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Why Is Digital Animation the Eye-catching Marketing Strategy for Your Brand?

by Designhill Tweet - in Brand Identity

Why Is Digital Animation the Eye-catching Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

The animation is all about creating an illusion of life and today, it’s one of the most proven marketing strategies of this millennium. Almost every business uses it to an extent to make the content interesting and engaging. For instance, gifs, funny memes, banners; digital animation can be seen everywhere on websites as well as social media platforms. A major reason for its popularity is that marketers now see it as a tactic to catch viewers’ wavering attention. In this post, we’ve discussed why digital animation is the eye-catching marketing strategy for your brand. Have a look!

In the modern world, people are easily distracted by a lot of things happening around them. Their attention span is now merely for a few seconds.

If marketers can’t catch their attention instantly, then there are high chances that potential customers will migrate to the other sites. Ideally marketing strategies are centered around inventing the ways to bring people’s attention quickly toward a brand.

Here, the animation as a visual art comes to the rescue of marketers. The animation is always interesting due to its fun elements. When those animated figures tell you a story, you have to see it. It’s irresistible for many. This is the reason that marketers are increasingly using animation to tell brand stories.

But telling stories is just one reason. The fact is that digital animation is doing a lot more for the brands.

Different Types of Animation

Before you explore the benefits of digital animation, know about the various types of animation available to the marketers today.

i. Conventional Animation

Under the conventional technique of creating an animation figure, many sequences of hand-drawn images are screened. This creates the movement or the illusion of it. Such traditional animation is mostly used in advertisements like cartoons.

ii. 2D Animation

The two-dimensional animation technique uses computer-generated images instead of hand-drawn images. These animation figures are precise and clear due to the use of computers.

iii. 3D Animation

The three-dimensional animation is of superior quality as they appear realistic images. Their three-dimensional look and feel is the result of some advanced animation techniques.

iv. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are used in multimedia projects by larger animation companies. In this type, the animators create animated texts and images to produce an illusion of movement.

v. Stop Motion Animation

In the stop motion animation technique, the picture of an object is taken from different angles. This way, you can create a motion when the animation video is played.

Now that you know about the different types of animations, you should find out several benefits of animation before picking the right type.

Here Are The Key Reasons Why Your Brand Must Go For Digital Animation

01. Build Trust For Your Brand

Digital animation is your potent strategic tool to build trust amongst your target audience. Customers rely more on those brands that convey positive emotions. Such brands make marketing strategies that help entertain their customers.

Build Trust For Your Brand

Here, animation is the most effective way to entertain and engage customers. A well-thought-out animation video will also be a good tool to drive customer loyalty if the trust factor is taken care of during marketing.

02. Engage Your Audience

Engaging an audience with content is the most difficult job, even for experienced marketers. This is because of the decreasing attention span of the people. But with animated texts and images, you can easily draw their attention as they find animation interesting.

This, in turn, ensures better engagement with your business. As long as they are watching your animation video, your brand can engage them.

Engage Your Audience

03. Tell Your Story

We all love to be told a story. Brands also tell their stories to build a rapport with potential customers. So, brands use different marketing materials to convey a brand story.

Digital animation is today one of the surefire ways of convincing an audience through storytelling tactics. Even animations such as doodles interestingly tell stories.

Tell Your Story

Animation surely makes storytelling a fun activity for viewers. They grasp the story’s point quickly if it is told through animated figures, which are both interesting and engaging. So, use your products or services as some story characters and tell them using animation techniques.

04. Improve Your Website Ranking

The attention span of people is now down to a few seconds only. This is where digital animation becomes important to drive the audience’s attention to your brand. Visuals that are dramatic and animated have the power to engage and entertain the viewers.

Ultimately, it helps boost your website ranking in the search results. We can say that a strategically created digital animation boosts your SEO. Your video content is considered by Google as an authentic web resource to rank your website higher.

Improve Your Website Ranking

Note that Google’s newest algorithms consider animations for searching purposes. The search engine will rank a website if it has an animation video.

Therefore, it is your opportunity to make the animation as a tool to bring your website higher on the search rankings. So, digital animators can help your website rank higher.

Also, know that animations are amongst the easiest and interesting pieces of information that you can share on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms as marketing material. Search studies have concluded that animation videos carry a much higher click-through rate than the plain text.

05. Convey Your Brand Message Effectively

Another big reason to opt for digital animation is that it helps in conveying a brand message across your target audience. Every brand has a message for its potential customers.

That message is sometimes lost in the text form, such as lengthy blogs or social media messages. Moreover, the text or art-based merely on typography is not that engaging as moving visuals mostly are to the audience.

Convey Your Brand Message

The animation is your potent tool in reaching out to the people with your brand message. Those engaging animated figures that explain your products or services take your message to the people in an interesting way.

06. Evoke Strong Association With The Audience

Digital animations are eye-catching visuals that interact well with the audience. This helps in building an emotional association with the viewers. Such animation videos have impactful visuals and sounds.

Evoke Strong Association

These visuals and sounds create great customer experience that are essentials to building strong emotions with customers.

Such an association ultimately leads to improved sales and leads to a company. An experienced visual artist surely knows how to create animations that people can relate with strongly.

07. Increase Your Conversion Rate

Digital animation is also an effective way when you wish the viewers to take desirable actions. A video that tells a story of your brand, products, or services engaged viewers, which often results in a better conversion rate. They are more likely to click the CTA button on the animation video due to the brand story’s pleasing presentation.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

As they click on the CTA button, viewers are brought to your landing page to have in-depth information about your products or services. An animated video raises the curiosity level of viewers, which prompts them to press the CTA button.

If your landing page has a digital animation video, studies have shown that the page will automatically increase the conversion rate by over 70 percent.

Besides the conversion rate, it is also found that such animation videos help in reducing the bounce rate substantially. So, animation can help in dealing with the big issue of bounce rate.

08. Explain A Complex Concept

One of the reasons you should include digital animation in your marketing campaign is that it is an excellent explainer of issues. Sometimes, simple texts such as blogs, etc. are unable to clear a complicated issue.

But with animated figures, you can break down the topic to explain the issues interestingly. The animation helps in making people grasp an otherwise complex concept easily.

Explain A Complex Concept

09. Versatile Marketing Material

Digital animation is a versatile marketing tool. This means that marketers can use this strategy in many ways across all platforms. The animation videos can be included in websites and even in email campaigns.

Most online marketing campaigns can include animation for the effective conveying of a brand message.

Versatile Marketing Material

10. Cost-Effective Marketing

Digital animation is today considered widely by marketers as amongst the most cost-effective marketing means. Although it takes professionals and high skills to create quality animations, still the total costs are much lower than full video productions.

Cost-Effective Marketing

This is because simple animation short videos can be produced just with a digital design agency’s help. But a full 30-second video will be much costlier due to expenditure on makeup artists, actors, directors, videographers, etc. While the video may take months to complete, an animation video can be made in a few days only, saving you the money on its production.

11. Make Your Content Go Viral

One of the reasons for marketing adopting digital animation so aggressively is its value to get viral. When a video content becomes viral, it means millions of people like that all of a sudden. Animated promotional videos have come to the fore these days in the hope of making the content viral.

Make Your Content Go Viral

This helps in generating more awareness about the products or services of a company. Sometimes even graphic designers fail to enhance your brand reach while animation artists can do that quickly through viral animation.

But to make an animation go viral, it must resonate well with the audience, especially with the young crowd. Once that happens, many thousands of people come to know about your brand instantly.

These are the key benefits of promoting a brand using digital animation. Make sure that you create short animation visuals to get your brand message across quickly.

While you are on the animation marketing campaign, also ascertain that your logos, business cards, websites, brochures, etc., brand visuals look great. You can outsource creating digital logos, etc. unique visual identities using Designhill, a leading creative marketplace.

It would help if you launched a design contest with your design brief and prize money. Then, shortly you will get an impressive design product for your brand right away as part of your overall marketing campaign.

Wrapping Up

Digital animation is important to marketers these days. They find animation highly engaging when it comes to drawing an audience’s attention to a brand. The animation also helps drive traffic to websites, engage and interact with the audience, tell a brand story, and build trust for a longer relationship with potential customers.

Get Your Brand Identity

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