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Salient Features Of Event Management Company Logo Design

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design

Company Logo Design

Last updated on March 8th, 2022

Event management companies are constantly on their toes to beat the competition in the marketplace. Again, thousands of small and big players compete against each other in this niche market. One thing that is common about all the successful event management companies is they all boast a unique company logo design.

The logo design plays a crucial role in drawing the attention of prospects towards your business. Event companies are always seeking ways for grabbing the attention of their target audience. And to do that, they invent new marketing strategies from time to time. One such strategy is having a unique logo for your event management company that reflects its expertise and core values.

These days, making an event go viral on social media is an effective marketing strategy. According to a study, 70% of the surveyed event programmers said that an event should go viral for its success. So, as an event manager, you must try to make your event popular on different social channels. However, a company’s logo design also plays an important role when it comes to building recognition of the company.

In fact, one of the key things to keep in mind is to create a memorable logo and event creative using event program template for your company. The logo that conveys your company’s message and reflects your expertise in holding successful events. Your company may be specializing in managing different events.

For instance, you may be handling events such as birthdays. Or, your company specializes in holding the events such as weddings or organizing corporate events like conferences and business meets. The logo is the face of your company. So, the company logo design must be exclusive and should convey your expertise in one glance.

Here Are Some Key Features Of Company Logo Design Of Popular Event Management Companies

Long-lasting Style

An event management company wants to stay in the market for years to come. But if its event’s logo is inspired from a latest trend, then you may need to change the design shortly when the trend fades away. However, your audience has already made some emotional attachment to your logo.

This means that redesigning a logo every time is not a wise decision to make. Your target customers have to refresh their memories in order to become familiar with the logo once again. This takes a considerably long time. This may also result in your company losing some clients.

So, opt for a logo design style that lasts for many years. But make sure that such a logo design style has been designed professionally.

Long-lasting Style

The logo should evoke the feelings of a formal environment of an event. Such a design will help people take your event organization business seriously. It would be good if you opt for a formal logo design which is indicative of the seriousness involved in organizing an event at a larger scale. The logo should stand for your company’s efficiency and management skills.

For example, the logo design of Dream Merchants Event Management adopts a style that has classic elements in it with the modern and minimalistic use of fonts and color. The company can keep the logo for its memorable design style.

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Unique Logo With Brand Identity

Your company logo design must stand out in the market. The clients who look for an efficient event organizer get the first impression of professionalism of your company by looking at your logo.

If it looks similar to many other logos, it will garner a negative impression for your company. Therefore, create a unique and simple logo in shape, size, color, fonts and overall design. Only such a logo is memorable!

Unique Logo design

Moreover, a unique logo is capable of creating a brand identity for your business. When people recognize your logo and its business, it helps in building an image and identity of a service provider. So, ask your designer to ensure a design that is unique in many ways.

This logo from Urbane City Events is impressive due to its creative use of typeface to create the environment of urban culture of enjoyment. A hint of skyscrapers designed in the letter U is unique and the flying papers are indicative of festive mood and activities of the cities.

Colors That Speak About Your Business

Colours play a key role in determining the success of any logo including that of your event management company. While picking up right colours, you should make sure that the colors for logo also match with an overall color scheme of your business logo.

You may already have a website, blog, business cards, brochures etc. where you must have used your company colors. Your logo must incorporate these colors so that people or the clients can identify your business and company.

Color Speak Your Business

Colors should be used to give your company’s message. For example, if you run a wedding event Management Company, pink may be a good choice for your logo design. If you specialize in organizing conferences, blue may be the right choice as a formal color with hints of socializing. Similarly, colors for logos of sports management should express energy.


Use Fonts Carefully For Your Company Logo Design

Fonts in the logo for an event organizer company are a crucial element and should be used very carefully. Since event management is a tedious job and involves a high degree of professionalism and serious approach, the fonts must convey all these attributes. For this reason, almost all of such organizations’ logos have formal fonts.

Company Logo Design

Remember that a wise use of typeface in your logo will add personality to it. People will immediately recognize your logo due to the typeface. Adhere to some basic tips to select a typeface for logo designs.

So, these are the basic tips you must keep in mind when you set out to create a logo for event management company. These tips may sound familiar but many designers just forget to apply them.

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Here Are The Two Logo Designs Of Event Management Companies Designed by Designers At Designhill

01. Contract Ink

This ingenious logo symbolizes company’s name and reflects company’s attention to details in terms of conducting events. Logo looks simple and memorable. What you think?

Contract Ink

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

02. Reliable Moving

This logo design shows the initials of the company in two overlapping circle. The logo makes use of blue and grey color against a striking black background. Logo looks simple, contemporary and goes with the theme of the event company.

Reliable Moving

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

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Your event management company must have a memorable logo. The logo design must stand out from the crowd. The use of typeface and colors especially should be unique that helps in conveying your brand message to the audience. Make sure that the logo design lasts for many years.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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