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Best Branding Services to Try in 2024 for Visual Identity

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Brand Identity

Best Branding Services to Try in 2024 for Visual Identity

Are you ready to launch your brand in 2024? It needs unmatched branding services to build its identity. Without a strong identity, your business will fail to gain competitive advantages, and your target audience will not recognize your existence. So, to help you build a solid identity, we have created a list of visual branding service providers. You can count on them for the best branding services.

But before we explore the list, we would like to share with you all that it’s all about visual branding. It means that the list consists of companies offering design services for a solid visual identity. People trust businesses taking their look and feel seriously. Our hand-picked brands are known for offering design services crucial for visual appeal. So, here we go. 

Best Branding Service Providers In 2024 For Visual Identity

01. Designhill — Creative marketplace 

Designhill is a creative marketplace that helps businesses of all sizes to source high-quality designs. The platform works as a bridge between the business owners and designers. It can help boost your recognition through a well-designed logo, brochure, business card, and other branding materials.

The creative platform lets you post a design contest or leverage its collection of DIY tools to create branding assets for your company. Some of its most preferred tools include, logo creator for business, email signature generator, digital business card creator, PayPal fee calculator, Designhill Studio, and more.

Their tools and services are available for nominal price based on your requirements.


  • Creative crowdsource platform
  • A global community of over 125K verified designers
  • Rigorous quality check
  • Several DIY and AI-based tools 
  • Preferred by businesses of all sizes 


  • Varied pricing ranges based on the service or tool you use. 
  • Logo contest starts at $249
  • Logo maker pricing starts at $20 

02. Behance — Social platform for creative work

Behance is yet another platform for branding services. Initially, it served as a graphic design platform for designers to show their portfolios. But now, it has hiring option as well for business owners. They can browse the portfolios to find freelancers, post job advertisements, and add filters to narrow their searches.


  • A unique platform for verified freelancers 
  • Options to post jobs or hire designers 
  • Great collaboration tools 


  • Single job post at $399
  • Unlimited job posting starts at $1,499/month

03. Upwork 

Upwork allows you to hire freelancers for your branding needs. You can create a team of branding professionals, including designers, video editors, and writers. The contract-to-hire process enables you to create a branding team on a contract basis. Additionally, the platform lets you filter your needs based on languages spoken, quality, and location. Once you find what you exactly need, it becomes easier to build your brand identity.


  • A one-stop destination for clients and freelancers 
  • A community of talented professionals
  • Flexibility to hire professionals on hourly or contract basis
  • Collaboration tools 


  • Starts at $20/hour

04. Fiverr Pro

Unlike other freelance platforms, Fiverr enables freelancers to become Pros. The platform is home to hundreds of brand designers who can create a unique identity. The Fiverr Pro freelancers work on a project basis, and their charges start from $100 per project. Small business owners can search for other alternatives as it may sound expensive for them.


  • Verified profiles of pro designers and freelancers 
  • Project basis hiring
  • A single dashboard to manage, track, and share projects 
  • Expert guidance at every step 


  • Starts from $100 per project 

05. YunoJuno

Our list includes the next branding service provider — YunoJuno. The platform lets you access 100K+ freelancers for your branding needs. You can create a team or hire professionals to meet your visual branding needs. Its management system and tools simplify team management for you in one place.


  • Global community of over 100K freelancers and contractors
  • Sourcing, managing, and paying from one dashboard
  • Tracking for easy audits and reporting


  • 12% freelance marketplace fee 
  • 4% fee for YunoJuno management system

06. 99Designs 

99Designs is another graphic design marketplace that lets you hire freelancers for your visual branding needs. You can also browse their portfolios and invite them to collaborate on a project or launch a contest. The contest gets you various design submissions to choose from.


  • A global community of creative experts 
  • User-friendly platform with interactive features 
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Wide range of designs to choose from 


  • The cost depends on the branding material or design you need. 

07. Twine

Twine is another online marketplace that connects skilled freelancers with businesses. If you own a company and need branding services, you can post your requirements to connect with top talent. Upon posting your job, you will receive interest from freelancers with whom you can discuss your branding goals or marketing strategies.


  • A community of over half a million freelancers 
  • Smooth and interactive interface
  • Served over 35,000 companies 
  • Easily connect with freelancers by posting a project for free 


  • Standard — FREE
  • Business — $139.99 per project per month

Why Is Branding Important For Your Business?

Branding is important for businesses of all sizes. Research shows that the first impression of a brand has a direct link to customers’ shopping experiences. When customers interact with your brand, they get a clear picture of what your business is all about and how it can cater to their needs. A well-made logo design, meaningful color selection, and your core messaging help establish communication with them. A tactful branding strategy can help achieve all this and build a positive image of your brand.

Compare all the above branding service providers to create a unique identity. Check out their portfolios and consult them in advance before making a final call.


With a world full of competitors, your business needs a strong brand identity to stand out. Relying on the right branding services makes your business memorable, encourages customers to choose your brand over others, and supports your marketing strategies.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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