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Amazing Jewellery Logo Design Awarded 1st Prize

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Jewellery Logo Design

Last updated on April 17th, 2024

The jewellery business is a tough and competitive field where many established and new players are already active. But a memorable Jewellery logo design can draw the attention of potential customers toward a new jewellery business.

When thinking of having a jewellery logo, many business owners think of hiring an individual graphic designer. But they end up having some disadvantages this way. The first disadvantage is that you are solely dependent on that designer for creating your logo.

This means that the designer may take many months and you cannot do much about it. You will have to live with the whims of the designer. You have already paid some money in advance to the designer.

Secondly, the designer gives only two to three logo designs to choose from. Even if you are not satisfied, you have to pick the one design concept as per the conditions laid down in the contact. So, you may have to accept a logo that does not go well with your existing website design.

Moreover, your cost of the logo will be expensive and may exceed your budget even due to hidden fees. So, you end up paying an expensive fee for a logo that you possibly will redesign after a few years.

Here Are Some Amazing Jewellery Logo Design Awarded

01. Advantages Of Crowdsourcing

On the other hand, a crowdsourcing graphic design platform like Designhill is a surefire way to get a logo design with a lot of advantages for the clients.

 logo design

02. Low Cost

First and foremost, small businesses can create a logo and own a logo well within their set budget. There are affordable pricing packages available at Designhill. You get your logo at your choice of price.

Low cost

So, the cost will never exceed your budget. Remember that every term and condition is open and transparent. There are no hidden fees and costs involved in creating and owning the design.

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03. Many Design Options

With crowdsourcing option, you get many new graphic design ideas. So, you have access to more than a dozen logo concepts in most of the cases. With such variety of logo designs, you will have a better logo representing your business.

graphic design


04. Give Feedback

Crowdsourcing platform like Designhill allows the clients to give feedback to all the designers at the same time. Whenever a designer submits a design and asks for guidance and approval, you can use the platform to review the work. This help you in getting a design as per your requirements.

Knowing these advantages, a jewellery business Nura crowdsourced its logo work to Designhill. The logo design contest was launched with a requirement of an aesthetically designed logo to represent its jewellery business amid its global customers.

The client launched a logo design contest with the hope to attract many graphic designers to work on the project. The first thing the client did was to start the contest. To do so, the client gave a design brief, stating the design requirements and preference. The client chose a pricing package for the winning design.

In the design brief, the business owner had not specifically mentioned any color and left the selection of colors on the designers. The client wanted the logo to be used on business cards, letterheads, websites, online advertising, banner ads, personalized coffee mugs, T-shirts, shops, billboards, brochure design, etc. The logo design was also to be used by the clients on TV ads.

Give Feedback

The client received a total of 27 design entries from across the world in response to the contest. While the winning entry was amazing with its simple design and use of color, other entries too were impressive.

During the contest, the client was in touch with the designers and offered feedback to them during the process of logo design. This helped the designer in making timely improvements in the design.

Finally, the client picked an excellent logo design for the jewellery business. The design, shown above, was created by the logo designer Reloart who was awarded the first place and prize of $259 in the category of Jewellery brand logo design.

jewellary logo design


05. Chief Features Of The Logo

The winning logo design is a memorable and unique work. It is a beautiful symmetrical design with some geometrical shapes. The company’s logo is in the simple shape of four petals that are entangled in a classic style. It evokes the feelings of sophistication, classic style, and passion. Such a logo helps in building a trustworthy brand.

logo design

This is a simple but unique logo and it will gell well with other graphic designs such as the business card design of the company. The letters used in the logo are in sans serif font that convey the message of a customer-friendly business. The straightforward capital letters also speak for the professionalism of the business.

The logo is scalable which means that it can be printed in a small size or on a big size billboard design advertisement and it will still look clear and impressive.

That is one of the attributes of a remarkable logo design. This logo will also look equally impressive in black and white due to its simplicity of design. Overall, it is a simple and elegant logo that draws potential customers’ attention. It contributes a lot in building a trustworthy brand identity of the client’s jewellery business.

Are you also looking for a new logo for your jewelry shop that you have recently established? Or, is your existing logo not good enough to draw people’s attention? If so, then try outsourcing your logo work to Designhill. This amazing platform is home to hundreds of talented professionals who bring their graphic design services and skills to your logo work.

All you should do is to launch your jewellery logo design contest and a prize money for the potential winner of the contest. In a week or so, you get and own full copyrights on a winning logo design that is unique and memorable.

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The client got an amazing logo design that is worthy of representing the jewellery business. The jewellery shop got the logo at affordable low price. The client received many new design concepts and guided the designers to create a customized logo for the jewellery brand. The logo is a perfect design to convey a message to target audience.

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