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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Home Furnishing Companies

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Last updated on February 11th, 2023

Home furnishing companies have to function in a highly competitive environment. Hundreds of established and new brands strive hard to win their customers’ attention in this field. Therefore, to drive customers, businesses come out with catchy and unique names.

Home furnishing business is growing steadily. The demand for a wide range of home decor products continues to increase from many sections of the population. In the U.S, home furnishing industry generated $63 billion in revenue.

There were 13,488 wholesale businesses active in this field in the country in 2018. Also in your locality, there may be dozens of furnishing companies in your niche.

An outstanding company name holds significance for a new business. First, a simple but unique name generates some curiosity about a company. People are drawn toward a thing or concept if its name can evoke some excitement.

After the name has driven the attention, people then want to explore the company and business. In fact, the reason they are driven by a unique name is that it gives them some signals about products or services a company offers.

So, home furnishing companies that wish to make a great start in their niches should first come out with the right name. It should not only be short, simple and remarkable but also communicate with the audience.

But naming a company is a hard task. It consumes a lot of valuable time. But by following some tips, you can surely arrive at the right name that engages your audience.

Let’s Have A Look At How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Home Furnishing Companies

01. Convey Your Message

Even if your home furnishing business is new, it must have some brand message for the potential customers. Such a message usually is about the expectations that people have from your new business.

But you may not be aware of it as the message may be in the form of an abstract idea. So, first write down precisely how people will benefit from your company. That is your brand message.

Convey Your Message

Once the message is clear to you, find out the words that define it. You can play with words to know which words best express what you want to convey. For example, if the name is Ethica Home Furnishing, the word ‘ethica’ conveys here the message ethical, organic and fair-trading practices of the company.

Note that a precise brand message is also important to know beforehand when you will later create your visual identities such as logos, business cards, brochures etc. with the help of a professional graphic designer.

02. Brainstorm To Get The Name

After you precisely know what your brand wishes to convey, it is now the time to brainstorm over new name ideas. What potential names can stand for your home furnishing products or services?

That question needs to be answered when finding out the right name for home furnishing companies. Brainstorming is one of the most effective ways to get new ideas. Sit with your company officials and friends over a brainstorming session.

Brainstorm To Get The Name

However, give them some clear guidelines about what you want and do not want from the name. That will help in saving the time and energy. You should encourage them to discuss the pros and cons of the names that pop up during the discussion.

Also, give some hints about which names look great on home furnishing logo design. Remember that the logo might have your company name.

So, the name along with the logo should make a combined great impression on your audience. At the end of each such session, you should have a short list of the names for your home furnishing company.

03. Consider Your Niche

Home furnishing covers a lot of niches that businesses are exploring aggressively these days. In fact, due to intense competition and specialization, almost everything supplied in home furnishing world is now a niche.

So, you find services for antique furniture refurbishing, cabinet door marketing, custom furniture covers, home office planner, junkyard furniture creations and many other names that indicate to a specific market for home furnishing.

Consider Your Niche

Remember that when you consider a furnishing niche market, you choose a name that targets the specific set of customers. A precise company name that reflects your specific market will also guide you to create interior design logos that convey your brand personality.

04. Pick A Simple Name

All the global companies have simple name. Apple, Samsung, Nike, Pepsi and hundreds of other established business names are short and simple. In fact, such memorable and easy-to-pronounce names are the key to people recognizing these businesses easily.

But if the names were obscure, these companies would have been struggling to strike a chord with their target audience.

Pick A Simple Name

Another point to consider here is that since your company name is likely to go in your logo, a simple name will make the logo a memorable design. So, your home improvement logo with a short and simple company name entices a client to have a look at your new business.

05. Ignore A Name That Is Too Narrow

You should avoid choosing a name that you have to change when home furnishing companies grow and venture into new areas. Such a narrow name may speak only about a particular geographical location which your company serves at present.

But when you will take your furnishing services to other cities, the name will sound inappropriate. So, avoid using location-based names.

Ignore A Name That Is Too Narrow

Also, note that if you have to rename your company when it expands to new markets, then you will most probably recreate your logo design as well. So, it is better to pick a name that is not restricted by geographical names.

06. Take Help From Name Generators

Many random business name generator softwares are available free online. As you type your business related keywords in the search box, the software comes up with dozens of name ideas.

But do not rely on just a single software; try many of them instead. This is the way to find out some really exciting names. Make sure that you type keywords related to your specific products or services.

Take Help From Name Generators

You can then discuss these names with your friends over a brainstorming session. But treat the name generator as assistance only. Analyze those name ideas to know if they can be considered.

07. Check For Trademark Availability

After you have finally prepared a short list of names for your home furnishing company, make sure that it is available for registration as your trademark.

You will get the name and your logo as your trademark of business. Trademark protects a business from any potential theft of its brand identity.

Check For Trademark Availability

So, when you have shortlisted some names, check all of them with USPTO.GOV. At this site, you can search the trademark database to know if your name is available for the registration.

08. Check For Domain Availability

You will put your home furnishing business on the Internet so that potential customers can search it from home. They can put orders to buy your products or services and know details by visiting your website.

You will need a nice website design that is user-friendly to your customers in delivering the right information. But first, you need a domain address such as .com that will be attached to your company name.

Check For Domain Availability

Prefer getting your entire company name as your domain address. But even if a major part of the name can be registered as your domain you should get it.

However, since .com is a highly sought-after domain, your full company name may already be registered by someone else. In that case, you should either try other .net or other domain or buy .com from the owner.

09. Get Social Handle

Another thing to consider when choosing a name for home furnishing companies is that the name should also be available as your social handle. So, while creating a nice social media page design for business promotion, first get its social handle approved.

You will promote your products or services on several social channels including Facebook and Twitter. Check if the name can be registered as your social handle in full or in part.

Get Social Handle

10. Get Feedback

Since you are too close to the naming process, sometimes people from outside can judge a name precisely. They can tell if the name sounds appropriate for your business or not. So, ask your followers on social media, friends, neighbors, and even some experts for their opinion.

You can even run few names on your social pages and get votes from followers. Do not run away from accepting the right suggestions even if they come from unknown people on social media.

Get Feedback

So, these key points should keep you on the right track when naming home furnishing companies. You need to invest a lot of time and energy toward this effort. But make sure that you pick a perfect company name as it is important for initial growth of your business.

Once you have picked the right name, you should start marketing the company and business aggressively. For that, you need to create visual identities like logos, brochures, websites, business cards etc. You can rely on Designhill to create various design solutions that suit your new furnishing business.

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Names of home furnishing companies should stand out from competitors. Such names are unique, simple, and short to convey a message. To get the name perfectly, you should include the words that reflect a niche. Brainstorm with your friends for the naming ideas that are also available as trademark and domain.

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