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Conceptual Graphic Designs Every Designers Need To Know

by John Kash Tweet - in Graphic Design - 4 min read

Last updated on July 16th, 2018

With so much visual stimulation from electronic sources like smart phones and other mobile devices, coupled with the old standbys of television and print sources, we’re inundated with images. So, with all that competition for your attention, what takes a design from just another blip on the screen to an awesome graphic design that will grab and hold your attention? There are conceptual elements that help to make designs stand out.

Here are explanations of how conceptual graphic design can catch your eye.

Be interesting. Graphic Design Blog explains that conceptual graphic design is the art of presenting information in an interesting manner. When creating print or web designs, the graphic designer is challenged to tell a story with only an image and a handful of words – tell more with less. Thus, a decent print ad or logo must have the foundation of a well developed concept. The basis of forming a good concept is knowing what thoughts are triggered by which words and images. If you know the connotations associated with the pieces of your design, you can tell a story with little to no words at all.

The Story

What do you want your graphic to say? If you are looking to welcome customers or clients with warmth, you’ll need a different design than if you ARE wanting to show power and precision. Does your company seek to hold on to the good old days, or evoke a more futuristic vibe? Your logo or website design can convey these messages and more. Designhill can develop an awesome graphic design concept suited to the needs, values, and industry of your business.

Cconceptual Graphic Design Cconceptual Graphic Design

(Image Source: cloudfront.net)


Colors convey messages and make people think of certain things. For example, Business Insider explains that bright yellow is often associated with cheap products: not a message a high-end retail would want to send. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the color blue is, according to Business Insider, the world’s favorite color, so it draws people’s attention.



From elegant to contemporary, fonts send a message that goes beyond the words that are spelled out. Creative Blog notes that some fonts, like Didone and Neo Deco, are elegant and formal. Other fonts, like the highly popular Knockout, a chunky, simplistic font, are contemporary and informal. Fonts can set the tone for a company, like the whimsical, flowy font used by Walt Disney.


Business Insider explains how simple images can make a big difference in the message that is conveyed. For instance, the star hyphen that used to be used in the Walmart logo conveyed a message of “big corporate store”, whereas the new yellow asterisk indicates that it’s a bright idea to shop at Walmart. Other images very specifically show what a company does, like using a coffee cup in a coffee shop logo.

Awesome Examples of How it All Comes Together

The casual observer may not be aware of all the subliminal messaging that takes place in design, but the really good concepts sneak an entire story into their look. One example is the Tour de France logo. The flowing font is both elegant and casual, perfect for a world renowned sporting event. The bright golden ball in the logo indicates both a gold medal for the winner and the “rise and shine, can do spirit of the cyclists. There is even a very cleverly integrated cyclist within the logo, Business Insider points out.

Amazon’s logo is also very cleverly done. The arrow in the logo points from A to Z, showing that you can find anything and everything on Amazon, and it makes a smile, complete with dimple, to indicate satisfied customers. The Amazon logo also makes use of a polished black and red color scheme that indicates the modern vibe of their business, while the lowercase, rounded font is more friendly than some of the boxy fonts used by other large companies.

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Conceptual graphic design can be used to layer message upon message in a single design. Colors can evoke emotions and associations. Even the shade of a color can make a difference in how it makes a viewer feel. Fonts also have associations: elegant or casual, trustworthy or greedy, high end or cheap. Choosing the right ingredients for a graphic ensures that the right messages are conveyed and the right thoughts are inspired. An awesome conceptual graphic design can modernize a dated company or push the little guy into the forefront of customers’ minds. So, before you order your company’s logo, or your next banner sign, create a concept for what you want the world to think about your business, and let the graphic design experts pull all the pieces together.

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