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Top 21 Crowdsourcing Sites For Your Business In 2024

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Crowdsourcing


Last updated on November 16th, 2023

Small businesses always look for innovative ways to minimize their operating expenses. They heavily rely on crowdsourcing platforms to accomplish their various tasks without breaking the bank to achieve this goal. These platforms offer a diverse array of services, including but not limited to logo design, digital business cards, image creation, website development, and brainstorming. But it’s essential to identify the most reliable crowdsourcing site for every single task small businesses need to carry out.

Are you a startup or small business owner?

Well, most startups are known for their zero-hierarchy work culture. They are also known for their passionate approach to customer service and an exceptionally high energy level. Change is the name of the game for such new businesses and startups.

But there’s one thing that most startups and small businesses are obsessed with. That’s cost-reduction.

If you’re running a small business on a shoestring budget, you must constantly seek new ways to reduce operational costs. In this scenario, crowdsourcing platforms can be a great option to achieve this goal.

This model allows businesses to drive growth and success at low to zero costs. As a result, many small businesses and startups turn to crowdsourcing for affordable and quick solutions to their problems.

Given the staggering popularity of the crowdsourcing model, the web world is now replete with hundreds and thousands of such platforms.

Forbes reports that crowdsourcing has put in place a new change management paradigm, recognizing that incorporating the crowd in co-creation results in the quicker embracement of change and broader impact. The social channel technologies that stimulate crowdsourcing for change transform the change process into a friendly, positive, solution-focused game that uplifts collaboration and creates possibilities.

Almost every field of business today can find a site entirely dedicated to the cause of providing solutions to them. But the sheer diversity of such platforms can create a problem for anyone.

As you google for an opinion or solution to issues relevant to your organization, dozens of crowdsourcing sites line up. This must be clarified, especially for those looking for the best.

Here Are The Top 21 Crowdsourcing Sites For Your Business In 2024

01. Logo Design: Designhill

If your organization needs cost-effective graphic designs, Designhill is an excellent option. The platform has established itself as a creditable marketplace for creating inexpensive graphic design solutions in varied categories.

This platform is popular with small businesses and startups depending on design crowdsourcing sites to cut design-related costs.

Seen as the best alternative to 99designs & Canva, businesses can benefit from a wide range of features from Designhill when they seek customized design solutions.

online logo maker

At Designhill, you can access dozens of new design ideas from a vast pool of talented and skilled designers, both professionals and amateurs worldwide. And creative design concepts are available to you at a meager price.

So, if you’re looking for a creative logo design, you need to launch a contest at the site and fill in your design requirements. You will receive dozens of design concepts in response to your brief shortly.

Alternatively, you can use its logo maker, a DIY tool that makes logo designing fun. Creating a logo on your own takes just a few clicks—you don’t need to be a pro-designer to use this software efficiently.

But it’s not just logos; you may choose from 40+ design categories, including business cards, stationery design, leaflets, websites, etc. Every aspect of designing as per your design brief with the site is so smooth that you would love to come back to the site next time too.

02. Images: Flickr Creative Commons

You don’t need to spend through your nose to access pictures relevant to your business. Flickr is a crowdsourcing platform allowing you to access millions of high-quality images. So, if you’re looking for photos of celebrities, historical figures, places, footballers, symbols, icons, etc., Flickr is your destination of choice.

crowdsourcing platforms

However, it makes sense to ensure that the images you’re sourcing for your website design and other graphic designs are not copyrighted.

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03. Product Redesign: RedesignMe

Is redesigning your existing products or services the need of the hour? Then, seek the services of Redesignme, a platform dedicated to revamping web design and packaging redesign experiences for consumers.

Ranking alongside the best design crowdsourcing sites, RedesignMe boasts of creative thinkers who can offer their input and suggestions. For a small fee, you can get expert views about your product or services that need to be presented in a new style for modern users.

best design crowdsourcing site

Once the Design Critique section of the platform lists bad designs, the community is free to give their views. Then, if you find a particular concept of redesigning interesting, you can actively launch a redesign challenge.

04. Software & Usability Testing: uTest

For every business, small or big, usability testing is vital. But usability testing is a challenging task. This is where uTest comes to your rescue. It lets you perform online testing.

This crowdsourcing site has a community of thousands of QA professionals from more than 150 countries, making it an ideal place to get your project tested.


So, be it your website design, gaming, mobile app design, or services, this site will help you perform usability testing that its developers will professionally conduct for you.

05. Business Innovation = Chaordix

Businesses seeking different solutions for a problem from people can rely on Chaordix. This enterprise marketplace is ideal for organizations or people who love engaging professionals or armatures with projects inviting their opinions.


If you have thoughts about building a brand identity, you can invite experts for advice. This site is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for small and big businesses when they seek ideas from contributors.

06. Brand Names: Namethis

Namethis is a helpful site to source a new name for your small business or startup. This site allows you to launch a naming contest for 48 hours. A vast community with the site suggests names.


Then, the site lets others vote on those names, allowing you to see which names people like the most. You can thus arrive at a friendly name for your company that you know is already loved by people. You must pay a nominal fee for the best three-name ideas you select.


07. Product Design and Manufacturing: Ponoko

Ponoko allows you access to dozens of product designers. You can use this site to generate new ideas for your cd cover design and other product designs. This means you don’t have to hire expensive and expert designers to manufacture your product design, as this site can do the job for you.


You only need to upload a picture and ask Ponoko’s designer community for suggestions. You can also find out how much it would cost to create this picture in real life.

08. Data Cleansing & Entry/Content Creation: Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

If you think humans are still better performers than computers, then Mechanical Turk is your site. This platform has more than 50,000 ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’ readily available for freelancers looking for work.


If you want to write a review on anything or make a video or merchandise design, you can get the job listed on the site. The site has over 100,000 freelancers available to jump into action around the clock and do the hard work for you.

09. TrendWatching

Business owners always want to know about the changing needs of their consumers. So they rely on surveys or expert advice to know about new trends. TrendWatching lets businesses know about the new trends in a specific industry and market.

Crowsourcing for Business

This crowdsourcing site has hundreds of experts who advise clients regarding consumer trends.

After knowing precisely about the new trends, a business can recreate its marketing and branding strategy. For example, a business can change its logo and business card design based on new consumer trends.

10. Quri

Quri Inc. closely monitors what the consumers see in a store. Then, this site immediately alerts the analytics, which can correct any problem they find. The site gives an insight to the retailers about how their products are faring in a retail store.


The site also provides some guidelines regarding vital in-store merchandising benchmarks. This way, retailers can improve their merchandise planning based on the data received from Quri. For example, consider a new signage design to make people see products in your store.

11. Indiegogo

With over 10 million monthly visits, Indiegogo, Inc. is among the biggest crowdsourcing sites. This site launches around 19,000 campaigns monthly from 235 countries. You can run a drive through this site for 60 days.

The site also lets you integrate your crowdsourcing campaign with Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. You will receive the funding money from your bank within 15 days.

12. SeedInvest Technology

SeedInvest Technology is dedicated to funding early-stage startups. So far, this site has crowdfunded more than 250 companies. You need to go through a screening process at the site before it invites you to raise funds. After you have raised enough money and closed your round, the site will have its share, including equity and placement fees.

13. GoFundMe

GoFundMe has raised more than $ 17 billion from over 200 million donors, making it a leading crowdsourcing site for business owners. To start your fundraising fund on this platform, you must give details and how much you will raise. Next, tell your story to the site using videos and photos. Then share your efforts and campaign on social media.

Unlike others, this site does not charge a platform fee, making it attractive to many new businesses. Instead, the site charges a processing fee per transaction only.

14. Mightycause

Mightycause is a powerful platform for individuals and nonprofits to raise funds online. It has helped more than 150,000 causes of individuals and nonprofits.

In addition, your nonprofit can opt for peer-to-peer fundraising or other alternatives, such as giving days to attract contributions. However, the platform charges processing and transaction fees for its services.

15. Patreon

Patreon has helped $ 3.5 billion in funds for over 250,000 creators. This crowdsourcing site is ideal, particularly for creative professionals. The site charges a 5% fee for generating money. You can also opt for the Pro plan, which allows for creating membership plans.

For established creators, the site offers the Premium plan. In addition, the platform has many business tools, a mobile app, and other helpful features.

16. StartEngine

StartEngine website for people who have never organized funding for businesses before. Its down-to-earth approach to attracting startups and investors makes it a unique crowdfunding platform.

Investors can pick any company from the list at the site to put their money on. The site also helps make informed investment decisions by sharing the companies’ profile, valuation, price per share, etc.

17. Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply is a platform dedicated to hardware projects against other crowdsourcing sites more focused on software companies. Its mission is “bring original, useful, respectful hardware to life.”

This crowdfunding platform has multiple plans for investors and hardware companies. These plans include the popular Standard plan and Custom plan. In addition, you can access the site’s features, such as media asset creation and campaign management. The site also offers a dedicated PR team to promote your crowdfunding campaign.

18. Fundable

If you are looking for a more accessible crowdsourcing site to raise above $50,000, then Fundable is a trusted option. B2B and B2C businesses can use this site to start crowdfunding campaigns to source funds.

19. Wefunder

Wefunder is one of the crowdsourcing sites that help companies get investments quickly. You can start with a free account and a profile. The site also does not charge any transactions and management fees. Only the investors must pay administrative fees to cover the site’s costs.

20. LendingClub

LendingClub works as a connection platform between borrowers and investors. It offers business logos to companies looking for investments. So, small companies can get funds upfront for one year to five years with no monthly payments and penalties involved. But only those businesses that are operational for at least 12 months are eligible for sourcing funds from this site.

21. Crowdcube

Crowdcube is a one-of-a-kind crowdsourcing site that helps family members, friends, and customers invest in the company. The site also allows companies to set investment goals that they can easily achieve. It also helps companies make a compelling pitch and communication plan.

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These top 21 crowdsourcing sites will make waves in the business circuit in 2024. So, if you’re at the helm of a business and are looking for everything right, from a suitable name to a brilliant logo design, simply take a pick from the list and stay ahead of the curve. Have you used any of these sites? How has your experience been? Do leave your comments and let us know.

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