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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Cannabis Business

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Cannabis Business

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

Well, if you are ‘what’s in a name’ type, you need to know that there’s a whole lot. Literally, when it comes to business, the name of the brand is one of the most important actors. If you are looking for guide on how to generate business name ideas for cannabis business, you have come to the right place.

Designhill is here not just to provide you with a cannabis logo or marijuana logo. We are also here to provide you with the practical issues that you need to consider to finalize the name of your business.

Let us explain to you these factors and then show you some examples along with clarifications as to why they may prove to be good and effective names for your cannabis business.

Cannabis Business Name Ideas

There are many name ideas for cannabis businesses. But these are some unique ideas that you can try for your new business in this field

  1. Marijuana Fields
  2. The Hemp House
  3. Get Natural High
  4. Live With Herbals
  5. Great Exotic Weeds
  6. ProHemp
  7. Well Rooted
  8. Herbal Life
  9. Live With Hemp
  10. Cannabis Heaven
  11. New Hemp Tech


Let’s Have A Look At How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Cannabis Business

01. What’s The Soul Of Your Business?

The business name should reflect the soul of your business. Though yours is marijuana business, it is not necessary that the name must carry words like ‘marijuana’ or ‘cannabis’ or ‘weed’ or ‘hash’.

You can include these words, however, you can avoid these words and think on other lines which would reveal what your business is all about. That’s the point of connection between the brand and the target audience. Only a professional graphic designer can do the trick for you.

Soul Of Your Business

02. Personal Or Objective? That Is The Question

You will be in a dilemma for sure. You will very naturally be tempted to select a name that you personally like. However, you also know that the name of your choice may not appeal similarly to your target customers.

What to do then? When you are in such dilemma, people will always tell you to listen to your heart and select the name that you personally like.

Cannabis Business

We have a different suggestion for you. Think like a customer or a random person does. It may be that the customers will also like and be able to connect with the brand name of your choice. If it is not the case, then select a name that the target group will love.

Set your personal choice aside and move on to finding a name that will appeal to the customers. Keep in mind that you have to resort to graphic design services for designing the logo which will carry the name. So, choose the name accordingly.

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03. Originality – No.. No Compromise At All

The name has to be ‘original’. You cannot have a business name that someone else has already taken. To avoid such copyright issues, you have to select a name that is absolutely original.

To make sure that your business name is not used by any other cannabis store, you have to do a thorough research. An original name adds authenticity to your brand. Check out the best product review site. You’ll see that the best product or brand names are original.

Use Original Name For Cannabis Business

Search for the name on Google and see if there is any search result that shows the existence of any business, not necessarily in the same domain.

If there is another company with the same name, it would be wise of you to avoid that name and go ahead with a name that has not been used by any.

Later on, when you have already established your business, you should keep checking from time to time if someone in cannabis or any other business has copied your business name.

Even if they have used the same name with different spelling, you have all right to complain against that business. If your customer gets confused with the two businesses with the same name, you might end up losing a customer.

04. Easy To Remember

When you select a name for your cannabis business, try to choose a name that is easy to remember. This is also a part of branding. When people refer to your brand, they should be able to remember the name.

The person who talks about it should find it easy to pronounce. The person who hears your brand name should be amazed by it so that he finds it easy to remember.

select a easy name for your cannabis business

If you choose a name that is difficult to remember, no one will be able to talk about your brand, even if they like the quality of the products.

As a result, your business loses the benefits of promotion through word of mouth. Keep it easy, simple and interesting so that people finds it easy to remember.

05. Make It Easy To Spell

Do not pick a name that may be simple to pronounce but difficult to spell. No silent ‘t’ or ‘p’. No tricky word. Remember that people will talk about your brand while chatting on Whatsapp or Insta or any of the instant messengers.

If they find it difficult to spell, they will avoid writing about your brand, affecting your brand identity.

Easy To Spell

Even if a customer is able to spell it correctly and suggests your dispensary, the recipient of the message may not be able to read the name of your brand. It is a common human trait to avoid anything that is beyond their capability to understand.

So, they will avoid your brand, as they cannot spell the name of your brand. So, choose a name that is conducive to your brand identity.

06. Choose A Logo Friendly Name

It is not just about people talking about your brand in messages. The name of the brand will also be here in the logo that you design for your company. It has been noticed that weed logos have been very popular among the users.

If your cannabis business logo comes along with the name of the company, there is nothing better than that. Now, if the name of the company is difficult to spell, people will not be able to read it, even if the design is clear and legible.

Choose A Logo Friendly Name

If you ever think of designing t-shirts with the logo of your brand, the logo design will pay a vital role. You may hire a professional graphic designer to design your brand logo. Designhill is one such platform where you can create your own logo.

Though this company provides graphic design services by the best designers across the globe, it has a fabulous logo design tool that helps you to create your own logo. Try it if you want to get your logo done now!

07. Appealing

Why would people talk about brand? It’s because they love the quality of the product that you sell. But in what circumstance will they love to talk about your brand? They will love to talk about your brand, if the name is interesting.

They will actually enjoy mentioning the name of your brand. For instance, if your marijuana business name is ‘Joint Relief’, people will mention the brand name in funny ways.

Appealing Brand Name

Imagine that guy in office telling his colleague, “I gotta hit Joint Relief this evening to get my herb.” Saying this name is fun. It is for the sake of saying such lines that people will keep buying from your cannabis store. If the quality of your products are awesome, they will stick to your brand for a lifetime.

08. Try A Popular Foreign Language

It is not necessary that you have to choose an name in the vernacular. Sometimes, a word or phrase in a foreign language sounds very attractive, and is as familiar to the target audience as any vernacular expression would be.

So, of you go for some French or Spanish or Greek expression, it might work better.

Popular Foreign Language

However, there are a couple of factors you must keep in mind in this regard. Does the expression make any sense to the customer? If yes, you can go ahead with the name. If it does not make any familiar sense, you need not scrap it.

Sometimes, an unfamiliar word sounds attractive. However, you have to be sure that this phrase in the foreign language will serve perfectly as the name for your cannabis business. Consider that the brand identity of your business will be based on this name.



Let us provide you with some examples that may work as your brand name. Take a quick look.

i. Gourmet Stoner

The strike word in this case is ‘stoner’. The word ‘gourmet’ will add the sense of delicacy and awesomeness of flavor. Those who will be buying cannabis from your dispensary will be able to connect with the ‘stone’ factor as well as that delicacy which your product will ensure.

ii. Greener Express

This name will instantly cast a strong appeal to your prospective customers. Stoners or casual weed smokers love the word ‘green’. If the name of your brand is ‘Greener Express’ people will literally love to go ‘green’. It connects with the prospective customers instantly.

If you consider this from the branding perspective, the name is strongly conducive. You can make awesome logos using this name, which will reflect the soul of your brand. Lots of creative graphic designs can be developed based on this name. You just have to find the right designer for your cannabis logo design.

iii. Blunt Leaves

This name is also perfect for creative logo design. Besides, you can also use marijuana logo for t-shirts, business cards and other promotional items. Your customers can relate to the brand easily, as the name has the catchword – ‘leaves’.

iv. Blooming Remedy

This name will appeal to a particular section of the weed smokers. They are not too excited about smoking up. They are matured enough to smoke marijuana as a part of medication.

At the same time, they have the regular interest in weed related things. Some of these people may have been stoners in their young age. They will love both the words – ‘blooming’ as well as ‘remedy’.

v. Hashed Ganja

Is there anyone who smokes up but does not love the word ‘ganja’? Perhaps not. Bob Marley has made ‘ganja’ so popular that each of your customer will feel the appeal if the name is ‘Hashed Ganja’.

Besides, ‘hash’ reminds hashish which is also another cannabis product that people love. Play with words like this, and branding becomes easy.

vi. Bob’s Bakery

Who do you think will miss the hint? No one. Everyone will understand the ‘Bob’ factor. They will instantly understand what ‘bakery’ refers to. At the same time they will also like the wittiness that it takes to name a company like this.

With this single swing of your wit, you win a large share of your prospective customers. All the Bob Marley fans are your brand’s fans now.

vii. The Green Age

The name is actually a parody of the popular animated movie series – ‘The Ice Age’. ‘Green’ is the word that gives the hint that your business deals in cannabis products. This name is very interesting from the weed logo design perspective as well.

Designhill’s creative designers are capable of designing awesome weed logos that will help you in branding.

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Now that you have known the key tricks to select a name for your cannabis business, and that Designhill can provide you with the best marijuana logo for your brand, it’s time you get started. Select a name, get your logo designed, get your company registered and your website designed. If you are thinking of setting up an e-commerce business, check out the step-by-step guide. In case you need any design and printing work, Designhill is the one-stop solution for you. So, get started now. Good luck!

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