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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Technology Companies

by Designhill Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Last updated on November 30th, 2022

A new enterprise in the vast world of technology companies struggles for attention. Any new company has to face dual competition from emerging and established brands in this field. Therefore, to draw attention, creative names of the upcoming companies matter a lot to get noticed. With a unique but simple name, a firm can hope to achieve its business goals by implementing its marketing plans.

Generally, people first know a company by its name. Then, it is after experiencing a company’s services or products that they make a perception about it.

Name of a technology company, like all the companies, matters as people’s average attention span is only about eight seconds. In such a quick time, the very name of your new venture has to make heads turn toward your business.

Remember that there is some much marketing noise around and a great company name idea can save you from going unnoticed in the initial days of your business. After picking the right name, you can hope to drive customers by implementing your marketing strategies.

Here Are Some Points To Ponder On When Naming Technology Companies

01. Make A Short List Of Company Names

First, prepare a short list of company names from your technology field. But how would you do that? An easy way is to brainstorm. Just sit down with your company’s officials and friends and generate as many names as you can randomly. Write down whatever comes to your mind.

Make A Short List Of Company Names

Then, discuss which names are relevant and acceptable. Many of them will be rejected right away, and others will stay on the list. During the brainstorming session, first, let the members know what is in your mind regarding the name.

After a while, you will be able to generate a nice short list of the names. You can then further examine them to find which one is the most suitable for your technology company.

02. It Should Be A Search-Friendly Name

In the modern digital age, even a company name should be such that a target customer can find it quickly in the search results on the Internet.

When a potential customer types a relevant keyword on the search box of Google, Google News, and various social media platforms, a customer should find the name quickly.

It Should Be A Search-Friendly Name

So, if you choose a common name for your technology company, such a name will be buried way lower in the inner Google search pages.

Consequently, potential customers may not notice your business. It should prompt you to run a test on the name that it is search-friendly.

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03. Select An Easy-To-Spell Name

Reject any name that people will find it harder to spell and pronounce. After all, they are the ones whom you will target as customers.

If your company name is a tongue twister, they may not take your business seriously, as they get a wrong message. Moreover, they cannot promote a business that has a complex name.

Select An Easy-To-Spell Name

It would be good to come out with a name that even a second grader can spell out quickly. With such a name, your chances of building a word-of-mouth publicity go higher.

Another aspect of the name is that you may incorporate it into your technology logo design. If the name is short and easy, it will fit well into a tiny space of logo, which will be the face of your company.

04. Convey Your Brand Essence

Another parameter to choose names for technology companies is that they carry the essence of the brand. Make sure that the name reflects your core business. It should express what your business is all about.

Convey Your Brand Essence

For example, Codal is a company name that carries expertise in code and engineering. It also builds web portals. Hence, the name represents both the activities of coding and portal making and the customers know what to expect from the company.

With a name that reflects the essence of your business, you can hope to create the desired perception, which is your brand identity in the target market.

05. Make It Twitter-Friendly As Well

Twitter is the social channel where your new technology venture can generate awareness about your business. This platform requires you to convey your message in a limited amount of text so that it is short and crispy.

Make It Twitter-Friendly As Well

Make sure that the name you pick does not have many characters. If it is a lengthy name, people may not remember it. If it is too short or abbreviated, people may not even find it on the web. Also, make sure that the name looks good when an ‘’@” is added to it.

Besides Twitter, your company name should also look consistent on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. This also means that you need to check the name’s availability as a social handle.

06. Stand Apart From Competitors

Choose a name that sets you apart from your business rivals. Never pick a name that sounds similar to the names of other technologies companies. A similar name will signal that you have nothing special to offer to the consumers.

Stand Apart From Competitors

Many small business names have similar words as well as sounds, which is one of the reasons that they failed to make an impact on customers. If you are not aware of this problem, you risk choosing the same overused words.

For example, many tech companies use words such as ‘’Bot’’. Others have ‘’Ly’’ at the end of their names. Moreover, a comparable name may reduce the impact of even well-designed tech services logos. So, avoid such names.

07. Consider It For Long Term

Technologies companies grow with time. They add more products or services when they want to expand into new markets.

Moreover, technologies are evolving fast, which implies that you will come with a new set of tech products for new audiences later. Keep that in mind when naming your new tech company.

Consider It For Long Term

If you name the company after a product, you will change the name when the product tech becomes obsolete in a few years. The name should not lock you into one particular location or section of the industry.

It is, therefore, good to consider a name that helps you keep your brand recognition even when you have ventured into new technology markets. You can even follow tech news on social media platforms to keep yourself updated.

Remember that if you change the name, you will most probably recreate your tech logo. But redesigning a logo is not a recommended exercise since people have some emotional attachment with a logo that they have seen regularly on your products.

08. Tell A Story

One of the key marketing strategies is telling a brand story. This is done to establish an emotional connect with the target customers.

As they come to know about how a business idea germinated and how it grew over time, people build some emotional rapport with the brand. This helps in creating a solid base of loyal customers.

Tell A Story

Technology companies too should have a name that tells something unique about starting the brand. Consider a name that signals something interesting about your business.

Most global companies have some story behind their names and even logos. With such a name, your logo design of the company also will tell the story to the audience.

09. Choose A Flexible Name

Your company name should be such that people can use it in their daily conversation and writing. For example, Twitter can be used as ‘’tweet at him’’ or Slack as ‘’ just slack him’’.

Similarly, we say ‘’Google it’’ whenever we want to search for some information. Such names are easier to use in the language.

Choose A Flexible Name

10. Make Sure It Is Available As A Trademark

After you have a few names shortlisted for your tech company, check which ones are available for trademark registration.

To have your company name as your trademark is essential to keep your interests safe and secure from any potential theft. Anyone can use the name if you do not register it with the authorities.

Make Sure It Is Available As A Trademark

To check the trademark availability, go to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office or its website. Use the site to make sure that others do not already own it as a trademark.

Note that merely running a google search is not advisable as someone having the trademark name may not be using it.

11. Also Check The Name For Domain Availability Also

The name of your company together with its domain address, make your URL of the business on the web. Domain availability of the name should also be confirmed.

Domains such as .com are popular with businesses. You will probably look for grabbing this domain for your name.

Check The Name For Domain Availability

But check it with some domain sites to find out if it is available. The right domain name is essential for business before hiring graphic design services to create a website and other visual identities of a company.

12. Get Feedback From The Target Audience

Test technology companies names with target customers. You can get a feel of what they think of the names you shortlisted. Put those names on your social pages and ask people to give their opinion.

You can also request them to vote their favorite name. If a good suggestion regarding the names comes your way, consider it.

Get Feedback From The Target Audience

So, these are some of the key points you should follow while naming technology companies. The naming ideas are many. But not all of them are suitable for every company. You need to invest time to find some fascinating and unique names for your business.

You will also need striking visuals such as logos, business cards, websites etc to promote your new tech company.

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Technology companies should have unique and simple names that people can pronounce easily. But choose a name that tells your brand story. Sit through some brainstorming session to discuss the pros and cons of the names you shortlisted. Make sure that the name is available as your trademark and domain name as well.

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