Things That Make A Poor Logo Design

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Things that make a poor logo design

Last updated on February 20th, 2018

A logo design is supposed to carry a message for the viewers. But when it fails to do so, such a bad design can even ruin the very business it represents due to confusion created in the minds of the targeted customers.

We can give several examples of logo design that failed. One of the famous example is that of London Olympics held in 2012. The logo was in fancy-shaped numerical and did not make much sense and conveyed nothing to the viewers.

The logo became famous for wrong reasons. Similarly, the BP logo was supposed to represent environment-friendly business of the company but the logo design only created confusion due to different shades of green and some many designs. It also created a false image of the company.

Some logos are simply unacceptable to the viewers due to immature design. A software company’s logo in the shape of a toy computer and keyboard is surely very childish and immature and conveys nothing to the targeted customers.

A logo that adds no value to a business is a poor design. Simple creating some fonts or figures makes little sense if you are seriously looking for a design to represent your business.

In fact, there are hundreds of such examples of failed logo design as they were unprofessionally carved out without giving much thought to the selection of right design elements.

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