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8 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Business Will Trend In 2023

by Designhill Tweet - in Tshirt Design

T-Shirt Printing

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

Whenever people think about starting a business, a t-shirt company is probably one of the first five ideas that come to their mind. Why? Well, t-shirt printing business looks like fun and cool. To some extent, they are right. Being your own boss, having own t-shirt designs, selling them with your brand label, having people supporting your work – that’s happiness. Isn’t it?

Think of the world’s most iconic t-shirts. Three Wolf Moon, Bob Marley, Tuxedo… – what do they all have in common? What is the similar thing that has made these t-shirts favorite among the people all around the world? Well, it’s the t-shirt design. Every season we see new fashion trends.

The one clothing piece that never gets out of trend is ‘t-shirt’. Whether it’s a graphic tee, plain oversized t-shirt, or body-hugging t-shirt, they have always ruled the trend and are liked by people of all age groups.

If you look into the latest reports, you will learn that the trend of custom t-shirt design has grown tremendously in the past few years. The global market for custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to cross 10 billion USD by 2025. You must have seen that a lot of celebrities are wearing them to spread the social message or setting a trend.

If you have an online t-shirt printing business, then you can relate to this development in the market. To attract more customers, you have to provide them with what they are looking for. You must have come up with latest and unique designs.

If you have a doubt, t-shirt printing business will bring you the desired sales figures, let us assure you that it will. You can invest in the business confidently, expecting high profits.

Here Are The 8 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Business Will Trend In 2023

01. Branding:

Every year thousands of new businesses get started. This is making little challenging for companies to get the attention of their target audience. In order to spread the word about the company and grab the attention, companies have started making use of custom t-shirts. Have you ever thought why car companies put their company logos in the front and back of the car? It’s for branding purpose.


Putting a logo and other information about brand on custom t-shirts helps companies in creating brand awareness and drawing attention. They communicate the brand message in a more casual and friendly way. It can be worn anytime and anywhere and there is no chance that the person wearing it will get unnoticed.

02. Fad For TV Series:

Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things – no matter wherever you go, you will always find fans of these series. Though these TV series are still going on, fans like to flaunt custom clothes such as custom hoodies, tank tops, tees, etc. linked with these series or their characters.

Fad For TV Series

If you have a tshirt maker tool, you can help your customers in creating a design of their own choice. They can make a selection of colors, graphics, fonts, etc. as per their taste and style.

Before going for final t-shirt printing, the tshirt maker tool must allow them to see how the design will look on their t-shirt.

03. Boosting Team Spirit:

Over the past few years, companies have started realizing the importance of creating a strong company culture. Custom t-shirts are a great way in developing a strong emotional bond with the company. It unites internal teams, thus increases motivation and commitment among employees to achieve company’s goals.

Boosting Team Spirit

Looking For Custom T-Shirt Printing?

It’s very simple. Choose a t-shirt. Select color and size. Choose from thousands of ready-to-use designs. Create your own design.
You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
Hire A T-Shirt Designer Create Your T-Shirt Design

04. Customer Loyalty:

In this highly competitive world, where competitors are just a few clicks away, it takes months or even years for companies to gain customer loyalty. Researchers have shown that customers are willing to stick around with those companies that have created great experience for them.

Customer Loyalty

Instead of just depending on websites, or events, companies have started giving print tshirts as a freebie on minimum purchase of any of their product. It is helping them in retaining old customers and making new customers feel special.

05. For Making Fashion Quotient:

Swaggers are always ready to make style statements. In order to show off their sense of style, they always prefer to wear custom printed funny t shirts. They can flaunt their fashion quotient by wearing t-shirts and various other styles like custom hoodies etc. that set them apart from others.

For Making Fashion Quotient

06. Off-The-Clock Marketing:

Custom t-shirts are like free off-the-clock marketing tool. Well-designed t-shirts encourage employees and customers to wear them anytime anywhere, thus helping companies in building brand identity.

Off-The-Clock Marketing

07. Less Costly:

Compared to other forms of advertising like hoardings, T.V., etc., custom t-shirts are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote business. Online tshirt maker tools have also made it easy for people to design shirts for any specific occasion. It’s also possible to further reduce their costs by applying discount coupons obtained from various coupon websites.

Less Costly

In addition to this, a good quality t-shirt has a longer shelf life, helping brand in gaining visibility for a longer period. This has increased the demand of t-shirts.

08. Promoting A Safe Planet:

Now-a-days, people have become more aware and concerned about the environment. It is making them use eco-friendly products. Not only these t-shirts have quotes that motivate people to protect the planet, but they also use minimal energy and carbon. Why not consider setting up an environmentally friendly t- shirt printing company? After all, there is no planet B!

Promoting A Safe Planet

Here Are The Few Tips On Starting A T-Shirt Printing Business In 2023

01. Have A Business Plan:

In order to start any business, every entrepreneur needs to have a business plan first. The plan includes a lot of things like designing visual identities like logo, website or app design, how to fill shipping orders, estimation of financial statement, etc. It also taken into account marketing ideas, number of staff members required, source of raw material, etc.

Have A Business Plan

02. Know Your Market:

T-shirts are one piece of clothing that is liked and worn by people of all age groups across genders and socio economic and cultural backgrounds. People of different age groups have different demand and styles. Such vastness can compel t shirt printer to target niche market. So in order to start a business in t-shirt printing, have a clear understanding of whether you want to target teenagers, adults or kids or all of them.

Know Your Market

03. Build An E-Commerce Platform:

To have an online store, you need to first choose an e-commerce platform. You can either choose to have a self-hosted platform or a hosted platform. The advantage of having a self-hosted platform is that it helps you in creating e-commerce solutions on your own.

Build An E-Commerce Platform

You can edit your design and can have endless SEO options as well. However, if you choose to have a hosted platform, it will cost you less, compared to a self-hosted platform. But the platform will not allow you to make any editing in your design if you go for a hosted platform.

04. Build A Website:

Since you are taking your business online, it’s important to build a website that is not only attractive but also user-friendly. It will help people in browsing products and other information easily on your website.

Build A Website

05. Get A Designer Tool:

It is the foremost thing you required to sell t-shirts online. But make sure that the tool should have advanced features. It should help your customers with wider range of options for colors, tshirt design, fonts, etc.

Get A Designer Tool

06. Choose The Right Printing Method:

Printing is an important element in t-shirt designing. In recent years, a lot of innovative techniques have emerged. Every technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s better to learn them before making a final decision. Direct to garment (DTG), heat press printing, and dye sublimation printing are some of the common techniques used in t-shirt printing.

Choose The Right Printing Method

07. Choose The Right Plain T-Shirt Supplier:

When you get a t-shirt printed, the fabrics do not come out all the same. Printing quality varies from fabric to fabric. For printers, fabrics are just like what canvases are to artists. Just as a bad canvas can devastate a stunning painting, a similar thing applies to a t-shirt that gets created from bad quality material.

Choose The Right Plain T-Shirt Supplier

Thus, it is important to find a supplier that not only guarantees the right quality material but also delivers it on time especailly in the case of custom sweatshirts. To check the material quality, you can ask them to send a few samples.

08. Set Up A Printing Studio:

Now that you are done with your primary things, it’s time to set up a printing studio. The advantage of having an own printing studio is that you can keep good quality printers, coat and finishing unit of your own. You can also print your own designs without any difficulty.

Set Up A Printing Studio

09. Set Up A Delivery System:

Having an online printing business requires an appropriate delivery system. Make a decision on how will you deliver your t-shirt to customers. Ask your team members to fulfil the orders on time.

Set Up A Delivery System

If you don’t want to have your warehouse, tie up with some logistic company that can keep your products and deliver it to customers. Having a great delivery system will help you in building brand identity.

10. Hire A Graphic Designer:

No matter if you know designing or not, you would require a designer that can help you in creating customized designs. Short on a budget? Don’t worry. Hire a freelance graphic designer on Designhill, and get unique designs ready.

Hire A Graphic Designer

11. Create A Logo:

Every business needs a logo. A logo is a symbol or mark that is created to give a brand a unique identity. It is usually the face of a brand. It has the power to make or break the business.

Create A Logo

So, in order to create an impressive and unique logo, it’s better to take the help of a professional graphic designer. There are also online logo maker tools available that can help you in creating amazing logo design within minutes.

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T-shirt printing business is really growing fast. With the new design ideas and the right marketing strategies, you can definitely take your business to the next level. Additionally, don’t just stick to a single type of printing. Discover more options, so that you can make a mark in the industry. The diversity of the business makes it profitable and with the right printing knowledge, you can certainly make the most of it.

Get Your T-Shirt Design

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