How to Write & Build Effective Emails for Better Conversion?

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How To Write Build Effective Emails for Better Conversion

Last updated on December 11th, 2017

You’ll be surprised:

Email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion.

In addition, email marketing can help you increase your ROI by as much as 4300%.

What does this mean?

It means that investing in creative email designs and building amazing marketing emails can help you get the average ROI of $40 for every $1 that you’re spending.

Amazing Marketing Emails By Truconversion


With these stats in hand, it isn’t too difficult to understand why emails remain the best choice of smart marketers looking to quickly drive conversions.

Still apprehensive about it?

Check out this real life example:

A popular hospital that cures injured seals, Marine Mammal Center was able to double its purchases by sending out product focused emails to its recipients.

Check out the Marine Mammal Center email below:

Real Life Example of Marine Mammal Center


Bottom Line:
Emails can help you increase your conversions manifold.

But here’s a shocking revelation:
More than 50% marketers fail to optimize their emails and use emails to their advantage.

Now, why is that?
Because a large fraction of marketers are clueless about how to write and build up a perfect email that resonates well with their target audiences.

We’re sure you’re wondering:
“How to write and build effective emails for better conversions?”

Well today I’m going to make it easy for you.

Check out these 5 insanely actionable tips to help you build emails that will make you conversion superstar.

Tip #1: Write Subject Lines That Capture Attention from Get-go

Okay! We’re sure everyone and their moms know how important subject lines of an email are.

But did you know?
35% email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.

This means the subject line of your emails decide if your emails will be read or not. And that’s why it’s important to write ‘killer’ subject lines.

Ensure that your email’s subject line adds to the overall curiosity of the recipient. Use shorter subject lines. Ensure that subject lines are relevant and say exactly what your email is all about.

Tip #2: Keep Your Email Relevant & Coherent with Your Subject Line

Okay, you’ve already written a ‘Killer’ subject line and are getting started with your email body.

Here’s what you must know:
No matter how great your email subject line is, it will just motivate your recipients open the email, but to make them read further, you’ll need to ensure an even greater email body.

You’ll need to ensure that your email body resonates well with your audiences so that when they look at the email content, it’s their voice, their taste and their needs, they see. Make your email body an extension of your subject line.

One more thing:
Make sure you’re the spellings, grammar and the overall flow of your email is well written. If English isn’t your first language, seek help from freely available tools like Cambridge University Press.

Tip #3: Explore Email Personalization to Your Advantage

Okay! You’ve created an amazing subject line and built up email body.
But what do you think will make your recipients complete the process of conversions?

In a word, Personalization!

You’ll need to personalize your emails to motivate your recipients to take the desired action.


Personalized emails increase conversion rates by an average of 10%. In addition, personalization of emails can get you 6x higher transaction rates.

So, simply personalize your emails and see your conversions skyrocketing.

Tip #4: Call to actions are the Best Friends of Your Emails

Did you know?

Adding a call to action button in your emails can improve conversions by as much as 28%.

What does this mean?

This means that you must do well to add call to action buttons to your email. In fact, it pays to strategically place multiple call to action within your emails.

But you might be wondering:
“How does this help?”

The answer is simple! It gives your recipients ease and flexibility to click on your call to action buttons any time they wish to while reading or scrolling through your email content.

To make sure that your email doesn’t look cluttered and messy, you must do well to use both linked texts and image buttons.

Tip #5. Use Video Content to Double the Impact of Your Emails

Did you know?

David C. Cook, a popular non-profit organization, was able to increase its conversions by 114% by using a video in email.

Check it out:

David C. Cook Video Content

Yeah! That’s the impact of adding videos to emails.

Here’s a shocker:
Adding video to your email can help you increase the click-rates by as much as 300%.

These stats clearly reveal that adding videos to your emails can help you increase your conversions double fold or even triple fold.

But when you use videos in your emails, make sure that your videos are targeted and personalized to your recipients. In addition, do well to videos that are relevant to your emails and appeal to the emotions of your recipients.

So, there you’ve your answer to ‘How to Write & Build Effective Emails for better Conversion?”

Now, go ahead put these 5 easy tips into practice and get set to increase your conversions manifold.

Is there any other tip that you think should a part of this list? If so, then leave us a quick comment and let us know.

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