10 Must Follow Startup Blogs That Make Things Easier For First-Time Entrepreneurs

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Last updated on May 22nd, 2018

Startups are constantly challenged to eliminate all complexities from their business. And to effectively do so, they need to seek the guidance and expertise of successful entrepreneurs. And these help is readily available to them via startup blogs. A huge fraction of such blogs are especially dedicated to the cause of startups and small business to make things easier for them.

Here, we present to you top 10 such blogs that startups can follow to combat specific problems and get solutions right away. But do ensure that you have a creative website design in place to engage and entertain your visitors and convert them into buyers.

1. Moz – A SaaS analytics company, Moz runs a blog dedicated to SEO and inbound marketing with experts of the fields coming together to provide solutions.

Why this blog is so crucial: Moz blog routinely collaborates with many startups and hosts webinars on current topics, helping you in familiarizing with the new SEO issues and solutions.

2. Designhill – A young and rapidly growing custom design crowdsourcing marketplace, Designhill never fails to impress marketers and businesses with its though-provoking blogs, articles, white papers and interactive content. The company offers loads on information on branding, social media marketing, SEO, content strategy and other vital aspects of business through its blogs.

Why this blog is so crucial: Designhill’s blogs feature trending topics, secret tips, resources and know-hows in order to help first-time entrepreneurs understand different aspects of business easily.

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3. Buffer – Startups and small businesses can manage social media shares with help from Buffer. The blog preaches on various aspects of sharing and engagement in order to build a massive audience on social media.

Why this blog is so crucial : Read this blog regularly for new data on social media and also about the best practices you can adopt for your startup. Buffer is willing to share secretes unlike many other such companies.

4. Clarity – This blog offers an ocean of information on business, design, marketing and other expert tips, know-how and how-to’s. The blog has content from experts coming from different industries and field of business.

Why this blog is so crucial: Access this blog to know about what the most impactful business leaders are
saying on a particular issue. You also get authentic and unbiased blogs and advice from experts.

5. Unbounce – Unbounce provides startups and small businesses with software to create landing pages that convert visitors into buyers. The company’s blog offers insight on conversation, optimization and web design.

Why this blog is so crucial: The blog must be read for comments from great conversation experts who share their experiences. They can advice you on the conversion issues you’re currently face. You will also come across a strong community and interactive content at the blog site.

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6. Freshbooks – This blog dedicates its content to ‘’cloud accounting’’ that helps startups understand the customer base well.

Why this blog is so crucial: Besides accounting, the blog discusses various aspects of entrepreneurship and encourages dialogue from community of experts and commenter.

7. HubSpot – HubSpot has been championing the cause of content marketing. Its blog covers social media, email marketing, white papers and blogging.

Why this blog is so crucial: Besides providing leadership on marketing thought, the blog is also a well-know place for how-tos with each such post getting thousands of shares.

8. Shopify – If you intend to run an e-commerce store or are already managing one, then Shopify’s blog is your Bible. The blog offers insight into building your customer base.

Why this blog is so crucial: Readers can get specific details about a certain topics such as how to drive traffic to the website and how to convert visitors into buyers.

9. KISSmetrics – Another Saas analytical company of high repute, KISSmetrics is particularly useful to track users individually. The company’ blog has gained a good standing as a go-to resource for SEO tips, analytical know-how and a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing.

Why this blog is so crucial: KISSmetrics blog is a must-read for startups to access top marketing experts from one place. You can benefit from hundreds of useful comments that the blog gets from its users.

10. Visually – If visual content interests you more than anything, then Visually is the perfect place to be. You will cover all the important aspects of the visual content.

Why this blog is so crucial: You get cheat sheet to create impressive visual content. Authenticity of their blog and content is evident from the fact that the blog stories get shared 200 times.

Go for these blogs and benefit from their expertise in the field that your startup intends to excel. Lets have a look on Factors affecting the startup success 2015.

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