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10 Social Media Strategies For Auto Repair Business

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Social Media

Auto Repair Business

Last updated on January 14th, 2023

According to Future Market, the global auto repair and maintenance services industry will be growing by double digits between 2015 and 2025. For this level of growth and to win the heart of the customers in the present competitive market, one needs to place a strong foothold in the market using latest marketing strategies like digital marketing and social media.

The need for car repair is increasing by the day, giving a lucrative opportunity to all those people who are considering opening up an auto repair business.

Though this business has a great scope but to survive in the market you need to promote it well using the latest marketing strategies.

It is amazing to see that even in the auto repair business, digital marketing is nowhere lacking. When we refer to digital marketing, social media is becoming the fastest method to reach to the common man as everybody in the society accesses it.

Whenever people need any services be it auto repair services, they go to social media as social media in itself has emerged as a search engine.

Here Are 10 Social Media Strategies For Auto Repair Business

01. Step Into The Customer Shoes

Whether we are using social media or operating in the physical world, one thing always works and, i.e., thinking like a customer.

Generally, people come to auto repair shop only when they require their car needs to be washed, or when something needs to be fixed. In short, they come to an auto repair shop when they have to.

So, one thing which should be kept in mind is to provide the best possible service to the customer. There should be no degree of inconvenience to the customer.

We can make videos and post interesting questions about car accessories on Facebook and other platforms. Sometimes the easiest of all questions, which people hesitate to ask their peers, can be answered in short videos. This will allow them to keep coming back for all their queries.

social media

02. Transparency Is The Key

Every business runs on trust, so does the auto repair business. Social media can be used to great advantage in showcasing the transparent nature of your auto repair business.

Every organization has two categories of key people, one is their employees, and other is the customers.

Transparency Is The Key

If the organization is transparent enough then the customers and employees will have a mutual trust factor.

Photos of the events, appreciation to a particular employee on social media will allow customers to have a better outlook on how things work at the auto repair shop.

They will develop a connection with them and will be more assured when they go to the shop next time.

03. Community Involvement

People surely connect well with the companies and organizations which have their root in community-related programs is the best social media strategy applied by big brands.

This creates a first-hand impression of the responsive nature of the business. Often many auto repair shops organize community events at their shops, and showcase them on social media to receive applauds, accolades, and appreciation from a large section of the society.

Community Involvement

This goes a long way in developing a connection with the potential customers and the existing customers. In community events you build relations and word of mouth of a good cause spreads very rapidly.

Tag photos, involve as many people as you can and genuinely organize community events to channelize good harmony with the community, and for sure your auto repair business will receive that in some other form.

04. Increasing The Web Presence

In this digital age, you ought to have a digital presence. Your auto repair business can be best in your neighborhood, but if you don’t have a web page, a blog or any digital form of existence.

Then you will definitely going to miss out good amount of customers. People today; look out on the internet for their minutest requirement.

Website design

If they get their answer in a convincing manner, they don’t waste much time in exploring other possible options.

Therefore, a neat and clean website displaying your automotive logo design and other details can definitely give you work advantage in case of your auto repair business.

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05. Accessible To Customers

Often customers do a lot of research online before zeroing on their choice for selecting a particular thing. In auto repair business they will seek the best possible deal and authenticity.

Your website design or blog should clearly display the communication methods and must have the option of replying to the queries posted by the customers.

Accessible To Customers

Your business should have a track record of all the emails , telephonic queries, and etc. so that you can contact them back and address their requirement in the most polite way possible.

This will base the foundation of the trust factor between the customer and the company.

06. Stay Active On Social Media Websites

It is one of the most effective ways of connecting to your customers. Try to be in touch with the day-to-day updates and showcase good work that you perform to win the hearts of your dear customers.

This allows the name of your company or the work that you have done striking to the mind of customers immediately when they need assistance.

This can be done on Facebook, Twitter, blog or on your website of which you can post the links regularly. Look more updated on social media to be more into space. Post more and more picture of recent creations, celebrations, etc.

You can also use the platform to provide basic awareness stuff to keep customer’s automobiles fit. This will make them happy by even not using your services through money but by being your regular online visitor.

Social Media Websites

07. Show Your Gratitude To Your Customers

This might look like a conventional thought, but believe me, it works really well even today. Sometimes simple “thank you” makes someone’s day.

You can use creative ways to surprise your customers and make them feel good. Today it’s not just about money; it’s about how you make them feel.

Gratitude To Your Customers

So when you show your gratitude for the services used in past or present, your customers will feel connected. You must remember your customers when they have forgotten you so that they can remember you always.

By making them more comfortable with the company ways and people, getting more referrals becomes easy. You can say thanks to old or new customers by giving them free services for trial or simply by posting cards/ ecards to remind them of you.

08. Email Newsletters/Snippets

Announce yourself in front of your customers with wide arms open.

Newsletters and snippets is a good way to tell them the current trends of the industry, what are the updates in the auto repair sector, what are the various new technologies being implemented.

Introduce your discounts or offers to the customers through email design template / messages.

Email Design

I have seen this working practically when I know my car service is pending and I see a woo bash offer walking in front of me, I will not be able to stop myself but priorities my car service.

You can also use cartoon snippets or conversational snippets to send across to your customers, which are catchy and effective.

09. Ask For Referrals

Your direct customers might not be in immediate need of auto repair of any sort but maybe their dear or near ones may. Word of mouth acts super strongly here.

Referrals will allow you to connect to people, whom your customers have directly or indirectly suggested about your service.

Ask For Referrals

But remember they will do that with some benefit to them, providing them some sort of discount will help here. Asking for referral for your growth is no harm or shame at all.Pay attention to the auto repair invoice to be detailed and accurate. This helps to ensure that the customer pays the correct amount and that the shop is paid for the work they have done. The invoice should also include any warranties or guarantees offered by the shop, as well as any applicable taxes.

So always ask creatively and politely saying that a referral will be highly appreciated. Keep printed or digital copies of your business card so that it becomes easy for you to give your name to others in a handy manner.

10. Take Feedbacks

Asking for feedback or reviews is a sign of readiness to grow. People feel valued when they are asked to provide remarks for the service provider’s improvement.

This will create silent expectations in the mind of the customer, and they will always try to incorporate the feedback if it makes sense.

Customers are the real users of your services, so they will only know the best way that they can be pleased with ease. You can use social websites; advertisements or simple Google sheets to collects the reviews.

Accept positive as well as negative reviews for the betterment of your people and build more trust of your valued customers.

With the advent of digital media, it has become easier to reach out to the customers and showcase the presence of your auto repair business.

Nevertheless, one thing will always going to remain same, and that is building trust with the customer by providing him or her with the best service possible.

Customer Feedback

He or she should willingly praise and recommend the shop. Through social media, you can capitalize on these testimonials and make people aware of your existence.

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Auto repair business is an evergreen business. In every generation people had cars, and they will continue to have them. The models and the appearance will keep changing, but the physical presence of cars will never go away. This gives a great opportunity for the auto repair businesses to render services, and operate their business.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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