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Real Estate Color Palette Trends To Watch Out In 2024

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Real Estate Logos

There are some trending real estate logo colors that businesses in this sector have used conventionally. These colors evoke the intended emotions from the viewers and target customers. But in 2024, visuals in this sector might use some colors frequently to stand out and convey specific messages to the target audience.

A real estate logo is a business’s core identity in this sector. Many small to big brands are already operating in any target property market. With an impressive and uniquely designed logo, a brand can hope to drive attention. Such logos help in making a lasting memorable impression on potential property buyers. 

Elements such as fonts, icons, text, taglines, and images are all crucial to designing brand promotion visuals. Like in other sectors, these elements also play a pivotal role in shaping a brand’s identity in the real estate sector. 

But of all the elements, color is the most important to design a wide range of marketing and promotional items, including logos. In real estate, graphic designers explore some colors more than others to target markets and clients. 

Still, real estate brand colors are challenging to choose from since there are many aspects to their use. The designers mostly explore colors to evoke our emotions. For example, red gives us the feeling of aggression, passion, and love. So, a professional designer will first know what emotions to evoke before picking a set of colors. 

But most graphic designers prefer trendy colors to reflect people’s desired change. Here is how we see the color trends building up for the next year in real estate. 

Real Estate Color Palette Trends To Watch Out In 2024

Real estate is a diverse sector since there are many property types that people look for. The businesses have been exploring different colors. While some colors have been conventionally used for decades, others are trendy and align with people’s current liking or disliking. 

The real estate sector uses multiple colors to evoke emotions depending on the brand messages. But as in other industries, real estate has its favorite colors. These are the often-used colors in logos, websites, and many online and offline promotional campaigns. 

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Bold, Bright, And Vibrant Colors 

Most businesses are exploring bold and bright colors in the real estate industry. Previously, neutral shades were the preference of many companies that deal with property to convey authenticity. 

But now, real estate companies are driving attention by using bright, bold colors to stand out. Vibrant colors have made a comeback. Marketing and promotional visuals with bold, bright, and vibrant colors instantly catch the attention. These colors also create a brand statement. The vibrant colors also help convey a real estate brand’s personality and values. 

How designers and real estate businesses use color trends can be gauged from the logos below. These are the winning logos from the real estate sector in a design contest at Designhill. Since logos usually have colors that align with a brand’s business cards, websites, and other visuals, the colors used in these real estate logos showcase the color palette trends developing for 2024. 

Take a look at the following winning design from the designer Wiidesign. You can notice a mix of bright and bold red and blue colors in this visual. The brand Sell or Buy PRO can instantly catch potential customers’ attention with these colors. All in all, the real estate logo ideas of this particular brand exhibit a sense of credibility and security. 

Real estate logo design

Here is another example of a Coyote Ridge real estate brand visual. This graphic uses a bright yellow and orange palette to convey hope and passion. 

Real Estate Color Palette logo

This logo also is an excellent real estate trendy color palette with a mix of light blue, white, and yellow.

Real Estate Color Palette Trends To Watch Out in 2024


Blue is one of the most used colors for real estate logos today and will likely continue to be so in 2024. According to some surveys, over two-thirds of logos from this sector are in blue. Most logo designers in logo design contests in different platforms for real estate sectors use blue. So, blue will continue to dominate the color platted for real estate in 2024. 

This logo from Esplanade, a real estate company, effectively uses blue as the sole brand color to convey the sophistication and approachability of the brand.

Real Estate & Mortgage Logo Design


Besides blue, the real estate sector explores other colors to convey any specific message. Green, for example, is amongst the dominating real estate logo colors. It has been found that more than one-fourth of real estate clients want their promotional visuals in green. 

Here is an inspirational example of using green as the primary color. Along with black, this brand visual conveys authority, trust, and growth. 

Real Estate Color Palette Trends To Watch Out in 2024-Inner-images


Similarly, real estate business agents have preferred gray, black, and white color choices for logos and other visuals. These colors help brands from this sector stand out as they are used less frequently. 

Consider the logo of Urbanite Brokers as an example, where black is predominantly used as the primary color. Black signifies the power and authority a house or any other property reflects.

real estate logo


Yellow is another trending color that will continue to be the designers’ favorite to create visuals for the real estate sector next year. When paired with black text, yellow builds a unique impression and helps the brands stand out. It gives the logo and other visuals a welcoming and positive vibe. 

This Lolem Legacy logo design is in one yellow real estate color palette. The sole yellow color for buildings and the brand name makes this design stand out among competitors. 


Here is another excellent example of yellow color in a real estate company’s logo and other visuals. 

Real Estate Color Palette Trends To Watch Out in 2024

So, these are the trendy colors for selling and buying property. Which one of them is the best real estate logo color will depend on a brand’s identity and message. Consider your branding requirements that, include values, personality, and message. Pick colors that best express your brand in your target market. Since visuals significantly attract the target audience, you must heed the latest color palette trends to stand out and stay relevant. According to the National Association of Realtors, about 51% of buyers in the US found the homes they purchased on the Internet in 2022. The data highlights the importance of having a thriving online presence. Your real estate company’s logo and other graphics must be persuasive, aligning with the current color palette trends that truly reflect your brand’s personality.     

But do not worry when it comes to designing your brand visuals. You can rely on Designhill, a leading creative marketplace having a community of hundreds of talented graphic designers from across the world. Dozens of designers will participate in your design contest, each submitting unique design ideas based on your design brief. Whether you need a logo, business card, or any other visuals, you only need to launch a design contest on this platform with a well-written design brief, and you will get plenty of unique submissions in just a few days. Select one that best suits your requirements, and get it modified (if required) by the respective designer. 

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Wrapping Up

Consider trending real estate logo colors when considering an emblem for your property business. Colors are the vital elements to give the logo a feel and personality. Real estate brands use blue, green, and black and will likely continue with these colors next year. But consider your brand’s design requirements in picking the right colors for your real estate logo. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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