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Kids Clothing Boutique Gets Impressive Logo Design

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on March 8th, 2022

Logos are memorable business symbols that we see around in markets, on products, and advertisements. A clever logo design can take a business to the next level. This is because the audience of a company gets some brand message from the logo. There are elements such as colors and typeface in a logo. These design elements are incorporated especially to evoke an intended emotion from the viewers. They, then, respond by taking interest in the company represented by the logo.

Small businesses, especially startups, generally do not have enough marketing budget. They want to cut the cost of marketing and advertisement in the initial phase of their businesses. But they cannot avoid some essential expenses.

These expenses include creating graphic design items such as logos, business cards, websites, leaflets, stationery, and many more. Such items are part of daily business activity. For example, you need to give your business card to visitors. Similarly, there must be a logo representing your business in the market.

Since professional graphic designers are very expensive, startups generally crowdsource their design requirements. The cost of getting a work done through crowdsourcing is much cheaper than hiring a graphic designer.

You get dozens of new design ideas as against only two to three ideas from a particular designer that you hire. But lower costs and more design ideas are not the only benefits. In fact, crowdsourcing is beneficial to small business and startups in many ways.

Fact Check!

Custom kids clothing business must compete hard in its niche market if it is to survive and then grow. New marketing plans need to be made to go ahead of competitors. But first, a clothing business must have a memorable logo that can draw the attention of people towards the business. One such professionally designed logo will also help in building a brand identity of the boutique.

A kids clothing boutique, Kiddy’s was also looking for an effective logo that could help bring more customers to its business. The boutique wished to own a logo to make a lasting impression on parents and children who are the company’s targeted audience.

This is a medium-size company with a limited marketing budget. So, it launched a logo design contest on Designhill and successfully got the logo it longed for to establish a customer base.

Here Are Kids Clothing Impressive Logo Design

01. The Design Brief

In his design brief, Brian O’connell from the boutique had stated that the company mainly sells its clothes to Ireland and UK. The company wanted a unique and creative logo which the winning design fulfilled very well. The brief stated about the preference for pink, yellow and orange colors in the logo. Such a design brief is important for the designers to get essential guidance.

The client gave a free hand to the designers regarding design concepts and use of design elements. This ensured that more creative ideas can be incorporated into the logo design. Consequently, the client received a great response from the designers.

The client received a total of 24 design entries in response to the contest. That is where crowdsourcing is beneficial. You have access to dozens of new design ideas. Overall, 13 designers responded to the Kiddy’s logo design contest and send their entries to the client.

All the designs were unique in their concepts. In fact, the client found it difficult to pick one logo design instantly. However, after some pondering, the client chose a winning logo.

logo design

The winning logo design was created by Garcia, a professional logo designer who participated in many other contests previously. The client told Designhill about his choice of the winning design.

After that, Designhill released the prize money to the designer Garcia promptly. Garcia won $359 for the winning design entry. The client was in regular touch with the designers during the period the contest was running.

The feedback helped in making timely improvements in the design. The boutique hopes to consolidate its customer base after it has a new logo design from the contest launched on Designhill.

Designhill also ensured that the clients all the legal rights over the designer. This is an important step to take so that there are no legal issues raised by both the parties later. Once the legal formalities were over and the designer got the prize money, the client became the legal owner of the winning design.

02. Interaction With The Designers

During the contest period, the client remained in touch with graphic designers. Whenever the designers submitted their design entries and asked the client for opinion, it was delivered promptly. Such an interaction is vital for creating a logo, specifically for your business.

Graphic Designers

Designhill allows clients to use its site to chat with the designers. This way, clients and designers both can have a meaningful exchange of opinion for any improvement in the design work at hand.

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03. About The Winning Logo

The winning logo is surely a fantastic design. It depicts two children playing joyfully. They are shown smiling and raising their hands to express their joy. The logo looks simple and elegant. It stands out because of the two kids playing in a joyful mood.

The logo has the company’s name Kiddy’s designed in pink. Pink is the perfect choice of color to express joy and happiness, and tenderness of kids.

Winning Logo

A tagline – children’s clothes – is placed underneath the company name to tell the customers about the business of the boutique. The designer used a bold typeface to depict the kid’s happiness.

Selection of right typeface is a key to creating a memorable company’s  logo. The logo uses a judicious combination of text and image. These two elements are crucial in catching the attention of viewers.

So, the kids boutique got its memorable logo design in a short period and at a lower price.

Are you also planning a business and looking for a logo? Even if your business already has a logo, it may require redesigning due to the changing times. If so, then Designhill is the platform to be explored for its many benefits. All you need to do is to pick up a price package and start your contest for the designers.

What’s more is that, Designhill runs a policy of 100% Money Back Guarantee. This means that if you do not find any submitted design entries worthy of representing your business, you will get back your entire money. So, there is no risk involved in crowdsourcing your design work to this platform.

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Kids clothing boutique Kiddy’s got its memorable logo design from Designhill. The client got two dozen design entries and participation from many designers in the contest. The winning logo design catches the audience’s eye and wins their hearts.

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