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Third-Party Tools That Use AI For Improved Website UX

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Website Design

Third-Party Tools That Use AI For Improved Website

Last updated on February 2nd, 2024

The user experience of any website is one of the most crucial factors in determining the business’ profits. According to Forrester’s report, every 1$ invested in UX yields an ROI of $100. This means that UX is definitely an area worth investing in, and what better way to maximize your ROI than using mind-blowing AI-based tools to enhance your website UX! To help you out, we have compiled a list of third-party tools that use AI – all of which can massively improve your website UX in some way. Have a look!

According to Statista, Artificial Intelligence or AI is a rapidly growing software market with an approximate growth of 54% year on year! Most of the tools and devices we use today already deploy AI in some way. According to Gartner, 80% of the emerging technologies will have AI foundations by the year 2021.

AI tools are simulations of human intelligence and thus are capable of mimicking human traits such as advanced learning and problem-solving. Being a machine, AI is able to mimic human characteristics more quickly and effectively, which is what makes it so appealing and useful.

AI has been a massive boon to the marketing world and it is one of the technologies that must be leveraged for UX.

Let’s Look At Some Super Useful AI Tools That Can Help You Transform Your Website UX

01. Frase ChatBots

Chatbots are, no doubt, one of the best AI innovations available for website UX today. Chatbots are nothing but AI robots deployed on your website to replace humans in customer service. Unlike humans, AI ChatBots can work 24/7 without rest, handle multiple conversations simultaneously, and never get frustrated. AI ChatBots use machine learning data to learn and get better at customer interactions. No wonder, most of the top business websites use ChatBots today.

The AI ChatBots by Frase are one of the best ChatBots that you can integrate with your website. The Frase ChatBot crawls your entire website to create an AI-powered knowledge base. Using these details, the ChatBot supports your customers around the clock.

Such an AI-based tool can be super-powerful for your website users because all your visitors’ questions will be answered immediately and accurately. Apart from transforming website UX, Frase ChatBot can also increase conversion rates, improve lead generation, reduce service costs.

The best part about such an AI ChatBot is that you don’t have to keep updating it. The ChatBot will automatically re-crawl your website every week to ensure that all the answers are up-to-date and accurate. Moreover, you can even train the Frase ChatBot just like a real person and also view detailed analytics.

02. accessiBe for Web Accessibility

Did you know that according to CDC, 1 in every 4 Americans is disabled and hence faces difficulties in accessing websites? Even after such an alarming number of disabled people and the increasing web accessibility lawsuits, businesses fail to oblige to web accessibility guidelines. Web accessibility non-compliance can be a huge setback in your website UX and thus lead to a huge loss to your company.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was signed in 1990 to aim at giving equal access and opportunities to people with all kinds of disabilities such as hearing impairments, visual impairments, physical disabilities, or cognitive disabilities. Accessing your website can be quite challenging for such people and hence you must ensure that you adhere to web accessibility guidelines all the time.

Fixing accessibility issues on your website is not as easy as it sounds. It may take an entire team of accessibility experts weeks or even months to fix all the issues. But the task doesn’t end there! With new pages being added to your website and the frequently changing accessibility guidelines, manually going through your site and fixing accessibility is not feasible.

An AI-based ADA compliance software such as accessiBe can save your day, that too just with a single line of code. This amazing software will crawl through your entire website, and automatically fix all the accessibility issues, thus enabling the best possible user experience for all your visitors. Moreover, the tool also scans your website every 48 hours to look for new issues and fixes them automatically.

03. Designhill Logo Maker Tool

One of the easiest ways to distinguish an amateur website from a professional business website is through the logo. A logo can be very crucial for making the first best impression on all your website visitors. With the help of a professional logo, you can provide a satisfactory user experience right from the moment someone lands on your website. So, a high-quality professional logo is a must.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on your logo, just to find that you don’t like the vibe of it. AI, again, comes to your rescue here. Using the Designhill Logo Maker, you can sift through hundreds of logo templates and buy one only if you like it.

The Designhill logo maker is an extremely helpful tool, especially if you are not very sure about what kind of logo you are looking for. The tool uses AI to create hundreds of designs for you based on the company name, colors, logo style, and icons that you choose.

And the best part? The tool pulls up hundreds of logo designs for free. You have to pay only if you like one. So, if you have been thinking about revamping your website logo for a while, then the Designhill logo maker is the tool to go for!

04. Zyro AI Heatmap Tool

Heatmap tools are again one of the best AI innovations that can improve your website’s UX and boost conversion rates. A website heatmap tool accurately predicts user behavior by letting you know which part of your site do visitors focus on most. It predicts how visitors see and navigate through your website.

The Zyro heatmap software brilliantly utilizes AI capabilities to collect visitor data and predict their most probable behavior. You can use this to completely transform your UX by understanding what your users like the most and adjusting your website design accordingly. This way, you will know what exactly your users are looking for and can use this data to offer a better experience to your customers.

05. Adobe Sensei – A Design-Focused AI Assistant

The Adobe Sensei is an excellent design assistant that will guide you through your website design by offering recommendations related to layouts, colors, images, and many more design elements. It uses AI together with machine learning to deliver an amazing website user experience.

Adobe Sensei can help you make intelligent design edits, and automate processes such as organizing, editing, and producing your website creatives. The tool even provides you with automated recommendations for including new elements on your website to improve customer experience. It can also generate customized content that will be most appealing to your users.

06. Salesforce CRM

In the era where customer relationships are the most precious assets for any business, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool such as Salesforce harnesses the power of AI to deliver delightful experiences to your customers.

Salesforce CRM combines AI and machine learning to help you with efficient data management, determining customer buying trends, improving customer satisfaction through personalization, and use sentiment analysis to provide product recommendations. Such an AI-powered CRM tool can amplify your website UX multiple folds and leave you with delighted customers.

07. Insider Growth Management Platform

Insider is an extremely beneficial growth management platform that can help you provide ultra-personalized web experiences to your users. Personalization can make the world of difference to your user experience and this tool will help you with exactly that.

Using Insider, you can target your customers with customized pop-ups and web push notifications. You can personalize coupons, price alerts, social proof, banners, and similar more.

One of the best features of this AI-based platform is its personalized product and content recommendations. The tool uses AI predictive analysis to impress your users with the right kind of content or product recommendations at the right time.

These recommendations are pulled up based on purchase history, the most popular products, and data about products viewed together. If you are looking to provide a premium, ultra-personalized UX to your website visitors, then you must try the Insider.

08. Maze UX Research Tool

Ensure access to AI tools for UX research to analyze various parameters related to your website’s functionality..

While there are plenty of research tools, still, Maze is one of the best UX research tools you can depend on for testing and analyzing your website from all angles. This is an ideal tool for in-depth testing and analyzing solutions.

You can conduct surveys, get user feedback, do test analysis, multiple path analysis, and get heatmaps. You also get insight into what actionable steps to take. The maze can be integrated with Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Marvel, and Sketch.

09. Optimizely Experimentation Tool

Experimentation is key to improving your website’s user experience. No matter what strategies you implement on your site, they will be of no use unless you test what works and what doesn’t. An experimentation tool like Optimizely can help you to A/B test different elements of your website such as the call to actions, forms, landing pages, navigations, and similar more.

The best part about the tool is that you don’t have to be a coder for A/B testing your website UX. You can experiment with website copy and imagery just with the help of a few clicks.

An AI-based A/B testing tool is a must-have if you want to get eye-opening insights about how your users perceive your website’s UX elements. Somethings that you think work best might not entirely resonate with your audience. Hence A/B testing can be highly beneficial in perfecting your website UX.

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To Conclude

AI has been nothing less than revolutionary for transforming the UX of millions of websites worldwide. And, if you are not harnessing the power of AI for your site’s UX then you are certainly missing out on a lot. Hence, take your first step today and invest in these powerful AI-powered tools to bring about never-seen-before changes in your website UX.

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