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Last updated on October 10th, 2018

Twitter is today widely accepted as one of the most admired social media for its ability to make precise and meaningful conversation with the global audience. In fact, this social networking site allows for host of activities as diverse as launching of social campaigns and brand building.

Hundreds of reputed and top graphic designers have thronged Twitter to share their experiences. While many designers use the networking site to make presence felt, the established designers’ tips and comments are of great help to the world of graphic design.

Here we give you a list of the top 10 graphic designers whose comments are read and followed widely. You can converse with them to get free advice on a design related issue that you are confronting with.

List of top graphic designers & their valuable insights into different graphic designs:

1. Paul Sahre

Paul Sahre / @psahre

Among the top graphic designers, Paul Share is a master in exploring the advantages of Twitter for promotional work. For example, he is busy promoting his project Saturn V Relaunch, a design and video documentation of a model rocket. Besides such promotional activities, his account is also a good place to know about his interests in art and sports.

Paul Sahre Top Graphic Designers

Design By Paul Sahre Top Graphic Designers

2. Michael Freimuth

Michael Freimuth / @MichaelFreimuth

Michael Freimuth’s is one of the few top graphic designers who is followed for his special comments on arts. He is a professional graphic designer based in Brooklyn. He is also a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts. Follow him for his expert advice and suggestions.

Michael Freimuth Top Graphic Designers

Design By Michael Freimuth Top Graphic Designers

3. Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson / @NoPattern

Another top graphic designer is known for his free spirit, Chuck Anderson likes to make whatever he dreams of and has a reputation to experiment. Based in Grand Rapids, the designer has made an impact on several projects that he was responsible for completion. He regularly gives an expert opinion on different graphic designs issues and trends.

Chuck Anderson Top Graphic Designers

Design By Chuck Anderson Top Graphic Designers


4. Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh / @jessicawalsh

She is an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts, Walsh and also a partner at an NYC design studio. Respected for her many years of experience in handling many projects, Jessica Walsh uses Twitter account to inspire people, especially to the designers by offering quotes, which are particularly great for young designers.
Jessica Walsh Top Graphic Designers

Design By Jessica Walsh Top Graphic Designers

5. David Airey

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David Airey/@DavidAirey

An Irish graphic designer, David Airey has a great reputation for his specialization in designing brand identities. He has worked for clients from across the world. His tweets are of crucial importance to the designers who need some insight. He is also a frequent user of the account to re-tweet articles and thoughts of other designers for sharing with others.

David Airey Top Graphic Designers

Design By David Top Graphic Designers

6. Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman @debbiemillman

A New York City resident, Debbie works as a brand consultant for Design Matters which she hosts. Her account is useful in many ways as you can get all sorts of things ranging from tidbits, to music, books and pop culture. Get him to know what is happening in the world of art.

Debbie Millman Top Graphic Designers

Debbie Millman Top Graphic Designers

7. Jim Dempsey

Jim Dempsey @thegraphicmac

Owner and author of, Dempsey is known for his valuable tips and tricks as solutions to graphic design problems. His account is also a useful place for software reviews and other resources. You can also rely on him for tidbits and musings on everyday life.

Jim Dempsey Top Graphic Designers

Jim Dempsey Top Graphic Designers

8. Stephanie Malone

Stephanie Malone @smalonedesign

Stephanie is amongst the top graphic designers based in Texas and has a passion for fitness, movies and fashion. His Twitter account is home to several design related solutions. Follow him to relate to everyday life experiences besides design related topics.

T-Shirt Design - Top Graphic Designers

T-Shirt Design – Top Graphic Designers

9. DesignInstruct

Design Instruct @designinstruct

This graphic designer publishes tutorials, news, articles and freebies for the graphic designers who will benefit from the latest knowledge making rounds in the design world. This account takes you to the blog that has collaboration between experienced professionals giving you wide array of opinions and information.

Designinstruct Top Graphic Designers

Design By – Designinstruct Top Graphic Designers

10. Max Holyoke-Hirsch

Max Holyoke-Hirsch / @holyokehirsch

A New York City-based designer, Max Holyoke is amongst the top graphic designers and he provides valuable insight into different graphic designers issues of the day. You should use his account to follow the instructions he issues to the designers to find solutions to the design problems and get some advice on technique also.

Holyokehirsch Top Graphic Designers

Design by – Holyokehirsch Top Graphic Designers

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