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22 Great Examples Of Graphic Design Portfolios

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Graphic Design

Last updated on March 20th, 2024

Having a great graphic design portfolio can land you your dream job! Since AI is taking the graphic design world by storm, it has become important to make a professional portfolio to showcase all your creative work. Besides keeping your work in printed form in a physical book, creating online portfolios on specific websites or Instagram is the best way to attract clients. 

Whether you’re just starting out, working as a full-time designer, or freelancer, it is essential to make your graphic design portfolio that showcases your past work. If you don’t have one yet or have no idea how to create one, we have got you covered. 

We have created a list of the top 22 graphic design portfolio examples for ideas and inspiration. You can check out them one by one and decide which one is best to take ideas from. But before you do so, consider these tips to make it perfect.

Crucial Tips for Making the Perfect Portfolio

When creating your graphic design portfolio, consider some key basics. For example, put your only best work in the portfolio. Your potential clients will judge your usefulness for a project based on your past work and design styles. Make sure that you provide context for the work. It would be even better if you could give some case studies with the works or tools, such as a logo creator you know the best.

When showcasing your past works, the emphasis should be on versatility. A client would like to see if you have the ability to make style adjustments. So, present complete details about the project. If you ever took care of the photography, digital editing, print production etc. part, mention them in the portfolio, too.

Another most important thing to keep in mind is simplicity. Whichever style of portfolio you follow, it must come out as a simple portfolio. The navigation should be unique but simple. There should be plenty of white space in the background. This allows viewers to focus on the thumbnails that display your past creations. And don’t forget to consider modern portfolio design trends, too.

Great Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

01. Kha Von

Kha Von is a professional logo designer who has been a regular freelancer at Designhill for over three years. He has worked with many reputed clients and has been voted the winner of contests on several occasions.

Kha Von

His passion for designing and his skills made him what he is now, he believes. Von is a natural preference for entrepreneurs looking for graphic design work on Designhill. His portfolio talks about the work he has done for clients. The versatility of his work makes his portfolio stand out. 

02. Peter Komierowski

Peter Komierowski specializes in brand identity creation, illustrations, and interface design. As a visual designer, he has worked for many reputed clients including YouTube and The Huffington Post.

Peter Komierowski

His portfolio site features logo designs he’d worked on. The page with plenty of white space makes his design appear clean and legible. 

Want To Create A Winning Portfolio?

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03. Ravi Naveen

Although the designer has expertise in custom logo design, he also provides services in UI designing, app designing, packaging design, illustrator designing, and label designing. It’s been over a year that he has joined Designhill.

Ravi Naveen

In this one year he has won the title of ‘Best 11 at Designhill’ thrice. Special use of typography, colors, as well as animation, makes this graphic designer portfolio stand out.

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04. Merijn Hoss

Merijn Hoss is an illustrator and artist whose portfolio site has psychedelic works of art. The portfolio also shows the designer’s traditional design approach.

Merijn Hoss

It has several colorful thumbnails against a white background. The thumbnails come with a short description. If you want a portfolio that’s vibrant, you can consider taking inspiration from this one. 

05. ToyFight

ToyFight is a Manchester-based studio’s portfolio that comes with many whizzing effects such as animated transitions, scrolling, and 3D versions of fighters. The portfolio creates a panache and visual humor.


The navigational features are joyful. This site is surely one of the unique graphic design portfolio examples.

06. Tom Biskup

Art Director Tom Biskup’s portfolio is an amazing example of simplicity coupled with animated imagery. The images used on the site quickly engage the viewer and follow them toward the rest of the site. His work is in animated thumbnails, which are large and static.

Tom Biskup

This way, you can visit case studies and know his art direction talent. One of the things you can learn from this portfolio is the thoughtful use of text, images, and white space. This is how you should create a digital design portfolio that stands out.

07. Xavier Cussó

Barcelona-based designer Xavier Cussó has a great portfolio site to display his works.

Xavier Cussó

Special use of typography and bold colors, as well as animation, makes this graphic designer portfolio one-of-a-kind. 

08. Wade Jeffrey

Wade Jeffrey is an unconventional art director and artist. His portfolio reflects his works in a personal style. He shows himself snacking and working with details. There are also projects section features in the portfolio, which look avant-garde.

Wade Jeffrey

However, you can hire graphic design services of a professional who specializes in creating portfolios. With a professionally designed portfolio, you can expect a consistent stream of clients coming your way.

09. RoAndCo

Creative director Roanne Adams founded the NYC-based RoAndCo studio. The portfolio has great designs and branding solution for clients from lifestyle to tech, beauty, and fashion industry.


Being one of the best portfolio websites, RoAndCo has full-screen videos and animated web presentations for viewing pleasure.

10. Mister

Mister has this online portfolio site for graphic design uses a bold landing page and white-out-of-black typography to showcase the works.


You can preview a sample and download the portfolio only after scrolling down further. It also has an animated GIF presentation for visual treat. 

11. Marleigh Culver

Marleigh Culver has a simple website for showcasing design works. The site seems to be a simple design in terms of layout and navigation, still, it attracts viewers.

Marleigh Culver

The portfolio has wise use of type and color choices. There are fast loading large images that add to the attraction.

12. Buzzworthy Studio

Buzzworthy Studio shows off great typography, animation, and many web techniques to catch the clients’ eye. This studio makes smart use of aesthetics, which keeps the visitor glued to the portfolio for a long time.

Buzzworthy Studios

The designer has put only the best past works for display, which is one of the crucial tips to build graphic design portfolios.

13. Malika Favre

Illustrator Malika Favre has thumbnails in her graphic designer portfolio to showcase her skills and past works. After clicking, the thumbnails show the works in full-screen gallery presentation. The complimentary colored backgrounds make the design portfolio further interesting and engaging.

Malika Favre

If you have no unique idea to create your portfolio, then get the services of a professional graphic designer with years of experience to create your portfolio.

14. Panda Yoghurt

Douglas Bowden, aka Panda Yoghurt, is a 3D artist and design director who created some award-winning motion works. Douglas’s portfolio website has large scale previews, making it stand out among modern portfolio design trends. Its look is ultra-clean with animated rollovers.

Panda Yoghurt

Each project has a clear and concise presentation and description. The site has scrolling navigation against a crisp white background.

15. Adhemas Batista

Adhemas Batista is a Brazilian-born graphic design artist who has worked with some of the leading global brands, including Coca-Cola and Adidas. His portfolio site’s landing page has a riot of colors and patterns.

Adhemas Batista

Such unique use of the elements helps it rank amongst the best portfolio websites. Custom designs and strategic arrangement make the portfolio stand out from others. 

16. Studio Myerscough

Graphic design artist Morag Myerscough’s online portfolio is unique. It has only three social media icons and the static landing page. The social icons are for her email, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Studio Myerscough

You visit those accounts to see her latest works and even the design process she follows. This site is an example of how designers are using social media to promote their work of art.

17. Pollen

Pollen is the best graphic design portfolio example for a design agency. The site uses parallax scrolling, full-screen video, thumbnails, and other contemporary techniques for ease of use. There are extensive photos of agency’s past work, showcasing proficiency and brilliance. 


It’s great when you want to keep things minimal but visually striking for your portfolio. 

18. Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh’s portfolio has a live feed which is an innovative concept. The site’s home page innovation is also very strong and unique. It engages visitors with its easy navigation and clean style.

Sagmeister & Walsh

You can take some unique portfolio design ideas from this. Alternatively, you can hire a freelance graphic designer for the same. 

19. Pawel Nolbert

Pawel Nolbert is a visual artist and designer. His portfolio for graphic design works is a scroll-and-click site. It also shows up mock-ups of applications and works in progress. 

Pawel Nolbert

The portfolio also gives viewers a behind-the-scenes detail to provide some insight into the artist’s world.

20. Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is a creative studio known for its simplicity and sophistication of graphic design works. The portfolio site uses a combination of swish parallax effects and bold imagery to showcase the works.

Femme Fatale

21. Ling K

The best thing about LingK’s portfolio is that it lets clients decide quickly whether they want to hire this designer. 

His portfolio features all his past and latest works talking volumes about his prowess. The value proposition of each project is beautifully depicted through pictures.

LingK’s portfolio

22. Sophia Yeshi

Sophia Yeshi’s design portfolio is an apt example of vibrant portfolio. The use of powerful visuals and her projects highlight her skills and style. Clicking on each tile will expand the details related to the project. 

Sophia Yeshi’s design portfolio

We love this portfolio for its distinct style and clever arrangements. The illustrative aesthetics speaks volumes about her graphic design prowess.

So, these are the key graphic design portfolios that you can follow when creating the one to display your design works. Most of these sites use unique navigational techniques and graphic design trends to engage visitors.

If you are looking to build your graphic design portfolio, then explore Designhill. This site is home to over 330K verified designers from around the world. You can launch a contest for the same and choose a winner from dozens of design submissions.

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To Sum Up

Graphic design portfolios great to showcase design works, skill, and talent. You can create one for yourself keeping in mind all design trends for 2024. But before your do so, take inspiration from earlier examples and them create your graphic designer resume or portfolio.

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