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10 Construction Company Logo Design Ideas for Businesses

Henna Ray by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design - 4 min read

Last updated on September 4th, 2017

Every company possesses an official identifier that’s in most cases aesthetically attractive. This identifier represents the personality and image of any business into the eyes of customers, prospects and target audiences.

Here, we have carefully compiled a list of some creative construction company logo designs which reflect the unique personality and identity of some construction and tools businesses. Logo designs for companies that are into the business of building edifices are usually expected to reflect a strong, reliable and stable character.

Construction logo

Quite expectedly, most construction and tools businesses refrain from lively colors and use construction tools or symbols in their logos.

Here is 10 Construction Company Logo Design Ideas for Businesses

1. Camamill Construction

Camamill Construction Logo Design

Camamill Construction

A brilliant logo designed with negative spacing technique and exceptional orange and white color scheme. This unique logo lends a definitive identity to Camamill Construction.

2. Todd Construction

Todd Construction Logo Design

Todd Construction

A simple yet stylish logo, Todd Construction company logo clearly depicts the nature of business of the company. The soothing color scheme, mélange of fonts and exceptional use of wooden frame symbol is sure to becharm onlookers.

3.Construct MB

Construct MB Logo Design

Construct MB

Construct MB’s unique logo is surely a great symbol suitable for a construction company. Created in a unparalleled retro style, this logo inspires with its unique color scheme, simpleton typeface and polished neatness.

4.  R.Builders

Builders Construct Company Logo

Builders Construct Company Logo

Yet another brilliant logo that’s suitable for any business related to the construction or tools industry. The letter R in the logo has been exceptionally designed to represent a constructor with shovel in his hand. In addition, the yellow background with back colored symbol lends a unique personality to this interesting logo.

5. Brink Construction Logo

Brink Construction Logo Design

Brink Construction

Truly representing the core values of a construction company, this logo makes for great brand symbol for any construction company that deals in commercial buildings. With its bold typeface and unique color scheme, Brink Construction’s logo makes a memorable identity for the company.

6.Blue Oak Construction

Blue Oak Construction Logo Design

Blue Oak Construction

Blue Oak Construction Company’s logo is a brilliant mark that can be applied to companies in the construction and tools industry and specialize in building eco-friendly edifices.

7. Drechsler Construction

Inspiring Logo Design Ideas

Drechsler Company Logo Design

Drechsler Construction company is one of the leading post frame construction builders in the USA, all thanks to its unique blue logo. This logo has been brilliantly design to feature a minimalist yet interesting look. The subtle and soothing color scheme adds glitters to the logo’s professionalism quotient.

8. Build Dubai

Build Dubai Logo Design

Build Dubai

A landmark logo for a landmark construction company operating in Dubai! Build Dubai’s unique green logo has a plush and luxuriant feel to it and the green color makes it easy to understand that the company deals in the construction of eco-friendly and lavish buildings.

9. Taurus Construction Logo

Taurus Construction Company Logo

Taurus Construction Company Logo

The exceptional logo of Taurus Construction company is a mesmeric combination of letters T and C, and a hammer to create the taurus head. This unique logo makes it easy to understand how hammers, shovel and other go-to imagery can be uniquely and interestingly incorporated to give a different personality to a construction company’s logo.

10. Coggco

Coggco Construction Company Logo

Coggco Construction Company

Yet another brilliant logo, Coggco company logo has been created from cogs and clearly indicates the mechanical nature of a construction business. The color scheme too has a plush feel to it and is tremendously eye-soothing.

After a careful look at these logos, it’s easy to understand that construction and tools businesses have special needs when it comes to branding. It is immensely important for such businesses to choose a logo stands out from the easily available hammers, shovel and other go-to imagery. And it is only a professional logo designer who can help you get an authentic and professional logo that stands out from the crowd and helps you get an edge over your competition in the highly competitive construction industry. But it’s too daunting to find professional logo designers within a limited budget. So, does that mean you can’t get a professional logo design for your construction  company? The answer is no! The leading and most reliable custom crowdsourcing platform Designhill is there to help you.

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