Top 10 Cool & Creative Food & Drink Logos For Inspiration

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Last updated on April 6th, 2018

Food and Drink industry is amongst one of the most lucrative and most competitive business fields. Quite naturally, there has been a constant and ever-evolving need of professional, unique and catchy logos for such companies. When it comes to getting food logos or drink logos for your business start-up, it makes sense to ensure that you aim for a design that pictorially depicts your business’ taste, quality and appeal, all at the same time. In fact, your logo must be appetizing enough to make foodies and epicureans make a beeline for your products and services.

Food and Beverage logos not only promise a yummy experience to food connoisseurs, but also these logos are a feast to watch. So, let’s dive headfirst into the tantalizing collection of creative food & drink logos.

Top 10 cool & creative food & drink logos for your inspiration.

1. Familia Food

Familia Food logo brilliantly captures the essence of the food outlet and targets customers who love to spend together with their families and loved ones. No wonder, this simple yet powerful logo never fails to tickles pink the fancy of food lovers.

Familia Food & Drink Logos[Source:]

2. Bar Code

The Bar Code logo is yet another one of the amazing food and drink logos that inspires and impresses in equal measures. With its soothing color scheme, simplistic fonts and amazing symbol, the logo is certainly a treat to watch.

Drink Logos[Source:]

3. Eat & More

Eat & More logo is rather simpleton and unique. With its catchy color scheme, simple and bold fonts, and unique use of negative spaced symbol of a fork making the letter ‘E’, this amazing food logo makes it easy to understand why it is so popular amongst both seasoned and novice designers looking for unique ideas.

Food & Drink Logos[Source:]

4. Cook Finder

Yet another simple yet powerful logo design, Cook Finder logo uses orange color, simple fonts and the image of ‘spoon chef’. The logo exudes oodles of inspiration for anyone who is looking for a creative and unique logo design idea.

cook finder Food & Drink Logos[Source:]

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5. Love Sip

The Love Sip logo evokes the feeling of romantic dates. With its unique purple-black color scheme and the symbol of a wine glass, the logo makes it easy to understand how even the simplest of elements can be put together to make a creatively inspiring drink logos.

Drink Logos[Source:]

6. Fish + Chips

Fish + Chips logo design another interesting logo design that marvelously uses images of fish and chips served on a platter. A rather unique concept in itself, this is one of the food and drink logos truly captures the essence of America’s staple food.

Fish + Chips Food & Drink Logos[Source:]

7. Home Spun Chili

A minimalistic logo design, Home Spun Chili logo packs in enough punch to win over the hearts of even the most discerning of foodies. With an interesting sketch of a chili, simpleton fonts and brilliant use of subtle colors, the logo clearly indicates how a cleverly made logo can weave an entirely new personality and characteristic for a typical food and drink logos and their business.

Food & Drink Logos[Source:]

8. Safari Bar

Safari Bar logo features a giraffe to illustrate how this bar serves sundowners who love to spend their evenings over a glass of wine taking after a thrilling day full of jungle safari. This is also one of the drink logos that features an exceptional use of negative space technique. No wonder, this logo remains a valuable source of inspiration for many designers.

Drink Logos[Source:]

9. Sweet Cakes

An exceptional logo design, Sweet Cakes logo reflects the specialities of business aptly through the image of cupcake. In addition, the subtle color scheme adds glittering stars to the overall appeal of the logo.

Sweetcakes Food & Drink Logos[Source:]

10. Food Boutique

The food boutique logo applies uses the negative concept to illustrate the images of fork, knife and spoon gathered together in a vintage frame. The unique concept and classy look of the logo makes it a hit amongst foodies and gluttons as well as designers.

Familia Food & Drink Logos[Source:]

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