5 Most Popular E-commerce Web Design Trends For 2019

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2019

The web has emerged as an awe- inspiring platform for all online businesses’. The landscape of web design is ever evolving, the things that looked refreshing yesterday can appear outdated in a fortnight.

There are various trends that hit the market but there are some trends that continue to grow in importance. Based on that, we have compiled a list of 5 popular eCommerce web design trends that will be rocking in the year 2019.


Take A Look At The 5 Most Popular Ecommerce Web Design Trends For 2018

1. Animations & Cinemagraphs-

2019 will see the rise of rich animations and cinemagraphs in the e-commerce web design. Animations and GIFs are engaging and perfectly adds movement and visual interest to otherwise dull and static pages. They are creatively used as home page banners and background images to deliver more fun and enjoyable shopping experience to users.

website animations

Cinemagraphs are another hottest trend widely used by eCommerce sites. Cinemagraph is generally a still picture to which a small animation effect is added. This effect gives a kind of mini video experience to users and looks extremely eye pleasing. Not only this, e-commerce websites are using cool CTA buttons graphic designs, button spins, icon rotations, loading bars, that are sure to grab user’s attention.


2. Material Design-

Presently, material design is enjoying a decent share of popularity and many popular e-commerce sites like Bewakoof have adopted material design and has realized their greatest design potential. Material design is a vibrant, modernistic, content focused design style that has a minimalistic appearance. In this design, with the use of shadow effects and some concepts of motion and depth, designers create clean and beautiful interfaces that appear more realistic to the user.

If you are looking for some material design inspiration, here is an example of a website that has done brilliant job at material design. ‘Behance’ has made clever use of material design with boxes that stands out from the grid, shaded background adds depth and grabs attention.


3. Hamburgers On The Left-

This design has been in the web design trends for years and is certainly sticking around in 2019 as well. Hamburger menus have been many popular, you might have seen many sites adopting it. Hamburger menus make an integral part of ‘bootstrap’-one of the most popular frameworks widely being embraced by designers worldwide.

Sites that are designed using this particular framework follow Bootstrap 3 Navbar always end up having hamburger menus on the right side of navigation. But in 2019, you will see a slight and subtle change in the placement of menus to increase user engagement. Now, instead of right, you will see sites placing their hamburger menus on the left side of the navigation.

hamburger menu

This change has been made to ensure that hamburger menu is the first thing that grabs users attention on the website. Even Google and many other leading websites have also started to place the hamburger menu at the left side of the navigation so that it comes to the notice of user at a first glance only.

4. Multifarious Images

As per a recent research, 92.6% of people feel that compelling visuals are an important factor when it comes to making a purchase decision. Images and mainly multifarious images are going to take the center stage for e-commerce websites to deliver quality-oriented user experience. Compelling images are a visual treat to the users and are an important factor of user engagement.

Malcolm Gladwell (a famous author and speaker) said in his bestselling book ‘Blink’ it only takes 2 seconds to create a “first impression’. So, store owners only have 2 incredible seconds to make a great first impression. We all know images are an attention grabber for the people, so a site with a lot of beautiful and high-quality images to display their products, services, and brands are going to enjoy a fair attention from the users than the sites that are focusing merely on text. Content plays an important role but too much text makes the site look dull & boring and drive users away.

The year 2019 will witness e-commerce websites embracing multifarious images that contribute to the visual story of the site to keep customers engaged.

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e-commerce website

5. Long Scrolls And Lazy loading-

Lastly, long scrolls and lazy loading trend will be making waves on the eCommerce sites. Previously, to interfere with the user-experience in order to see more products, a user needs to click on the next page every time and it also use to take lot of time in loading a new page.

To give better user-experience and for improved website performance, the trend of adding a lot of products/ objects to the current page to avoid loading a new page is gaining ground. As a result, pages that scroll to great lengths and lazy loading can be witnessed.

long scroll

A product category page of an eCommerce site makes a good example of this. When seeing products on a product category page, it may typically show 10 available products but as the user swipes vertically or keeps scrolling, the page will keep adding new products. As per this design, a shopper can effortlessly see good 50 to 100 products before being asked to load a new page. Thus, in 2019, long page scroll designs will dominate in the eCommerce website design.

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Wrapping Up-

Another design trend that deserves a mention here is ‘advanced adaptation’. As the name implies, soon sites will be adapting to not only screen size rather to specific user needs. Such as, a site will be changing layout based on age or even based on the fact whether a user is left handed or right handed. Unbelievable isn’t it? Wait until this trend enjoys the limelight. The above- listed web design trends will help you prepare better for web design tide. Be creative!

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