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10 Graphic Design Tutorials To Take Your Skills To The Next Level

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Last updated on October 25th, 2022

Graphic designers have to come out with unique designs that draw the attention of audience. Such designs don’t only look great rather they also convey a brand message to the target customers. But for this, the designers need to be equipped well with high design skills. So, designers need to constantly come up with eye-catchy graphic design that don’t only attract the attention of their audience rather become memorable.

There are many graphic design tutorials available online to the designers. They can learn a lot from these easy tutorials and enhance their skills by practicing the art. A skillful graphic designer gets work from the clients regularly. In fact, there are tutorials available online for every specific design job. This means that a graphic designer can practice a particular design skill very well.

A graphic designer makes sure that each design element used in a logo, business card, and other design items has a purpose. For example, when a choice of color is to be made, the designer wants to evoke a particular set of emotions.

So, if red is the choice, then it implies that the designer wants to evoke the feelings of aggression, passion, and love. Similarly, blue will evoke socialization. Typefaces add personality to a graphic design.

However, the tutorials are more useful in learning the tools for the perfect use of colors, typefaces, layers, lines, shapes and other elements.

Here Are 10 Graphic Design Tutorials To Take Your Skills To The Next Level

01.Glitch Art

Glitches are normally considered a bad thing in the world of technology. However, you can use the aesthetic of the glitches to give your design a unique look. Go Media explains how to take a picture and modify it to fabricate a glitch effect while still keeping the core of the picture easily visible. This graphic design tutorial includes detailed instructions on creating glitched-out fonts as well as breaking a .JPG image file.

Glitch Art

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02.Vintage Vectors In Illustrator

When you use Illustrator for graphic designs, a good method for practicing your skills is to find real-life objects. Then, create a vector image of those objects in the program. provides a two-part tutorial where they show you how to create a vector image of a vintage typewriter.

Vintage Vectors In Illustrator

While the details are long and very technical, the basic preparation steps are pretty simple. Finding reference material to base your design on, or getting inspiration to create your own unique design, is all easy with this tutorial.

03.Combining Digital And Real Brushes In Photoshop

As a graphic designer, you need to know about conventional art forms and tools. According to Digital Arts Online, you can create a partially finished illustration using conventional brushes. Then, scan it onto your computer to finish in Photoshop can be a fantastic way to produce some unique design pieces.

Combining Digital


04.Explosive Fonts And Typographic Effects

Do you want to create an explosive effect where a word or piece of text is exploding? Such a design skill will enhance your Cinema 4D skills. Go Media provides an in-depth look at how to go about the process. The tutorial starts with making 3D text, teaches how to tilt and shift the letters, and then adding in explosions and particles. But make sure that you know how typography adds value to the graphic design.

Explosive Fonts

05.Steampunk Design

Steampunk is a type of science-fiction theme that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Learning to create Steampunk styled illustrations and designs can definitely help your business. provides a great tutorial explaining how to make the unique, grungy look of a Steampunk theme. This includes instruction about making pipes, rivets, clamps, clocks, gauges, and other knickknacks.

Steampunk Design

06. Illustrator Distressing Techniques

For starters, distressing in regards to images or clothing simply means the weathered, grungy, or worn look used on purpose to stylize the object or image. You can use image distressing in your own work by using Illustrator, as Go Media explains. Some of the methods used include a grunge brush and a grunge vector element.

Illustrator Distressing Techniques

07. Bringing Retro To The Now

Retro art is perhaps as exciting as the retro culture, which means a fashion reminiscent of the past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and create the magic of retro in your designs. Modern technology and futuristic visions shouldn’t stop you from using retro design philosophies to modify your own ideas. The Creative Blog offers a tutorial on how you can take the trends of the era gone to the future and turn it to your advantage.

Bringing Retro

08. Text Effect Like Wrath Of The Titans

Have you seen the new Wrath of the Titans movie? For graphic designers, it’s phenomenal title effects are worth mentioning. You can learn such effects from the software Abduzeedo and create that effect yourself.

Text Effect

09. Bonfires In Illustrator

Working on creating a bonfire in illustrator, or any other program for that matter may seem like a simple proposition. But if you really want it to look like an authentic fire, you’ll have to brace yourself for a more complex job.

Bonfires In Illustrator

Thankfully, Tutsplus provides an in-depth look at how you can go about creating a gorgeous looking bonfire in illustrator. Use Illustrator tools like blending tools. Start by sketching out the first log and finish with putting the final touches on the sparks using this design software.

10. Becoming A Master Of Photoshop

Photoshop is a massive program with far more tools and capabilities than this list is capable of covering. As such, learning about all those tools and functions can seem too daunting for anyone. However, Creative Blog provides a list of 122 Photoshop tutorials ranging from web design to text creation.


If you’re interested in more tutorials about various graphic design related programs, Designhill could be your best bet. It offers a vast range of excellent graphic design tutorials for beginners to help graphic designers sharpen their designing that you can provide amazing graphic design service.

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Graphic design tutorials such as these help you upgrade your design skills. You can learn many new tricks to give a unique new look to your logos, business cards, designs etc. This, in turn, helps in getting design work from clients regularly.

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