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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Trucking Companies

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Trucking Companies

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

Trucking is a competitive business. New trucking companies need a solid base of loyal customers to grow. But they are up against fierce competition from established trucking brands. For them, the first step to catch the clients’ attention is to get an exciting but unique business name.

The first and most important step in running a trucking company or any other business is to name it thoughtfully. A catchy but appropriate company name is the starting point for a trucking business in its growth journey.

After all, clients first get to know a company name before they contact it for deals. Therefore, your trucking business name idea should stand out from your competitors’ names. Such a name will compel potential clients to have a look at what your trucking services offer to them.

With hundreds of trucking companies already active in a given market, the scope of growth for a new entrant is bleak in the absence of an effective marketing plan. There is no doubt that a new enterprise can grow with its own strategies.

Your new company has also many opportunities to earn a decent profit due to the ever-increasing demand for transportation of goods. But that is possible for a company only when its potential clients can notice it amid the crowd of many such businesses.

In the US, the trucking industry generated $ 700 billion in 2017. There are hundreds of upcoming and established trucking brands, and your business must catch the attention by its very name. This is why the name of a new enterprise is so important.

Let’s Have A Look At How to Generate Business Name Ideas For Trucking Companies

01. Tell Your Niche Clearly

Not all the trucks can handle all types of goods for transportation. Many are capable of loading and transporting only liquids such as oil and water. Others specialize in ferrying livestock.

Then, some trucking companies offer specialized services to carry transport vehicles such as cars and bikes. Some companies deal in heavy hauling only. Which such niche market your company intends to target?

Tell Your Niche Clearly

Make sure that the market and customer you wish to serve gets mentioned in your company name. With this, your client can immediately know that you are the right company to contact for the transportation.

If you are in carrying many types of goods, then just include your city name. For example, “Seattle Transport Services” will mean that you deal in all kinds of services. But if you have a particular target niche, then mention it in the name.

Later, you may think of including the name in your trucking company logo, which people will see everywhere in your marketing campaign.

02. Consider Your Business Goals

When people hear the name, they should get some message about what you want to achieve from your business. People will like a name more that spell out your business goals.

Consider Your Business Goals

In case your goal is to generate trust amid your target clients, then consider using some trust words. If the name should project your professionalism, use words that indicate to punctuality, high-quality services, etc.

03. Mention Your Company Type

Is your trucking business a corporation? If yes, think of having a corporate designation such as Inc or Corp in the name. But if the business is an LLC (Limited Liability Company) then include this designation.

Mention Your Company Type

If your company is planning a limited partnership, you need to fulfill legal obligation by having similar wordings in the name. These measures help your clients in knowing what type of entity they are dealing with.

04. Visualize The Name

Another tactic to have the right name is first to visualize how it will look on different platforms. Just picture the name on your trucking logo design, website, brochures, business cards, advertisements, etc.

Will it be too long for a logo? Pick a name that you think looks impressive across all platforms.

Visualize The Name

05. Use Family, Location Names

How about using your family name? It can help you create a legacy of your own in the trucking business and industry. That is the way to passing your business to your next generation. Moreover, some clients love to work with businesses that are family owned or family run.

Use Family, Location Names

You can also think of location-based names. But use a location only when you target local clients who look for local carriers to haul the freight.

06. Avoid Common Names

One of the ways to stand out is to ignore the names that are too common. Such a name will only create confusion for your customers. They do not get any specific message from complex and confusing names.

It is better to have a memorable name. But avoid names that sound too familiar and similar to many other companies from trucking business.

Avoid Common Names

Make a list of trucking companies that are active in your niche. The list should work as a guide to know which types of names you will not use for your company. That is the way to stand out from your competitors.

07. Ignore Cliches

Often, clichés such as words like haulin’, big rig, and speedy make no sense to the people. They do not get any concrete message from these overused and self-promoting words.

Instead, use descriptive words that tell something unique about your business. Think of some metaphors that are less used and describe your company appropriately.

Ignore Cliches

With a clichéd name, you may spoil the impact of your logo design of business.

08. Brainstorm

Another effective naming method is to sit with your friends and members of the company. If you have something in your mind regarding the type of name, then share it with them.

Give them some guideline. Then, allow them to come out with their own naming ideas. This will help in generating a shortlist of names.


You can also use some name generating software that gives you a random list of many names. Discuss these names with your team to find out which can be included in the list for further consideration.

09. Get The Name As Your Domain

A domain name is essential these days to conduct business through a website. The domain name includes your company name and a domain such as .com or .net.

This also forms your website URL. So, before you hire graphic design services to create your company website, make sure that you have the domain name in place.

Get The Name As Your Domain

Find out how many names from your shortlist are available under .com or other domain. It may be that your favorite name is taken up by some other company.

In that case, try a different name or find out if the owner of the domain is willing to sell it. You can check the domain availability on many websites meant for this purpose.

10. Check It For Trademark Registration

Another check you should make is regarding the trademark. Company names along with custom trucking logos make a trademark of a business. This measure helps in protecting a business, its products or services from any bad intentions of competitors.

Check It For Trademark Registration

Since hundreds of names are booked as a trademark, do not be surprised if many names from your list are already owned. Visit US Patent and Trademark Office website to check if you can get the name as a trademark.

11. Ensure The Name As A Social Handle

These days, most entrepreneurs explore social media for business promotion. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are now widely recognized mediums of generating awareness about a new company. Trucking companies also make use of the social channels to enhance their customer reach.

Ensure The Name As A Social Handle

Remember that your company’s name as a social handle will help in creating your brand identity. Therefore, pay heed to the name as the social handle. You should prefer a one handle that you can use across all social platforms. People can identify your business with such a name easily.

12. Take A Second Opinion

Since you are too close to the naming process, sometimes it blinds, and you become unaware of the mistakes. It may be that people are not responding well to the name you finally picked.

Therefore, take feedback from whosever matters. You can put a few names on your social pages.

Take A Second Opinion

Then, ask your followers to comment or vote the name they like the most. Sometimes, suggestion regarding a new improved name can come from unexpected quarters. Make sure that you have a relook at the name if people do not respond positively.

These few tips should keep business owners on the right track for naming tracking companies. Be prepared to spend a lot of your time on brainstorming sessions. Do not compromise at all and get the most suitable name.

You will also need a logo and other visuals such as business cards, websites, mobile apps, brochures, etc to market your new company.

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Trucking companies can stand out by having unique names that are simple and short. But such names should convey a brand message. To name a company, use niche words that communicate with customers. Brainstorm for these names and find out the one that can be registered as domain and trademark.

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