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Top 21 Sites To Find Online Graphic Design Jobs

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Graphic Design

Online Graphic Design Jobs

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

Finding the right job opportunity becomes important when it comes to your design career success. Whether you’re working as a full-time or freelance graphic designer, you always want to enjoy the freedom of work rather than struggling with a regular work schedule. Being a creative person, you can’t even be tied to a single company or project. Hence, finding new projects or design jobs on sites becomes your top priority. Here, we’ve listed the top 21 sites where you can find online graphic design jobs with great exposure. Have a look!

Graphic designing is in demand! Business owners need graphic designers to create unique visual identities such as logos, business cards, websites, brochures, etc. These are crucial identities that help in building a brand personality. So, the designers contribute a lot toward a brand’s growth over the years.

However, despite their significance for business owners, graphic designers have to compete hard to get design jobs. Competition is too high! If there are plenty of jobs then so are the designers. But thanks to the job sites, the designers can access design assignments regularly.

For instance, graphic designers (both full-time and freelancers) can work with reliable partners like Designhill, Peopleperhour, Fiverr, etc. Many such platforms connect graphic designers and clients.

These sites are highly beneficial for both the designers as well as the clients. The design jobs platforms save the graphic designer the trouble of finding clients and the hassle of payment follow-up.

And, the client chooses the best designer at economical prices and is liberated from the stress of undergoing continuous screening processes. The requirement brief, commercials, and deadline are determined, and the entire process is monitored and coordinated by the platform provider or facilitator.

Advantages Of Using Freelance Job Sites

Freelance websites are not the sole source of jobs in graphic design. But these carry some unique advantages for freelancers.

The most enticing aspect of freelance sites is that they give freelancers direct access to hundreds of potential clients. You can access hundreds of design jobs in your design category.

Most such sites are great graphic design online platforms to build a portfolio. You can easily upload your best design works on your portfolio at freelance sites. So, you can avoid creating a dedicated costly portfolio website.

You do not have to tackle the payment side of the work, which is a big relief for many freelance designers. Such websites ensure that satisfied clients pay you for your work.

So, you can do without having a payment processor of your own. There is no need for you to chase down clients to extract payment from them after you complete their design jobs.

But a downside of graphic design freelance sites is that they all have heavy competition for the job seekers. Since dozens of freelancers apply or bid for a job, you either win a project by outbidding your competitors or by impressing the client.

The high competition also may be an impediment for many freelancers in charging premium rates. Also, there are service fees, bid fees, and membership costs involved which make these sites costly for many freelancers.

How to get design jobs as a graphic designer?

You have the right skills to create unique design pieces but you may be planning to work from home or continue your full-time job with other freelance projects. In that case, many graphic designer sites can help you get the right design jobs regularly.

However, merely signing in with these sites is not going to land you well-paying jobs. You must pay heed to these four steps to get hired by clients and build clout as a graphic designer.

01. Create Your Portfolio

A client first scans the portfolio of a graphic designer to see the right design skills and style for the project. So, upload your design portfolio on the site of your choice.

But make sure that you include your best design works in the portfolio. The client should be able to judge your expertise, interest, design styles, and skills by glancing at your portfolio.

Add design samples in as many categories as you can so that you get more design jobs.

If you have not worked with clients so far, then create some mock-up projects for your portfolio.

02. Set Up A Freelance Account

Register yourself as a freelancer with a design job site to get notified about the jobs. You may need to provide some details to some of these sites.

Most importantly set your fees or price for the type of design work or freelance art jobs online you do. Clients will hire you also based on your price, which can be hourly or fixed based.

03. Apply For Design Jobs Regularly

After registering yourself with a few freelancer sites, do not just wait for the job. You need to search for jobs very often so that you do not miss the right opportunities.

04. Promote Your Design Skills On Social Media

One of the surefire ways to grab clients’ attention is to promote your portfolio on social media.

Post your 0best design works from your portfolio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels regularly.

This is also a way to build your network of fellow graphic designers. They can help you get online graphic design jobs with long-term freelance contracts.

Here Are The Top 21 Places To Find Online Graphic Design Jobs

01. Designhill

Designhill has established a position for themselves in the global market through their unique systems. This portal is exclusive for graphic design jobs, and a team of experts guides the freelance designers. The portal has five different methods for offering projects to freelance graphic designers.

Also, the designers are expected to create a profile for themselves and submit their portfolios. The submitted work is then checked and approved by in-house consultants. Once the project is approved, the designers become a part of the Designhill freelance team.


Various contests are regularly conducted where the freelancers can submit their work based on the client’s instruction. The client selects the best graphic design and pays the designer accordingly.

They can also offer their existing models which are purchased by the client as per their requirement.

Designhill displays a list of small design tasks, and there are also individual graphic design jobs available. The payment process is coordinated by the company and transferred using PayPal or Payoneer.

02. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is one of those graphic design online jobs sites that do not charge anything for job postings. Consequently, the site has a massive number of job opportunities all the time. So, freelance graphic designers should explore it for plenty of specific design jobs.

You will find uploading your resume and profile super easy on the website. That makes it a user-friendly website even for new visitors.


You will easily narrow down your design jobs searches until you find the ones that suit best your skills and experience. Such focused results save your time as well.

Graphic designers can also have many resources at the site for resume writing, cover letter writing, and so on. That is a great help for new designers who are applying for design jobs for the first time.

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03. Krop

This job board is known for its extraordinary industry insight into the graphic design and website design opportunities for most companies in the USA and Canada. The company has both paid and free versions that can be utilized by design jobs seekers across the globe.

The company can either post a job using the job posting package or access the entire database of designers by paying a monthly fee.

graphic design

There are two ways the designers can access the tasks listed in the portal. They can create a Krop Talent Profile for free or build a custom website with their portfolio.

A small monthly fee is charged for hosting the site. In addition to it, the Krop team sends regular emails of the design jobs listing to the designers which they can apply for the position through the website. The website also provides options to share the opportunities in Social Media.

04. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is a job platform that connects job seekers and companies across the globe. The portal works in two ways, and the project is awarded to freelance graphic designers through a bidding process.

Also, the freelance graphic designer jobs seekers can post hourlies of their services which are accessed by the clients. The clients can also display the job requirements which are notified to the designers by email, and it is updated on the portal.

freelance graphic designer

Peopleperhour selects the designers based on their profile and asks them to bid on specific projects. The project is awarded based on the rating, client feedback, proposal submitted as well as a quotation.

The job seekers may be asked to provide a sample or portfolio before awarding the work. And, the portal charges a service fee for the entire process. The portal holds the funds until the completion of the design job.

05. Fiverr

Fiverr is yet another marketplace that connects the service providers with potential projects. Similar to Peopleperhour, Freelance graphic designers can create a task or a service that can be promoted on the Fiverr website as well as on social media pages.

The portal offers the option to create different categories of the same service as basic, standard, and urgent. Clients can select the services as per their requirements and contact the designers for more clarifications.

graphic designer

The clients can also post their project requirements which the graphic designing jobs seekers can bid on along with their proposal.

And, the portal holds the commercial for a limited amount of time post which is released to the freelancers. The portal has an equal mixture of both small and significant jobs. The graphic designers are expected to maintain a particular rating to apply for the design jobs.

They can post their service listing even without the minimum grade. It is advisable to retain the score to increase the chances of acquiring the project. You can also register on sites like Fiverr to get designing freelance jobs.

06. Toptal

Toptal is a graphic job portal exclusive for technologists inclusive of designers, developers, and engineers. There is a robust scrutinizing process, and they claim to select only 3% of their applicants.

The applicants are screened and filtered on the basis of their communication, Personality, and technical knowledge.


There is also a live screening process where the graphic designers are given tests that are monitored by industry experts. Access to the portal is provided only to the top candidates.

The graphic designers are given a separate page on their website, and they can display their educational details, work details, expertise, and portfolio.

The portal has opportunities for both full times as well as freelance graphic design jobs. They have strict guidelines which all employees are expected to follow to maintain the standards promised by the job portal.

07. Upwork

This portal was launched as Elance O-desk and later rebranded as Upwork. The portal also offers other kinds of jobs in addition to graphic designing and website designing.

The portals work on a bidding process, and the design jobs seekers are provided with a specific amount of credits. Extra credits can be purchased, and they will be refilled on a constant basis.

The freelance graphic designers are expected to fill an online profile and will have to complete a skill test to qualify for the portal. Once passed, they can begin to search for the freelance jobs listed on the website.


The clients can post their project details, and the portal will assist them in selecting the ideal service provider. Once the job is displayed, the bidding process begins.

The project is awarded based on the profile, portfolio, proposal as well as a quotation. And, the portal also has a chat option where the clients can interact with the vendor before allotting the project. The portal takes a percentage of the project fee as the service fee.

08. Freelancer

Freelancer is a job portal that hosts different websites for both international and national levels. The portal allows a specific number of bids for every freelance work including design jobs that can be used for submitting a proposal.

Also, the bids are renewed monthly. The freelance graphic designers are expected to enter their educational qualification, professional experience as well as a portfolio in the portal.

Freelancer is amongst the popular sites that job seekers from all over the world frequently use. This platform can help find you plenty of new online designing jobs since business owners regularly post their design briefs here.

This easy-to-navigate user-friendly site has design jobs in all categories. You can access jobs such as logo design, package design, business cards design, website design, and many more.


All you need to do is to sign in and start searching for your types of design jobs. The site lets you narrow down your search until you have a list of jobs that suit your specific skill set.

The job portal offers both free and paid versions where premium members are given an exclusive listing. There are also skills tests available for a minimum cost.

Those employees who have passed the test with distinction have more chances of landing design jobs compared to the others.

Also, the payment process is held in escrow until the completion of the project, and they also have milestone payment options available.

The client can also run contests through which the projects can be awarded to graphic designers.

09. Guru

This job portal selects and highlights freelancers and graphic designers by qualification, portfolio, and skills test. They provide the scope for the designers to upload their portfolio which can be viewed by the client.

The freelancers are given ten bids every month which can be used to apply for the projects. They can also purchase additional bids for a small fee. Candidates will have to pay the exam fee to participate in the exam.


There are different membership plans available that can be purchased, and it increases the probability of winning a project. The commission percentage also decreases as the membership value increases.

Graphic designers with paid membership are offered more bids for graphic jobs as well as allowed to take the skills tests for free.

The payment for the project is released at regular intervals after approval by the client and request by the service provider.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist, one of the most popular classifieds websites, has a separate category for the job listing. The category is further divided into subcategories where the designer jobs are chronologically listed.

This feature is available for all locations. The freelance graphic design opportunities are available under Web / Info Design, TV / Film / Video / Radio, Art / Media / Design Categories.


Designers will have to manually open each listing, understanding the nature before contacting the client. Extreme caution is required when selecting the clientele as there are chances for bogus/fake accounts. Nevertheless, craigslist also has some legitimate design job opportunities listed in them.

Craigslist list offers access to clientele across the globe, and it is an added advantage to the designers. The portal does not charge the designers for accessing the data, and contact information of the clientele. The contact information would be Craig’s email given by the portal.

11. Behance

Behance is one of the popular sites where people come frequently to look for jobs. If you are a graphic designer, you can get plenty of design jobs here.

Graphic designers from different backgrounds and skills have showcased their best work at this site. You can establish a network with them.

This platform has a job board that you can explore to get work opportunities from the world over. You can do plenty of design jobs in this way.

Behance Design Jobs

But make sure that you post your best job profile. Your chances of being hired by a client depend a lot on how impressive your profile is. So, display your best graphic design works only in the profile.

At this site, graphic designers can check out the job listings by category. The site will filter out the job as per your skills and experience. Many such design jobs filters are available to help you narrow down your job search.

12. AwesomeWeb

AwesomeWeb is another platform where you can find design jobs matching your skills. The site will first review your portfolio before listing you as a freelancer.

Note that the site has high-profile clients who require experts in their fields like expert graphic designers. The designer should deliver work as per the schedule.

So, if you have found a place as a freelance graphic designer on this site, chances are that you will get high-paying design jobs.


A noteworthy feature of Awesomeweb is its Skill Directory. This page has a wide range of 56 designer skills listed out. Just as you click on these skills links, you go to the page having all the designers.

They are shown with the best design jobs they did in that category. So, a client can quickly have a look at the designers to see who is the ideal candidate for hire.

When clients click on a design category, it takes them to your profile. Your profile has your hourly rate mentioned align with the number of projects you completed. Your best design jobs that you did in the past are also there in the portfolio.

13. SolidGigs

SolidGigs may not be that popular a site to seek jobs but it is highly useful. This underrated job service can fetch you some great design jobs as per your skills.

The platform will directly send design jobs to your email inbox. So, you need not waste your time searching for jobs all the time.

This is a paid job service that sources the jobs from the web and sends them directly to your inbox. So, it is not a freelance marketplace such as Upwork. Instead, they help you search for design jobs from different job sites.

Over 130,000 people from different backgrounds visit SolidGigs per year to get all sorts of jobs including design jobs. So, it is a huge job site for freelancers.


But a unique characteristic of SolidGigs is that it prefers quality jobs over quantity. The site picks just 1% of all jobs that you are seeking and posts them to your email inbox. You save the time that you waste in searching for high-paying quality jobs.

So, this website gives you access to hand-picked jobs daily. You get a weekly gig list from approved companies.

You also get many freelance courses and tools from the site to help you chalk out your career.

The courses you get include Pitching, Sales, Pricing your services, Client Acquisition, Getting Started with Freelancing, and Managing Your Finances.

14. FreeUp

FreeUp is a marketplace that connects freelancers with business owners. So, as a freelance graphic designer, you will have a direct link with potential clients from the world over.

You can choose to work on an hourly or fixed price basis. The site lets you set over 85 skill sets, which widens your scope to find work.


After you sign up with the site, it provides you with the Open Project Board. As you continue using the board, you will regularly find design jobs.

However, not all freelancers find a place at FreeUp. You will go through a test and interview process at this site before you are approved as a freelancer. So, they adopt efficient hiring practices with a detailed screening process.

15. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is amongst the leading job sites that people use to search for part-time and freelance work. Those people who are looking for design jobs with some flexibility will particularly find this site useful.

A key feature of FlexJobs is that the site pre-vet the job postings. This means when you look for design jobs, you are assured that these are not scams.


Sometimes, you do not believe in job offers that seem too good. Then, there are commission-only jobs. Job seekers worry also about junk jobs. But this site keeps you safe from all such jobs that look like a trap.

Flexjobs screens every single job including design jobs that clients send for listing. The site reviews and hand-picks the jobs with the help of their team. This means that your chances of getting misleading ads and scams are nil.

16. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is another popular place that graphic designers use to find design jobs.

The site claims to get over 2.5 million users per month, which surely is massive. You will get a wide range of design jobs. So, you should visit this site for its volume of job postings.

But graphic designers are assured of quality jobs. This is because companies or business owners have to fork out high fees of $299 to list on this site. So, only serious businesses will come to this site to post their design requirements.

We Work Remotely

What is more, as a designer, you do not have to create a profile. Just click on the job link and proceed further to get design jobs.

We Work Remotely also offers freelancers a host of the remote work resources page. Freelancers can have valuable books, apps, and other resources for their career growth.

You can also join the remote work community at this site. These are free resources to use. The site also occasionally hosts job-related events and meetups with successful remote workers.

17. LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn is a site dedicated to professionals. Those who look for some serious jobs should visit this social channel. At this site, your LinkedIn profile as a graphic designer can do wonders for your career.

With a few searches, you can find plenty of quality design jobs using LinkedIn job postings. You have access to part-time, full-time, remote freelance jobs that match your design skill set.

First post some high-quality design works that you think your potential clients will find attractive. Specify your design skills and make them searchable.

Since business owners regularly visit LinkedIn for the designers, your chances of connecting with some of them are higher. But you should be precise in showing your design expertise.

Another key feature launched by the graphics design jobs site is its LinkedIn ProFinder. Business owners use it to find experts and qualified people to hire them.

But freelance graphic designers can use it to get project leads from the site in their email inbox. So, you can timely get the project for bidding on it.

LinkedIn has also rolled out LinkedIn ProFinder, which helps businesses find qualified people to work for them. Also, LinkedIn ProFinder sends project leads your way via email, giving you the chance to write a proposal and bid.

18. The Muse

The Muse is another job website that freelance graphic designers should explore. You will browse many design jobs here as its Work-at-Home section is full of remote jobs for freelancers in different categories including graphic design.

Muse Graphic Designing Jobs

You will access design jobs based on your skill levels. Use keywords to search for the right jobs. Save the job postings that you find interesting and great.

If you find the job brief and its requirements suitable, then the site allows you to apply for online design jobs directly.

19. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is the one site where graphic designers can find plenty of jobs regularly. Most design jobs are available as full-time positions but you can search the site for part-time jobs as well. You can either work on a contract or part-time with clients.

Working Nomad Online Graphic Design Jobs

A couple of nomadic workers who traveled from city to city founded Working Nomads. So, they know the freelancers’ design jobs needs and what kind of companies need quality designs.

20. TasteMinty

TasteMinty is a useful platform to search for design jobs. Graphic designers and illustration artists can find jobs that they find suitable. They can showcase their best design works here for potential employers.

Minty Online Remote Design Jobs

The clients can contact you through the site’s messenger app. You can thus contact the client directly and get the work. You also have the site’s frequently updated job board to access design jobs.

And, you can build a portfolio on the site. But besides that the site allows you to sell your artwork. Then, you can look for new design jobs and clients as well.

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21. Naukri

Naukri has one of the leading job portals right from its days of Hari Sadu. It has been the most preferred platform by the job seekers and the companies.

Though Naukri does not have a screening process, the portal has a detailed information portal which captures the employment and qualification details which is beneficial to the clients. Naukri does not usually charge the jobseekers, though they have a premium version and they also offer some certification courses.


The job portal has a decent number of freelance and work from home listing in addition to regular job opportunities. Freelance Graphic designers can apply either through the company, and they can also subscribe to the job alerts.

The portal sends notification on a daily basis which is both useful and informative. It is essential for all graphic designers to create their portal in the portal so they will receive an update on the vacancies in the market.

So, these are the top online sites to find design jobs frequently. Just sign in to some of these sites and search for jobs. A few searches will land you the job of your interest and that pays you well. But compare the sites and see which return with the best jobs that suit your skills.

But make sure that you approach these sites well prepared. Your design portfolio must comprise high-quality design jobs that you accomplished over the years.

Also, update your bio-data with the latest development in your professional career to make an impression on potential employers. Additionally, set your fees reasonably considering your experience.

Businesses are looking for graphic designers to create unique visual identities. With such great demand, you can surely successfully get quality design jobs from the above-mentioned freelance sites if you explore them wisely.


Graphic designers can find plenty of design jobs sitting home. These online platforms are popular amongst freelance graphic designers in 2021 to search for their type of jobs. You can use these sites as a way to get yourself busy with design works. But compare them for their fees and other terms and conditions.

Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

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