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Logo Design: The Perfect Number Of Versions You Should Send

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on January 3rd, 2024

A perfect logo design results from its designer’s skills and understanding of the client’s business, including the target audience. But getting the logo design approved by the client is not easy. This is because clients usually are not experts in visual design. So, convincing them about a logo design’s usefulness for their brand is sometimes complex, and presentation to clients becomes crucial.

A designer might have created a logo after researching the client’s business. Still, that is not guaranteed that the client will approve the logo design. Therefore, the approval largely depends on the designer’s ability to convince the client.

The designer should send at least one version of the logo to the client or talk in person. At the time of the presentation, the designer explains the logo concept and the strategy behind the work.

A designer sends logo concepts remotely or presents them in person via email or other means. What matters the most is how you, as a designer, display your concepts. The clients should understand each of your logo versions.

How To Present Your Logo Concept To The Client?

Approval of your logo version or concept by the client will depend on how prepared you are for the presentation. Here are the basics to follow:

Build A Narrative

The client provides a brief to the designer to tell what the business is about and the target customer. Use that brief to build your narrative around the versions while presenting your logo to clients. It should revolve around the logo design and might help stakeholders and customers remember it. Generally speaking, the logo design must convey the brand’s narrative.

Show The Concept In Mockups

It’s best to emphasize that your design results from your thinking. You can easily organize logo concept layouts while presenting them to your client. Utilizing mockups is one of the greatest solutions to present the concept effectively.

A mockup is a prototype graphic where you exhibit the logo concept in its potential applications. Depending on the client’s industry, the mockup may include a site design, packaging, pen, store signs, notes, ID card, or other items. In other words, you must display the work in the appropriate setting.

Discuss The Concept With The Client

The next section is where you explain the concepts. The logo design is the product of our creative efforts. You should choose its course. Please describe hypothetically what the notion entails.

However, you can provide a single visual identity if you need something done quickly and efficiently. Present a variety of works if you can provide alternatives. The focus is mainly on offering the strongest justifications for the task.

You may emphasize how the design reflects the brand’s personality. But you should first outline how the logo appeals to customers. Tell the client how the concept outperforms the competitors and convince your logo concept is the best solution. 

However, most designers cannot decide on the number of logo versions to send to the client for approval.

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The Perfect Number Of Versions You Should Send

Now that you know how to present your logo design concept to the client, determine how many versions you should take or send. Your client will approve the logo concept only when fully convinced of its usefulness for the brand.

But how many logo variations a designer should take to the client varies. Many designers think of offering multiple versions. Others believe in showing just one logo version to the client.

One Logo Version Option

Many opine that the designers should present only one logo concept or idea to the client. Presenting a single logo may benefit the designer in numerous ways, regardless of the job, company, or product. But show only one version when you are confident it meets the client’s expectations.

If you are confident that it is the best logo design you can come up with, you can submit just one logo concept. Some individuals draw attention to the fact that a designer may give a detailed account of how the work developed.

The designer presents what they have known as the one genuine logo concept. It can aid in showcasing the caliber of the logo designer’s work. 

But the designer should first ask clients to show which designs they like and dislike. That gives an idea of what to leave aside while creating the logo. Ask the client to provide a precise design brief explaining goals. The brief should also mention any design elements the client wants to see in the logo design.

Since the designer has the experience and skills, a design brief is often enough to create one perfect logo. So, one design option works well in many cases.

With one design option, the designer can converse with the client to find what is needed to add to make it unique and impressive. Therefore, as a designer, you know the client well. Then the one design will be good enough to impress the client.

Two-Versions Option

Some designers give two logo design variations that might work for most clients. But the designers should show only one logo to the client. Then, you can put forward the second option as well for consideration. So, the designer treats the second option as something for an emergency in case the client does not approve the first one.

This option lets the designer present on design and then discuss it with the client. Client’s approval chances are higher if the designer can elaborate on the benefit of the design for the brand’s identity and business. If nothing goes to plan, the second design can work.

So, the designer should bring out the second option only when the client’s feedback from the first one doesn’t work. But make sure that the second option is entirely different. It should help the client see that the design will be good enough for the company’s identity.

Three Versions Option

Many designers think that offering a client three different logo ideas or versions is the standard to follow. But creating the three versions is a lot of work for most designers. They need to devote time and energy to come up with different ideas. So, the designers should first determine their client’s expectations.

Here Are The Three Logo Variations A Designer Can Show To Clients:

  • Traditional Design Style – The first version could be the one your client will likely accept due to its classic style. Since many contemporary logo designs follow the style, the chances of getting a client’s approval are higher. Such a design uses time-tested patterns and techniques.
  • Trendy But Crazy Design Style – The designer can also produce a trendy logo idea that looks crazy and adventurous. Such a design maintains brand identity, but the client may need to be more comfortable with it. So, those clients who like adventurous logo designs may approve of such a design.
  • Mixed Logo Style – A logo version could mix traditional and modern design styles. Some clients can see both styles and agree to such a design.

While the three design versions are usually the favorite of designers, it may not be practical to follow. Often, clients look for elements that people like in a design. So, instead of talking about their brand identity, clients often talk about what design elements people like.

They end up having a logo based on people liking or disliking. The client also may like one element in one design and another in another. Therefore, their brand message and personality should get addressed in the design.

Moreover, showing more than three versions or concepts can overwhelm clients. They may find it challenging to choose one of them. It is also tricky for designers to provide three different logo options. Most such options are one concept with some changes. That may not be helpful to the clients.

So, no ideal number of versions a logo designer should present to clients exists. It all depends on how strong a relationship is between the client and the designer. It is also about the understanding between the two.

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You can also use a logo maker online to create your logo on your own. Just provide the brief to the AI-based software, and it will deliver you the logo.

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Wrapping Up

Logo designers take multiple logo versions to clients to make them understand the concept. But how many versions should designers present? Some designers think one concept is enough, while others favor delivering multiple versions. However, the presentation of a logo concept also matters in getting the client’s approval.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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