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5 Crazy Facts About Google Logo that will Blow Your Mind

Rituraj Gill by Rituraj Gill Tweet - in Logo Design - 4 min read

Last updated on December 21st, 2017

Google has two things that are very popular:

First, its innovative search engine is one of the world’s most used and the largest search engine in the entire world.

Second, it has an iconic logo that seems to have become synonymous with the Internet.


Who doesn’t know about Google’s iconic logo?

Everyone and their mom can instantly recognize Google’s logo even from a distance.


Did you know?

Sometimes, the most fascinating facet of a logo isn’t just graphic. It’s the long line-up of tales, stories and facts behind it.

And Google’s logo is no different. It too has many crazy facts associated with it that can boggle your mind.

I’m going to present to you some of the more unusual tidbits from the annals of Google’s logo history.

1. Google’s First Ever Logo Was a Bizarre Concept

We bet you don’t know this:

Google was called BackRub in 1996.

Here’s a fact that will shock you:

Back then, the logo was a bizarre concept that showed a hand caressing a bare back.

Google’s First Ever Logo Was a Bizarre Concept

[Source: googlesystem.blogspot.com]

Here’s the story behind the name – Backrub:

This uncommon and slightly bizarre name referred to the underlying technology (backlink tracking), and wouldn’t say much about the end-user experience of the search engine itself to a non-technical clientele.

In 1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to name the company Googol, which refers to specific large numbers. Mistakenly, Sean, who wasn’t an infallible speller, registered the domain Google.

2. Google Logo Designer Wanted a Non-Designed Logo

Well, you already know that…

…Google’s logo has been constantly evolving, ever since they introduced their first logo design in 1998.

But did you know?

Google’s original logo was designed by popular artist and designer, Ruth Kedar.

Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin liked Ruth Kedar’s logo concept due to its playful design, the customized Catull typeface and unique visual expression.

Check out the video below for a little smattering on the design concepts, history and evolution of Google’s creative logo design.

Ruth also reveals that instead of relying on a pattern, she chose a secondary color on the letter ‘L’ in order to illustrate that Google doesn’t follow the rules.

Google’s new site, design.google.com, elaborately discusses about Google’s logo design.

Internet logo

In the video to celebrate the release of the new logo, Google notes that since their first logo back in 1998, it has constantly been evolving. The original logo was designed by Ruth Kedar. She explained her creative thought process:

3. Google Dropped the Exclamation Mark Ending the Era of Design Continuity

Did you know?

Google’s logo had an exclamation mark from 1999 to 2015.

Here’s the deal:

According to Wikipedia, this move was deliberate and was aimed at mimicking the Yahoo! logo.

Google Logo

[Source: tech.firstpost.com]

Here’s another shocker:

The last logo design, in effect since September 2013, displayed the design in a more two dimensional or flat way.

In May 2014, the logo further endured a minor change in its pixelation.

4. Google’s New Logo Is from Its Parent Company

You might be wondering:

How did Google come up with its new playful fonts that it has used in its new logo?

Here’s the deal:

Google Parent Company - Alphabet

[Source: www.business2community.com]

It’s from Google’s new parent company, Alphabet. The font is called ‘Product Sans.’

You’ll be surprised that:
Google’s new logo design isn’t too dissimilar to the logo for Google’s new parent company, Alphabet

5. Google’s New Logo has More Vibrant Colors

Okay, let’s face it:

For a very long time, people have been identifying Google’s custom logo design from its amazing and somewhat rebellious color palette.


Lately, Google decided to push the vibrancy of colors red, green, and yellow in its new logo design to sustain the saturation and pop.


Google’s New Logo has More Vibrant Colors

[Source: mashable.com]

So, there you have it – 5 crazy facts about Google Logo!

Did these facts surprise you?

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If so, then leave a quick comment to let me know which fact surprised you the most.

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Maybe you know a few more fun, bizarre or unheard of facts about Google Logo. If you’re nodding your head in a yes, leave a quick comment to share it with others too.

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  • keith key

    Great Write-up Guys!
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  • bzle

    Ha! I’ve never heard about BackRub! It makes sense… but it’s weird.

    You say Google’s logo had an exclamation point from 1999 – 2015, but looking through The Wayback Machine I can’t find any version of their logo that has an exclamation point. Not sure what to think: https://web.archive.org/web/*/google.com