How To Create Your Super Hero Movie Poster In Easy Steps Part-3

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Last updated on February 12th, 2019

Movie posters are very expressive. As a designer, it may be your secret wish to draw such posters one day. Well, if you are interested, then we can help you in designing a superhero movie teaser poster that conveys the message of the movie.

In the Part-1 of this tutorial, you learnt how to create layers and merge them to get a nebula in the middle of the poster. In Part-2, we took you through the steps to learn how to handle the pen tool to place stock picture of a women on the nebula image. You also learnt to use soft brush to mark the area on the picture and use the smudge tool to retouch the targeted area of the picture.

In this last part, we will show you how to complete the movie poster by adding some new elements and refining the background image to give the women a style and superhero look.

Step -1

Now you need to make new layer and use soft white brush to highlight the area on the forehead of the women with the help of pen tool.

Step -2

You get a yellow patch on the forehead of the woman.

Step -3

Import some chip that you would like to place on the forehead of the woman to give her the desired look of a superhero.


Then, go to the Layer panel on the top bar and select Create Chipping Mark.


The chip blends with the yellow patch on the forehead nicely.


Now, let’s stylize the superhero by a neck ware. To shape the neck ware in style, choose the Gradient Fill and select Radial style with 90 degree angle.


Again, import a chip to blend it with the neck ware.


The yellow neck ware has the chip style now.


We now get a layer for the neck ware.

Step -10

Give the background image some action by incorporating airplanes. To do this, you need to create another layer.

Step -11

Now copy layer 11, where you imported the airplanes. Paste the copied images of the airplanes on both sides of the superwoman.


Make the background image look even more action-oriented by designing some lightning effect. To do so, create a new layer. Now go to auto select button on the top bar and select an icon that can create the desired lining for the lightning effect. Here, we have selected image number 2016, which is perfect to give a lightening effect.


Finally, you have a complete image of how your superhero movie poster looks. Write some words that announce the release of the movie shortly.

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