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11 Unique Branding Ideas To Consider In 2024

by Rituraj Gill Tweet - in Business Branding

Unique branding ideas

Last updated on December 26th, 2023

In a tough and competitive market, your startup simply cannot exist for a long time unless customers trust your company. Branding is all about building the trust for your products or services among your target customers. There are already many brands in your target market. So, creating a unique brand that stands out requires you to have branding ideas that are special.

Are you planning to start your business or have already started a company and looking for new strategies for its growth? Remember that each year the challenges before business are different. Market conditions are changing due to ever increasing competition. In 2024, your startup will have to implement some marketing campaign to counter your business rivals.

Starting your own business, and being on your own can certainly be a dream come true. But taking your business effectively off-the-ground might not be. The New Year is going to be even more challenging. This is because the competition to win customers’ has only increased further.

One of the reasons why fast growth of businesses becomes difficult to achieve is that people do not take a brand seriously easily. There is a hard marketing work behind successful brands.

They marketed their products or services in a special way before their potential customers. According to a survey, 54% consumers don’t trust brands. Your startup may also take a few years before people put their trust behind it.

But to make people believe in your company’s products or services, it is essential that you pursue a sound branding strategy. When talking of branding exercise, it includes a whole gamut of planning. Some people mistakenly take branding as marketing campaign.

That is just one part of branding.Now appropriate marketing strategies are more for making people aware of new offerings by a company. Advertisements in newspapers, on billboards and through other means will take your business to masses.

However, more than marketing and advertising a business, branding exercise is about creating a right perception. People should have a definitive perception about a business. It is when they have an image of a business that it becomes a brand. Then, your business will stand apart in your market.

What do you think will set apart your new business from the rest of the already established brand in today’s ever-so-competitive and ever-so-chaotic market? In a word, Branding.

But Why Is Branding So Important?

  • Branding helps you create and position a positive perception about your business amongst your target audiences.
  • Remember, 54% consumers don’t trust brands. Why? Because most brands fail to meet their promises and claims and end up not delivering on client expectations.
  • But effectively branding your business is no mean feat!
  • It takes a lot of time, money and patience to become a well-defined, genuinely likeable brand.

Here Are 11 Unique Branding Ideas To Consider In 2024

01. What’s Your Archetype?

Conceptualized by popular psychologist Carl Jung, the concept of archetypes means defining your brand on recognizable characters from popular fables, folklore and novels. Over the years, some of the world’s most popular brands have used this branding strategy to make it easy for their target audience to remember their brand.

Branding Ideas

For example, Microsoft is the boy (or girl) next door, while Apple is the visionary. Creating such notable archetype for your brand can help you create a compelling story around your brand identity.

02. Honestly Analyze Your Performance

That’s why you’ll need to ensure that your brand values includes credibility, honesty and authenticity. It makes sense to keep analysing your performance in order to find out the weak spots. And constantly improve them to strengthen your brand value.

When something goes wrong, let your customers know about it and do everything possible to fix it. Remember, customers love to interact with brands that are transparent and honest with their buyers.

Check Performance

Also, revisit your graphic design concepts and analyse their performance also. Take a good look at your brochure design, business card and other marketing material. Redesign them whenever you add new products or services to your business profile.

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03. Recreate Your Logo

Your business logo is the face of your company in your target market. According to branding statistics. A carefully designed logo can drive sales and enhance brand recognition. Conversely, a casually crafted logo design can undermine all your branding efforts.

This is because people will take your company as unprofessional because of the unprofessional logo design. The importance of a logo in branding can be gauged from the logos of global companies.

Recreate Your Logo

For example, McDonald’s logo has become the symbol for fast food business. This is known as branding. Similarly, Coca-cola logo symbolizes and represents soft drink industry and business, thanks to the logo’s unique and memorable design.

So, revisit your existing logo design and evaluate its power to draw the attention of your target customers. If you find the design outdated or insufficient to deliver your message to the customers, redesign it or have a new logo.

04. Evaluate Your Social Media Strategy

Social media presence is important for businesses, especially startups and small businesses. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer startups a wide range of opportunities to tap into a large pool of potential customers.

Unlike traditional marketing, your thoughtfully created social media page helps you make connections and build community of users around your products and services. Social media allows startups to garner media mileage and build brand awareness with smaller budgets and grassroots campaigns.

Social Media Strategy

Did you know Dollar Shave Club, an American start-up based in the state of California, was able to attract over 12,000 people within 48 hours with its viral video? Yeah that’s true!

Dollar Shave Club’s viral video ad released on Youtube in March 2012 helped the company garner 5 million views. Now, this can be easily called one of the best branding ideas that was effective as well as within budget.

professional logo

05. Create Brand Videos

Remember, audiences are 10x more likely to engage with video content—embed, share, or comment—more than text-only blogs or related social posts. So try to use targeted videos to educate your buyers, help them recognize your brand, and make them purchase from you.

Brand Videos

Not only videos, you should also explore other visual mediums such as illustration and graphics. Such visuals present your brand message in an engaging and entertaining way. The intention here is to make your business presence felt and helps in branding.

06. Pay Attention To Your Packaging

If you sell products, its packaging design must be attractive and memorable piece of graphic design work. Your potential customers’ attention is first drawn by the packaging, which is responsible for buying decision to some extent at least. If there is a mismatch in the packaging concept and the type of products you make, you will lose customers.

Packaging design

You should never take packaging lightly. Some businesses have ordinary packaging for their products. They end up with a heavy loss of customers. A wrongfully done packaging discourages people from buying the product due to the doubts it creates in their mind.

So, do not treat the label merely for providing some legal information. Instead, make a lasting impression on them.

07. Recreate Your Merchandise

Pay attention also to your product and see if its design is perfect or not. You may be selling print t-shirts, soft drinks, caps, bags, bottles and other things. But make sure that your merchandise design stands out from your competitors’ products. After all, a customer looks for useful products that are attractive too.

Recreate Your Merchandise

08. Start Blogging About Your Business

Considered as one of the best branding ideas is blogging about your business. Your blog will project you as an authority in your business and industry. Post relevant text and image based content regularly on your blog site.

Make sure that your content solves the problems related to the products or services your industry sells. Give updated information to the readers so that they find your blogs useful.

Start Blogging

Also, make sure that your blog design can accommodate a good mix of text and visuals. This means that the blog should be explaining the issues with visuals such as images, videos and infographics wherever required.

Such an interesting and engaging mix of content will attract more potential customers to your blog. This builds trust for your business, which is an effective brand building exercise. Get more information on how to start blogging here.

09. Renew Your Advertisements

Your branding strategies will not work efficiently if your advertisement has not been framed well. Putting any advertisement in newspapers, billboards, etc. will not have any desirable impact on the customers. The success of your advertisement design is in compelling the viewers to respond to your call to take a buying action.

While designing your advertisement campaign, do not deviate much from your brand colors and fonts, which are your visual identities. For example, if you are advertising for your coaching business, take the colors and fonts from your coach logo. That will ensure brand consistency so that people can immediately identify your business as they have seen your logo elsewhere.

Renew Your Advertisements

10. Promote Your Brand With Email Marketing

Do not exclude email marketing from your branding strategies. As you create a professional email design to deliver relevant information about your products or services, it builds a nice friendly image of your business. Put not only the text but also images of your products or services in your email message.

Email Marketing

11. Flood The Web With Your Banner Ads

Where do you place your ads? While you explore all the possible avenues of advertisement, do not forget banner ads on the web. These ads come in varied sizes. For the best results, launch a banner ad campaign for a long time, possibly for months. That will help people in recognizing your brand immediately.

However, your banner ad design must stand out for its unique use of colors, images, text, call to action buttons and other features. The ad campaign should stand out.

Banner Ads

So, these are our branding ideas to consider in 2024! With a little creativity and a careful research about your target audience, you can easily get people talking about your brand this year.

Another thing to note here is that your various graphic designs such as logos, brochures, business cards, websites, etc. are important to branding. People see your well designed logo on your promotional funny t-shirts and other marketing items, and get a positive impression about your company.

They look at your brochure and its presentation of information impresses them. Similarly, your business card is not just to give your contact information. More than that, the card design will speak about your professional approach to conducting your business.

So, graphic design material of your company must be unique and memorable. If you want to avail various graphic design services, Designhill is the right crowdsourcing platform. It’s a well known graphic design marketplace frequented by hundreds of graphic designer.

They bring their graphic design services and skills with them to create memorable designs for your company. All you need to do is to launch your design contest. In a short period of a week, you get the design you require.

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When branding your business, you should focus on creating a gamut of graphic designs such as logo, websites, brochures, business cards, shirt designs, etc. You can easily impress your audience and send them your brand message.

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