is the choice of color. Generally, designers would launch a color picker, pick the color and then find its hex number. After you get the hex number, click on the color palette in Photoshop and then get the exact shade. As annoying as it sounds to read, the procedure is equally irritating. The easiest way is to click on Eyedropper tool, activate it and then click on the Photoshop’s work screen where you want to get the color. How do you think the top 5% freelance graphic designers of Designhill create the finest of the custom services in lesser time than others? These adobe photoshop tips actually work!

Sampling Color

7. Batch Processing For More Than 500 Files

Use Batch Processing to get files sized down into one shape all at once. For instance, if you have to size down a directory of 400 pages to 100×200 pixels, will you open the involved images 400 times and click 400 times to get it done? Well, unless you have no other better plan, here is a quick trick. Use Batch Processing to open all the images and get it sized down into one. Follow [ File | Automate | Batch ] and your work will be done.

Batch Processing

8. Get To Know The Keyboard Strokes

Keep this shortcut handy if you have to make the design real fast.
When you need to switch back to default black and white or need to get back the foreground and background colors, use [ D ] for default colors and [ X ] for switch colors.[ B ] is for brush tool and [E] is a shortcut to eraser tool. These are two of the most widely used tools for basic illustration. When you need to increase brush size, click [ ] ] and [ [ ] to decrease the size of the brush. this is an incredibly useful tool that saves a lot of clicks.

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Keyboard Strokes

9. Instant Layer Selection

One of the most exhausting job is creating layout design. Graphic, typography, spacing, etc. are a lot of issues that you need to tackle when it comes to layout designing. It becomes very difficult if you have to find a specific element layer from the thousands of layers. To make it easier for you, we have a trick. Designhill has designers who save a lot of time using the Move tool using V key and then hold down the Ctrl key. Simultaneously, the element will get selected and, hurray, you work is done. But remember that if you put elements into a group, the same trick will select the group’s folder which has the element in it.

 Instant Layer Selection

10. Smart Object

As the name sounds, editing can be smarter by performing non-destructive transforms and by performing filtering. Smart Object comes in very handy if they have to reproduce a site layout. Social media icons, stock photos, UI kits are heavy graphics which can be used for the ‘Convert to Smart Object.’

Smart Object

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Pro Tip: 

InDesign application is among a variety of applications where users can create and modify documents, graphics, images, visual components, and other document items.


How well do you know Photoshop? If you have ever wondered how some of them designed a website layout in just a week or less while you took more than 10 days to complete it, here is why. It never was or will be about how fast you click but how well can you unlock the full potential of the tool.

We hope this quick guide to adobe photoshop tutorials will help you in speeding up designs, setting the features faster.Please remember, the shortcuts mentioned here are for Windows Photoshop format. For Mac users, Ctrl is Cmd(Command), and Alt is Opt (Option).

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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