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How To Enhance Your Images With Simple Tricks

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Photoshop

Do you want to enhance your images without using any AI image generator or tool? We’ve got you covered. Images and pictures are great at building your brand identity. People remember a visual better than plain text. Almost every brand uses high-quality images to draw the attention of their target audience. You can, too, if you master a few simple tricks. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss simple tips and tricks to edit photos with ease.

Imagery in static or animated form plays a crucial role in effective branding. It’s an essential part of the design that not only captivates the audience but also makes them remember it. So whether you’re a marketer, designer, or someone who uses pictures for various purposes, you can stand out your photos using simple tips and tricks.

Why to use images?

Even science backs the fact that the human brain processes an image faster than the plain text or any other data. That’s how powerful the visuals are for your branding! There are many stats and facts that signify the crucial role of images across all marketing channels.

  • More than 50% of marketers use visual content for their marketing strategy. (Source)
  • According to a study, content with relevant images and visuals attracts 94% more views. (Source)

These two facts are enough to let you understand why images are important. Now, let’s discuss the tips and tricks to enhance your images.

How to enhance a photo:

01. Blurr your way out to an uncluttered background

Another way to enhance photo quality is to apply the blurring effect to create neat background. There comes a time when you no longer need featured images as a center of attraction. Sometimes, you need them in backgrounds.

Blurr your way out to an uncluttered background

Images make great backgrounds, but their details may make the image look more cluttered. This may cause the text on top of the photo to be hard to read. Use light or moderate blurring effects to create vague shapes with a scintillating color scheme. Solid-colored backgrounds are great, but creating blurry backgrounds using images adds to the visual aesthetics and dynamism. You can use an AI photo generator tool for the same, but flexing your own creative muscle will give a different level of satisfaction. Agreed, designers?

02. Remove the background for more appeal and charm

Removing the background from an image makes it more charming and appealing. You can use a background remover to make your images shine or do it using Photoshop. Removing background from pictures allows you to use these images in many ways and create more designs.

For example, if you remove the background from a product image, it makes the product look flawless and stand out.

Even if you use an Etsy logo for your shop and the background is not what you desire, you can remove it and make the logo visually attractive.

03. Crop for a better focal point

What could be easier than cropping images for an instant overhaul? It will help you remove off-putting areas from your image, improve the alignment, and get a better focal point. But don’t crop small images too much, or it will reduce the quality.

Crop for a better focal point

Knowing the rule of thirds and implementing the same is the best way to crop images. Here is what happens in this rule. Your image is divided into two vertical and two horizontal lines. The points where the lines intersect are the focal points of your photo. Cropping the unwanted areas, shift focus to those points.

04. Edit the brightness to expose an image correctly

Brightness makes all the difference. It can be challenging to adjust the brightness, as a little difference can make your image look too dark or too bright. So, adjust your brightness settings according to the requirements. Do it incrementally to avoid overly bright areas. Keep adjusting the contrast side by side to improve the result.

Edit the brightness to expose an image correctly

Those who don’t know how to enhance a photo can use the brightness factor to get started. All they need is to incrementally change it and see whether the image has any natural effect on it or not.

05. Use suitable frames for attention and clarity

Using frames allows you to give a unique style and shape to your images. But before you choose a frame, consider the mood and purpose of the image. The frame for a traveling photo will be different from a frame used for displaying the image of a product. Having an exact idea about the different types of picture frames will help you out.

Use suitable frames for attention and clarity

06. Use photo filters for more visual appeal

Due to TikTok and Instagram apps, filters have become a norm in photo editing. Filters are used to enhance your images visually, but they are just a quick fix to photo-enhancing options. Not only Canva but many picture generators, graphic design tools, or logo generators come with different filter options to enhance image quality. You can adjust the filter intensity for a dramatic look.

Use photo filters for more visual appeal

Try using filters when you really need them; otherwise, look for other photo editing options.

07. Add overlays or screens to enhance your image

Sometimes, you must add text or other elements to an image for clarity. Blurring is one way to do it; another is to add overlays or screens. Overlays are transparent color blocks that you add to your image. You can adjust the opacity to determine the level of see-through.

Add overlays or screens to enhance your image

The more opaque the overlay is, the better and smoother effect it will have.

08. Adjust saturation setting to enhance color intensity

Do you photographers and designers know a simple trick to enhance an image instantly? They balance the saturation settings to pique or lower the color intensity for better results. So, when you generate AI images or create them using Photoshop, you can adjust the saturation to enhance image quality.

Adjust saturation setting to enhance color intensity

The more saturated colors appear brighter and bolder while the less saturated ones appear washed out or faded. And if you use the complete desaturation option, it will create a black-and-white image. But when you consider saturation make sure you don’t lose the natural appeal of the photo.

09. Adjust the contrast for a little dramatic effect

You can use the contrast feature to add dramatic effects to your image. But consider the below factors before adjusting the contrast.

Adjust the contrast for a little dramatic effect

Increasing contrast will:

  • Make light areas lighter
  • Make dark areas darker

But too much contrast will ruin the natural effect of your image. If you reduce the contrast, it will create a plain and flat effect.

Now, it’s over to you to decide which trick or tip you liked the most. Meanwhile, if you need a logo design with balanced contrast, brightness, focal point, and meaning, use our AI tool to create a logo or post a design contest to get a global community of designers to make it for you.


You can improve the visual aspects of your photos using the tips discussed earlier. Adjust the contrast for color intensity, set brightness to a specific level for clarity, and crop images to highlight the focal point. You can master these simple tricks without any design skills. Alternatively, you can use an AI image generator tool to create perfect images for various purposes.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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