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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Outdoor Companies

by Designhill Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Last updated on February 11th, 2023

Outdoor companies serve people who are interested in outdoor activities such as bicycling, hunting, hiking, etc. But a new entrant in this field has to cope-up with tough competition from well-recognized brands. A perfect name of a new company, therefore, becomes a marketing tool to draw people’s attention.

People love to spend time closure to nature to revitalize their life. They mostly indulge in outdoor activities. Most people go hiking, bicycling, mountaineering, and even hunting. Others go for agritourism, festivals, and visit amusement parks. They can then start their daily chores again with new energy.

In fact, 49.0 % of the population in the US takes part in an outdoor activity at least once every year. This gives rise to huge business prospects. According to BEA estimates, outdoor recreation generated $374 billion in 2016 in the US economy.

Clearly, the demand for outdoor recreation activities in increasing and potential of growth for new business is good. But to explore the new business opportunities, your startup should come out with new marketing plans. Naming a business is a key starting point for your company.

If you’re venturing into this industry, pay attention to the naming process of your company as its vital its growth. A company name is one of the first things people notice.

The name gives them hints about what a company offers and a message that it wishes to deliver. The fact is that an attractive name of an enterprise can help in its growth while a casually picked name can even harm.

Here Are Some Major Tips To Pick Business Names For Outdoor Companies

01. Include A Word For Your Niche

First, make it sure that people know about your precise niche from your company name. After all, this is the age of specialization. Very rarely, a business is manufacturing or supplying all the products.

Since competition has increased manifold, businesses chose a specific market to deal with only a few business rivals.

Include A Word For Your Niche

Moreover, people look for a company that offers dedicated services or products. Therefore, your company’s name should include a word that gives the indication of what outdoor products or services you offer and who the target customers are.

When a name has a market niche, its advantage is that it becomes an advertisement for a new company. This is because outdoor adventure logos usually have company names.

Since logos are present everywhere, these visuals with your company name become a cost-effective marketing tool as well.

02. Target Your Audience

Outdoor companies have their own target audience. Since they cater to some specific outdoor hobbies, they offer specific products or services to people depending on their interests.

Some companies deliver services regarding hiking, others target people who are interested in some bicycling adventure. Who is the ideal customer that you wish to target?

Target Your Audience

Once you know about the set of people you want to target, pick the company name that can address their expectations from your business. Remember that the name you choose will appear on your logo.

This means that if you venture into landscaping business and its name targets your potential clients, it will be on your outdoor landscaping logo design, which the clients will see on your website and other digital platforms. The name along with the logo will communicate with your audience and engage them with your business.

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03. Pick An Easy-To-Pronounce Name

A name that your target customers can quickly pronounce when they chat with friends helps in spreading a word of mouth about your services. Pick the words that people are familiar with. Prefer words from customers’ cultural background so that they can relate easily.

Pick An Easy-To-Pronounce Name

Ignore those names that sound complex and coming from alien cultures. Such names raise doubts in the consumers’ minds.

Later, when you will hire a professional graphic designer, the simple name will inspire the designer to come out with impressive logos, brochures, business cards, website etc visuals to market your business effectively.

04. Send Some Message

Just like a brand sends some signals to its customers through the use of colors and such elements in its logo design, manes of outdoor companies should convey a message.

Names such as PureJoy, Campee, SpeedGo, etc give the message of joy, speed, and camping and evoke the desired passion of the customers. Your new company’s name should encourage people to take up the activities.

Send Some Message

Another key point to note here is that a designer will make sure that your outdoor events logo design expresses your message. Whenever people will see the logo, they will get an inkling of what your business is all about.

05. It Should Be A Unique Name

Whichever name you choose, it must be different than the company names of your rivals. That is the best way to catch the attention quickly. Moreover, a unique name signals that your outdoor business has something different to offer.

But do not choose a name that sounds strange and complex. It should be a name that generates excitement which people look for when going for outdoor activity.

It Should Be A Unique Name

06. Explore Name Generators

Another quick way to have a good list of naming ideas for outdoor companies is to get it from business name generator software. Plenty of them is available on the Internet. You should type a keyword related to your outdoor niche in the search box to get a long list of potential name ideas.

Explore Name Generators

However, most of the names look inappropriate and only some of them are worthy of your consideration.

This is because they are generated randomly without giving any thought to your target audience and other business aspects. So, you should use these names just to see if some of them can be shortlisted.

07. Brainstorm

One of the best methods to look for unique outdoor companies names that stand out is to brainstorm. Since your own company people who understand your business aspirations and motives better than others, sitting with them to discuss the potential names is always a welcome move.

Ask your company officials and friends who are your well-wishers to suggest the right names that can represent your company well.


When brainstorming, write down words that come to mind immediately. This is the way to know what is there in your mind regarding the names. You should work on an alternate spelling of popular words.

You can use a thesaurus to find out appropriate synonyms of a word. Other things you should ask your team members to do is to create a mood board, which involves activities like searching for quotes and fun images etc.

While pondering on the pros and cons of a business name, find out if it will look good on your logo such as outdoor events logo design, if you are in an event management business. Pick a short name that fits well in a smaller space of a logo.

08. Get It As Your Domain Name

After the brainstorming sessions, you have shortlisted some outdoor companies names. But are they available as your domain address? A domain name is part of your entire URL, which is the address of your outdoor company’s business on the Internet.

Get It As Your Domain Name

Some popular domains are .com, .net, and .org. For example, if you wish to book the most popular .com domain for your company name, it may not be available if some other business has already taken the name at this domain.

However, if the name is unique, chances of getting .com for the name are brighter. Or, try other names from your shortlist to see which of them can be booked for .com or other domains.

You can visit sites such as and to find out if your company name can be registered as a domain address.

09. Check It For Trademark Registration

The name you picked for your outdoor business should also be available as your trademark. You can straightforwardly register your company name by filing an online application quickly.

Just visit the U.S Patent and Trademark Office’s website, to complete the registration process. After all, your trademark is your brand identity along with your logo.

Check It For Trademark Registration

Before you start the process, make sure that the name is available for registration. Go to the site Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) database and find out whether or not you can have the name for registration.

10. Get Feedback

Once you have finally prepared a short list of outdoor company names, get the second opinion from your friends, neighbors, some experts and others. Since they are not too near to the naming process, they are in a better position to make a neutral observation.

Get Feedback

Put four to five names on your social media account and request your followers to comment. Ask them to vote for their favorite name from the list.

These are some of the key points when naming outdoor companies. The entire process requires your utmost attention on investment of time and energy. Take the naming exercise seriously as it can make or break your business.

After you have named your outdoor company, you will need some visuals such as logos, websites, business cards, brochures, mobile apps, etc to promote it aggressively. At that time, Designhill can be of great help in creating the right design solutions as your brand’s identities at affordable costs.

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Outdoor companies should have names that can communicate with a target audience and send the right message. A simple but unique name that looks great on logos etc visuals is an ideal choice. But you need to brainstorm a name that you can get as your domain address and trademark.

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