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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Security Companies

by Designhill Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

The private security agencies are playing a vital role in social life. Their services include unexpected issues that may occur to you, personal security, safeguarding house, and office, etc. The demand for security companies are growing, and so is the number of businesses jumping into the business. The current trend has built up fierce competition, surviving in which, you need to be stand out in the crowd, and a compelling business name can help ensure your success.

You must be thinking that why it is essential to follow a process while naming a business. Why is the name of business so important? Well, company name plays a vital role in the success of the business. A right and catchy name can attract an audience and make your business stand out.

On the opposite side, a wrong name can lead to failure. It means that coming up with a great name is essential. It is the brand’s face that audience will probably see or hear first. The name of your business should be such that it perfectly conveys the uniqueness and significance of your product or services.

Some experts believe that the best names are abstract. While others think that the name should be informative so that customers can quickly judge what your business is all about.

In fact, any name can perform well if it succeeds in communicating the story and USP of your brand. When the name of the company is striking and exciting, it naturally draws people’s attention; otherwise fails.

So are you ready with your business plan? Great! Now you need to decide upon the name you’re about to give your business. Naming a company is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as an entrepreneur.

Security Companies Business Name Ideas

Are you looking for a decent name for your new security startup? Here are some of the company name that you can rely on.

1. Perfect Security Solutions

2. New Tech Security

3. Safeguard Interests

4. Close Eye

5. Secured Life

6. Neighborhood Watch

7. Alarm System Solutions

8. Flawless Security

9. Close Watch

10. Seek Safety

It is actually the next step you need to do once you decided to set up your own business. For instance, you business has the best spy listening device and choosing the right name for business can be a little tricky.

That’s why we are here to help you in naming your security company. But before that, we would like to throw some light on what makes the name of business great.

• Originality:

Most of the companies try to imitate the name of other brands. They don’t realize that this may negatively affect their business.

While choosing a name for your business, you can take an idea from other brands, but copying it may end up in legal consequences, and customers will also get confused.

• Focus:

Every entrepreneur dreams of taking their business to a new height, and you won’t be an exception. Terms such as ‘enterprise’ or ‘global’ may attract you.

Well, it’s good to have such kind of vision, but your customers might be looking for special service. Such tags may put them off. Thus, it’s better to choose a name that shows your company’s true aspects

• No Limitations:

You may find it ideal to include a specific location in your security company name. But what if you want your business to expand to a different city or country?

Generating a name based on the location may destroy your future possibilities. It may also place you among local business, thus confining your growth and boundaries.

• Simplicity:

No matter what kind of a business you run, it is always advisable to keep the name of the business simple. By simplicity, we don’t mean that it should be too straight or plain.

You can come up with an edgy and cool name, but make sure it should be easy to spell and pronounce. You surely don’t want to take a chance of losing potential customers because of the failure to associate with a brand.

Here Are The Tips To Generate Business Name Ideas for Security Companies

01. Initiate With Your Ending

You are going to start a new company, and you may be under pressure to choose the right name for your security company. Well, the foremost step is to hone your creative process.

Think about the brand you want to take inspiration from and find out the essential concepts that are required for the success of the business.

Initiate With Your Ending

Many entrepreneurs named their security company with a thought of conveying trust, honesty, integrity, etc. You need to ask yourself what you want your audience to think immediately after knowing the name of your business.

A clear understanding in the right direction can help you in generating a name that can assist you in achieving success.

02. Solidify Your Plan

Once you have a clear understanding of the central direction; it’s time to prepare sentence project statements. These statements will help you remain focused on your naming process. For example:

• We require a fresh and brand new name to show the audience what we have best to deliver.
• We require a name that will highlight our main characteristics.
• We require a name that communicates our ideas and values accompanied by superiority and connectivity.

Solidify Your Plan

Many entrepreneurs begin the naming process without assessing its success rate. They believe that creativity and inspiration are two driving forces that will give them remarkable results.

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03. Inspiration Keeps Moving

It’s time to pick a pen and paper and start writing. Make a list of your ideas and brainstorm them.
Research Your Competitors: Every business has competitors. Thus, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the type of names they are using. Remember, your goal is not just to fit in the market but to make a mark in the competition.

Build A Motivation Deck: There are a lot of successful companies in your industry. Make a list and learn more about the meaning behind their company name and logo design — for example, Securitas AB. The company got established in 1934, in Sweden with a name AB Hälsingborgs Nattvakt.

Inspiration Keeps Moving

When the Securitas Alarm was founded in 1948 as a security technology subsidiary of the company, the brand began to expand internationally.

In 1972, the company decided to change its name to Securitas, the Roman goddess of stability and security with its current logo that consists of three red dots. The dots represent the group’s main principles of ‘Helpfulness, Integrity, and Vigilance.

04. Things Your Name Needs

In addition to the technical naming viewpoint, there are other necessary things that you need to take care of:

Things Your Name Needs

Simple To Pronounce: When you choose a name for your security company, make sure it’s easy to spell. You certainly do not want to waste time teaching people how to spell the company name.

If your company name is difficult to spell, it will make it hard for customers to search online. It may also hinder your marketing and communication efforts. For example, AlliedBarton, GardaWorld.

Attractive: In an attempt to have a distinctive name, many companies choose a name which does not attract the target audience. You need to understand the name should appeal to the target audience. It will help you in getting word-of-mouth publicity.

Noteworthy: The competitive nature of today’s world is bombarding consumers with new products and companies every day. It makes it difficult for them to remember all new names. Having a name that can easily be memorable can increase the chance of being getting recognized among the target audience.

Evocative: Metaphorical names that capture the brand essence through another object or image are called as evocative names. Such types of names are easy to remember and are very effective for newbies.

05. Things To Avoid

Things To Avoid

Vague Names: It’s always a good idea to come up with a name that has a special meaning. But keep in mind that the name should not be too vague to be remembered by only a few people.

Neutral Names: The name of your security company should not be too secure. Otherwise, you will not be able to make a mark in the crowd of competitors.

06. Create An Image Of The Brand You Want To Create For Yourself

It’s pretty natural that you will find your listed names less pleasing as compared to already established competitors. Chances are you may not feel excited about your selected names. Don’t worry. We have a solution.

Create An Image Of The Brand You Want To Create For Yourself

One of the best ways to choose the right name is to envision it. Visualize a story. Imagine how your security guard logo will look on your website, business card design, or other marketing resources.

07. Perform Legalization Tasks

Developing naming ideas for a business is just a beginning. Before you choose the final name, you need to carry out a few legalization tasks.

Perform Legalization Tasks

Trademark Infringement: Trademark is a distinctive symbol or a mark that is designed to distinguish your business products or services from competitors.

Trademark law has been designed to assist people in avoiding misunderstanding between brands same products or services. Getting stuck in the legal problems in the initial stage of the business may discourage you.

So while choosing the name, it’s advisable to check the trademark risks. There is a chance that other companies might already trademark the names which you have penned down. To avoid such situations, the US government provides an excellent trademark tool.

Finding A Domain: On an average, 50 million businesses get started every year. It makes it difficult for companies to find a domain name. To have a strong web presence, it’s essential to choose the right domain name. Here are a few tips in selecting a domain name.

• Choose .com level domain. It is the most commonly used TLD and can help you in building high-quality brand identity.
• When you register the .com domain, try selecting another TLD such as .net, .biz. It will help you in redirecting the traffic to other sites in case any of the sites go under maintenance.
• Choose the domain name that is short and clear
• Stay clear of any copyright problems

Apart from choosing a domain name, try to put extra efforts in researching if there is any social media presence of those names.

Test Your Name: Choosing a name for your security company is not a competition. You must be happy with your ideas, but it’s better to get it tested. As the name you choose will be with you for a long time.

• Share the name with your friends and family and figure out how they feel about it
• Ask yourself if the name can communicate what you had thought of.
• If possible, you can also conduct A/B testing. It will help you in finding out which name is fetching more audience.

08. Name Your Business

Once you are done with your testing process, it’s time to choose the final name. At this stage, we would suggest you take it again; and if required, discuss it with your family and friends. Don’t be in a rush to choose a name as changing a name can cost you a lot more than you think.

Name Your Business

09. Create A Logo

Finally, you have generated the name for your security company. Now, what’s next? To give life to a company, you need a logo. It is one of the essential elements in building a brand identity.

It is usually defined as a mark or a symbol that is used to identify the company and its products or services.

Create A Logo

A well-designed logo has the power to grab the attention of the audience. It can also make or break the company. It is thus vital to follow certain steps while creating a logo:

Get Inspiration: Just like the name, before designing a security guard logo, take inspiration from well-established brands in the industry. Read the history of their logos and find out how they have used colors, typography, and other elements.

Think About What You Want To Convey: It is probably the first thing you need to ask yourself before designing a logo of your company. As said earlier, a logo is your brand identity. It has the power to attract potential customers. And if went wrong, it may break your business as well.

Adopt A Minimalistic Approach: Every new entrepreneur likes to add every possible element in their business logo design. They forget that the fact that minimalistic logos can also help in achieving the goals. Think of big brands like Apple, HP, etc.

They have beautifully conveyed their business message by adopting the minimalistic approach. By minimalism, we don’t mean to be plain. Minimalism is an approach to removing unwanted elements and making art in its purest form.

Create And Test Your Logo: Now that you have done your research and knew what exactly you want to convey, it’s time to start creating and testing your logo. Testing is essential.

Just like the name, you can check your logo by doing A/b testing. Or you can even ask your friends or family. Another great way is to put it on your social media pages and marketing materials and see how it looks.

P.S: Since a logo is essential, it’s better to keep the sensitive stuff in the hands of a professional graphic designer. Need a designer?

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Whenever a person starts a new business, they have their own journey. Some keep testing their names, some go with their gut feeling, and some keep the name quickly without any research and planning. No doubt the process is time taking and stressful, but if get it right, the world is your marketplace. How did you come up with your security company name? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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