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21 Tips To Generate Business Name Ideas For Transportation Company

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Transporting Company Names

Last updated on February 13th, 2023

Are you planning to run a transportation company? You surely have put everything in place before launching the business. But did you pick a perfect transportation company name to drive clients’ attention? A transport company’s name can depict a lot about its core values. If there is any mismatch between the name and what the company does, it negatively impacts the business. So, wondering what should be the ideal transporting company names? This blog discusses the effective ways to choose the right transportation company name for your new business.

Like arteries are to our body, transportation is to any economy. There are thousands of transportation trucks taking things to and fro to meet demand and supply.

No doubt that the transportation business is booming on the back of the ever-increasing demand for carrying goods to distant places in a cost-effective way.

In the U.S, the trucking sector alone generated $66.5 billion of revenue in March 2018. The opportunities in a trucking business are plenty. It can provide commercial services, transportation of livestock. It can be a heavy hauling company, or a vehicle transport company, and many more.

While the transportation demand is on the rise, it does not automatically convert your trucking company into a profit-generating business. There is still a lot of thinking and planning to do to get a new transportation company name noticed.

Many initial steps are needed to be taken to impress potential clients. To have transport companies names is the first step you take before launching the business.

But naming a trucking business, like others, is a process. Rarely, a business gets named in a flash. Some businesses named after an owner are comparatively easier to name as there is nothing much to think about.

Otherwise, naming is a creative process that takes its course and time to complete. Do not take your trucking company name lightly as it has the potential to make and break your business.

Some Transportation Company Name Ideas

Here is a list of catchy transport company name ideas used by many startups:

1. Go Movers

2. National Carrier Inc.

3. Secure Logistics

4. First-Choice Shippers

5. Smart Packers

6. Northern Express Inc.

7. Ninety-Nine Express

8. Ezi Movers

9. HighTouch Moving Inc.

10. A-1 Logistics

11. No Problem Movers

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Here Are 21 Tips To Remember When Naming Your Transportation Company

01. Know The Purpose

First, you must be clear about the purpose of your trucking business. When talking about the purpose, it involves some key things. Make sure that you have a working plan. Set your business goals and identify them precisely before picking transporting company names.

Know The Purpose

For example, be clear about the type of goods your company will transport. You cannot ignore this fact. Once you know your business and its purpose well, this will be reflected in your company name as well as in your transportation company logo.

02. Consider The Audience

When choosing transporting company names, keep your target audience in mind. You may be delivering your services in a certain transportation niche. Just consider that niche when thinking of some names.

By targeting an audience, a business can focus its resources to make specific marketing plans. You will be saving your time, energy, and money by targeting only those customers who matter. So, pick a name that expresses the aspirations of the customers you need to target.

Consider The Audience

Take another example of City Link Cabs. This is a professional transport service that offers door-to-door shuttle service to individuals and groups. They take people to conferences, hotels, private parties, and functions. The company name tells about what it does.

But how should you know about the audience that you need to target through your transport company name? Do not just guess around.

Instead, Take These Concrete Steps To Know Your Target Audience:

● Research Your Audience – First, make sure that you have extensively researched your niche market and the customers. There are many online tools such as AmericanFactFinder to help you get the facts about your industry and its customers. These facts will give you a picture of an ideal customer and his or her different backgrounds.

● Analyze Your Competitors Plenty of businesses are already successfully running in the transporting niche of your choice. They are your direct competitors. So, you need to stand out from them to be useful to your clients.

Therefore, find out what marketing strategies they adopt. Know what keywords they use to rank on search results. Find out what is working well for them.

● Conduct Surveys – A straightforward way to know your audience is to conduct a survey. You should ask them some key questions about their personal choices in life and anything you want to know.

Many survey tools are available today to make good use of them for knowing more about your audience. The survey results will help you draw a picture of your ideal customer. You can then pick the right transporting company names.

● Know Your Customer Persona – After you have researched your market and competitors, now make a picture of your ideal customer.

Who amongst the people needs your transportation services?

You should form a fictional character based on the information you gathered through research. So, you come to know about that particular person’s income, education, and social background. Then, you can target that person well by naming your business accordingly.

● Meet Your Clients Personally – Whenever you have an opportunity, meet your clients, at least a few of them, personally. This is the way to know them closely and make the right marketing decisions.

So, these are the key points to remember when knowing your audience inside out. Also, remember that the more precise picture you have of your customer, the more accurately you can design your visual identities.

For instance, your business logo design will also be targeting those customers to drive their attention to your new company. So, your transportation company name and your logo both will address your ideal customer.

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03. Pick A Fresh And Simple Name

A simple name is pronounced easily by everyone. When people can spell out the name quickly, they can recall your business. But simplicity does not mean that any casual name can do justice to your business. Instead, it should also be a unique and creative name. Also, avoid any hard-to-spell names.

Transportation Company Name

Here are some examples of simple transporting company names. You will notice that each name tells us the purpose of the business and what good it transports.

Here Are The Names Of Some Popular Trucking Companies:

i. FedEx Freight

ii.  United Parcel Service

iii. FedEx Ground, Swift Transportation Co.

iv. FFE Transportation Services

v. Overnite Transportation Schneider National

vi. Roadway Express

vii. Yellow Transportation

viii. Allied Systems

ix. Estes Express Lines

x. B. Hunt Transport

xi. United Van Lines

xii. ABF Freight System

These all are simple transporting company names. There are no fancy words or flowery language used. So, come out with a name that is easy to pronounce and to write.

Note that people will be typing your company name on search results. They can write a simple name correctly to find out your business online.

04. Consider Some Specific Words

While you look for a unique name, do not hesitate in using some typical transportation words. These are ideal words to give a quick hint of what your business does.

For example, the words such as “carriers”, “hauling”, “logistics”, “freight”, “transport”, and “trucking” tell the clients about what your business does without visiting your office.

Consider Some Specific Words

These are the commonly associated words with the transportation industry and transporting company names. People and clients, therefore, know about your company’s specific business.

Similarly, use the common words related to tour and travel if your transportation company operates in this sector. Also, with these words, tour and travel logos will be effective visuals for the target audience due to the specific words and impressive colors, etc. elements.

05. Brainstorm For The Name Ideas

Ask your friends and company members to sit together and talk about the company name you should have. Such brainstorming is useful in generating some interesting transporting company names.

You have many ideas coming from different people. You should get the team to sit for several sessions. This is a way to come up with some unique transportation company name that you can shortlist for further discussion.

Transportation Company Name

However, before starting the session, give the members a guideline regarding the choice of words. It should let the members know about the words you just do not want to include in the transporting company names.

You may simply say that such words do not look good in your travel logo. So, come out with some guidelines so that the members know what to think and what to leave out.

Here Are Some Proven Tips For Brainstorming Transporting Company Names Ideas

● Set A Fixed Time – Make sure that you fix a set time for brainstorming. That is a way to let every other name suggestion come out of your mind. You will not be stopping or censoring any idea.

This means that your team members can come up with dozens of unique ideas quickly. But do not set the timer for more than a minute.

● Think Of Alternative Spelling – A way to create unique transporting company names is to write down alternative spellings of a regular name. It may give you a name that people like.

But it should not be too unfamiliar and customers should still be able to decipher it.

● Use A Mood Board – Sometimes mood boards are highly useful in finding out transporting company names that stand out. Create the mood board using a stack of old magazines, cutouts of images, words, and even people.

That will help ignite your brain for some really exciting ideas. You can also have a Pinterest account to have the board and search for new name ideas.

● Make Good Use Of Thesaurus – You can do your brainstorming also online using a thesaurus site like the

Just type some transportation-related words on its search box and you have some exciting names.

06. Avoid A Limiting Name

Some names indicate a certain geographical location or an area where the business operates. With such a name, the aim of the business owner may be to target a local audience.

But in the long run, such transportation business names prove to be a hindrance when your business needs to extend. Therefore, avoid any name that you think could be changed in the future.

07. Do Not Consider Your Name

It is tempting to give your transportation business your name. Some personal names sound great and they can be safely used as business names. But such transporting company names may not always be great.

If your name does not stand out, then do not consider it as an option. Most personal names are common. If your name does not stand out, do not pick it for your transportation business.

08. Pick Something Catchy

A catchy name is something that draws people’s attention immediately. Such names generally create an image in the mind. For example, take transporting company names like Arrow Trucking and Jet City Trucking.

These names create a picture of fast-moving figures like an arrow. That helps catch the attention. So, try to pick one such name for your transporting business.

09. Choose A Cool Name

A cool name is usually a name that everyone likes instantly. By picking cool transporting company names, the business owners can show their liking of trends.

Ace Trucking and Diamond Trucking are amongst such cool names. Pick some name that evokes some dignity and respect.

10. Evoke Trust

Trust is a key value that you should pursue to do any business successfully using transporting company names. When your target audience has trust in your trucking service, they can then readily be your loyal clients.

To evoke trust, include words such as dependable, trust, safe, proven, secure, etc in a company name. For example, Proven Transportation, Trusted Load-Freight, and Dependable Delivery.

Note that transporting company names will also be part of your logo if you choose to design your own logo.

Since the logo will appear in your every promotional campaign, a trustworthy name becomes so important. Therefore, pick some words that convey quality, dependability, and trust through the name.

11. Have Some Fun

Sometimes, when it is difficult to come up with the right name, a funny name can be a perfect choice. With some fun elements included, the name becomes memorable as well. People will have such transporting company names in their mind when looking to transport goods.

So, can you come up with a name like Six Pack transportation? However, when choosing a funny name, it should be such that people do not make fun of your transportation business.

12. Give A Touch Of Professionalism

You can also go for transporting company names that evoke professionalism. These names just tell the audience about your business straightforwardly with a global appeal.

Such names are neutral and have global appeal. For example, Global Transportation Company and United Road Freight are the names that appeal generally to everyone.

Such neutral names are highly useful also keeping your plans in mind. You will not be changing these names when expanding your trucking business to other states or globally.

13. Make A List Of Keywords

In this digital age, your transportation business must be visible to your target audience. Or, other companies will outcompete you from the market. So, make sure that your business is immediately visible on Google search results, mainly.

Choose the transporting company names that have one prominent keyword in your niche transportation field. Such a keyword-based name will be an additional help to your efforts to optimize your company business online.

You can use keyword search tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find out the words that people mostly use to locate your niche and industry.

Then, know which few keywords are best to pick for transporting company names in your niche. See if you can have one of them as your business name.

14. Consider LLC, Corp, Inc, etc.

Another tip for transporting company names is to consider how you will set up your company. Are you going to set it up as a corporation? If that is so, then you need to include a designation such as Corp or Inc.

That will be part of the transportation company name. Similarly, you will include LLC, if your transportation company is an LLC [ Limited Liability Company ].

Note that your state may require you to add such words in your company name. With this naming requirement, your customers know what kind of a business they intend to work with. This helps in avoiding any kind of confusion.

15. Avoid A Cliché

Every industry has some clichés names as they have been repeatedly used for decades. A disadvantage of such transporting company names is that they do not evoke a response from people anymore. They have heard such words so much that they are no longer excited to hear them.

In the transportation industry, such cliché words are haulin’, big rig, and speedy. These words do not tell anything unique about your business. So, avoid such regular names. Instead, come up with something unique that helps stand out your company name and its business.

16. It Should Fit Well

Long gone are the days when a company name appeared just on its product. These days, the names of transport company names are everywhere.

They are on different social media platforms, billboards, newspapers, and other advert forms. Remember that your transport company name will also be part of your logo, which will be stamped on so many online and offline platforms.

Therefore, choose a name that fits well on all such platforms. It should go well with the designs of your logo, business card, website, email address, paperwork, and so on.

For logo design consider a logo maker. And for a business card design, take the help of Designhill’s digital business card maker tool. It lets you create a card for your transportation business and fits well into your budget.

17. Use Name Generator Software

A name generator software helps entrepreneurs to generate transporting company names. When you type a keyword related to your transportation niche, you have a long list of potential company names in your sectors.

But do not blindly consider these names. Treat them as ideas only. The name you like may have already taken some twists and turns.

Transporting Company Names

But you can surely have some great transporting company names ideas using a business name creator tool. For more ideas, use different keywords in the search box.

Just play with the words a little bit and see if the result can give you some more ideas. The web is full of useful name-generating tools. Just visit a few of them to get a list of ideas.

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Popular Name Generators That You Can Use To Find Unique Transporting Company Names

1. Shopify

2. Designhill

3. FreshBooks

4. Oberlo

5. Business Name Generator

6. Namelix

7. Brandroot

8. Names4brands

9. Mithril and Mages

10. Rhymer

11. BrandBucket

12. Panabee

13. Wordlab

14. IWantMyName

15. Naming

16. Thesaurus

18. Check Its Domain Availability

A business name available as a domain name is also essential for doing business online. You will be putting your transportation company’s services online by creating a website for the business.

This means that your domain name, which is your business address on the web, is as crucial as your business name.

Once you have shortlisted some transporting company names, check them if they are available as .com, which is the most sought-after domain name system.

Transportation Company

If your business name is not available as .com, still see if you can buy it from the owner. Many people buy .com transporting company names as an investment and sell at higher prices to needy ones like you.

So, find out if the domain name is available from purchasing from the owner. If not, then try other variants like .net and others.

So, when selecting transporting company names, do not just think about how it will look on your travel company logo. Instead, think also if it will be available as a domain or not. To check the availability, visit sites like GoDaddy, and Network Solutions.

So, Keep These Tips in Mind While Choosing Your Domain Name:

  1. When choosing a domain name, ensure that everyone can easily pronounce it.
  2. It should be as short as it can be for the people. Your first preference should extension as it is easy to remember.
  3. Make sure that the domain name has keywords related to your niche. That will make your transporting company names search-friendly.
  4. Avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name. That will make the name even harder to pronounce.

19. Check Its Availability As A Social Handle

Social media has proved to be a backbone of modern-day businesses. Your business, especially if it is new, must have a consistent presence on different social platforms to be in touch with your target audience. That is true also for transportation businesses.

Transporting company names are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social channels for promotional purposes.

So, choose a transportation company name that looks good on social media. It should sound catchy yet professional to social media users. You will be consistently posting content that your potential clients will read. So, your company name will be mentioned all the time. A short and sweet company name on social platforms is most welcome.

However, it may be that you shortlisted some transporting company names but they are not available for the social handle. In that case, you can still go with your choice of transportation company name. All you need to do is to give a twist to the name while registering it on a social platform.

Availability As A Social Handle

For example, you can add words like ‘real’ or ‘official’ after @ and before your company name. That will give you your social handle for registration.

Since you will promote your transportation business on social media, you need to ensure that transporting company names are available as a social handle.

Also, to promote your new business and transportation company name, think of creating an effective social media page design that entices people to inquire about your services.

But, first, make sure that the desired social media handle is available across all the major social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

20. Perform A Trademark Search

Once you have pinpointed a name for your transportation business for example Move4LessNevada, its availability as a trademark is also equally important. It may be that the desired transporting company names have already been registered as a trademark name and logo.

In case you are using the transporting company names, you may invite some legal troubles because of the infringement of the registered name.

To check the trademark registration availability, visit in the U.S or the respective authorities in your country. If the chosen transporting company names cannot be registered as a trademark, then do that quickly before someone else grabs it.

Perform A Trademark Search

Know that transporting company names have to comply with the trademark rules set by the USPTO. The first thing is that you just are not allowed to register a name for non-business purposes. So, state your business clearly while registering your company name.

Your transporting company name ideas should not be generic and descriptive, or they will not be registered as trademarks. Instead, the name should be unique and distinctive.

Also, transporting company names that are confusing for customers will not be registered for trademark. This is because consumers may mistakenly believe that the products or services are from the same dependable source. So, check that your company name is not too similar to the other registered names.


21. Get Feedback

You should also think of getting some feedback from your peers. Just put a bunch of transporting company names that you have picked for your business. Then, put those names on social media to ask for suggestions from your followers and friends.

Even if you think that the name you picked is the right one, get feedback from whoever matters. Sometimes, a better idea emerges from unexpected quarters.

Get Feedback

So, ask your friends, neighbors, and followers on social media to suggest a name or comment on a few names. For example, when thinking of graphic design ideas, you may conclude that the business name is too lengthy to nicely fit in a design of a logo or business cards.

These are the key and fundamental aspects of naming your transportation company. You should also be prepared to invest time as the naming process may take many days.

Just keep in mind that a casually selected name may even harm your business prospects. So, have patience and try your best to arrive at the right transporting company names for your business.

Avoid taking a name decision in a hurry as that can prove to be costly in the end.

After you have found a suitable name for your transportation company name, the next step will be to create an effective visual identity. That you will do by creating nice visuals such as a logo, websites, business cards, and brochures.

These work well for your brand promotion. To get nice visuals for your business promotion at affordable costs, use Designhill, a leading marketplace to create a wide range of designs.

Also, you can create an app for your business. An app for transportation businesses is very important as it would help them in enriching the user experience and hence, increase conversions.

If you are struggling to get an app for your transportation company, let Designhill do the job for you.

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Naming a business is a process that requires you to cover its various aspects. When picking transporting company names, make sure that it is unique and conveys your purpose of the business. It also should target your audience. But its availability as a domain name and trademark also is equally crucial. So, know your transporting niche first and then brainstorm with your team to arrive at some name ideas. But make sure that the transportation company name you pick is simple, unique, and sends your brand message to the target audience.

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