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How To Get A Book Cover Design That Makes The Best Sale In The Market

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

Last updated on February 7th, 2023

The book cover design is as important as the story inside the book. A book is the dream of an author, and it creates a new world of excitement for the readers. With over a million books published every year, all the books do not attain the status of a bestseller. There are numerous determinants which contribute to the success of the novel, in addition to the storyline. The book cover design leads these factors in creating visibility for the book. Every potential book cover designers must create the ideal graphic design to boost up the sales of the book. Leading companies like Designhill has mastered this skill and have also imparted the knowledge to the budding graphic designers.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Get A Book Cover Design That Makes The Best Sale In The Market

01. Get The Message Loud And Clear

Every book has a soul of its own. The characters live in their fantasy world created by the author and share their live experience with the readers. Both fiction and non – fiction novels carry a strong message for the community. The book cover designer should create and highlight the same information on the cover by graphic design services.

Book Cover Design

The design could be simple or complicated, but the message communicated by the writer should be emphasised loud and clear. It is essential to understand the gist of the book before creating a book cover. It would also be ideal to have a pre-defined questionnaire for the author to enable them to understand the book better.

02. What’s In The Colour?

Like any other company, it is vital to treat a book as a brand. Graphic designers and brand identity specialists select the brand colour based on the industry and the message conveyed by the company. The same colour theme is replicated in all graphic designs, brochure designs and social media page creative.

brochure designs

A book should be treated as a brand and the colour selected should be in line with the values of the novel. Every shade has its charm, if utilised in the right way. The proper book cover design will make the book stand out from it similar counterparts.

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03. The Background Could Be A Deal Breaker

Some book cover depicts an elaborate scene of the novel. Some cover portrays an individual image conveying the storyline. What is the role of a background in the book cover design? The background colour of the canvas is spread not only on the front but also in the sides and the back.

graphic designers

Some graphic designers create a milder version of the front cover to emphasise the prologue. The colour should be complementary and should not overpower the image until deemed otherwise. Sometimes the background colour is given more weight than the actual model.

04. Depict The Hero

Who is the hero of the story? Is it the main character in the novel? Is it a particular element which travels with the reader throughout the story? What would be the hero of a non-fiction book? The hero of any novel would be the character or the element on which the whole plot is balanced.

graphic design

The book cover design could pay tribute to this factor and ensure that the readers get a flavour of the novel even before opening the first page. Some leading companies like Designhill have deciphered the secret of depicting this theme in the right way.


05. Build The Suspense

Why do people prefer mystery novels? Humans have a psychological attraction towards the uncertainty around us. We are never interested in the answer we already know. We strive for a challenge and embrace it when the same is offered to us in the form of a novel or a book.

social media

The book cover designer should create the same suspense and include the mystery element in the book cover design. The graphic designers should also communicate this message through brochure designs and social media pages. The more mysterious the picture, the more it will attract the readers.

06. Words Could Be Magical

There is no hard written rule that book cover design should contain images and depictions representing the plot. Sometimes, the right selection of words can do the trick. Nevertheless, there are some key factors to be considered while using words as the cover design.

Magical Words

The words have to be influential and incredibly innovative. The positioning and alignment of the words make an impact on the message. Though more than one font can be used, it is essential to identify the right combination of the font family. The significant challenges come in finalising the strong words and communicating the same in the design.

07. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Earmark

What differentiates a book from a best seller? The obvious answer would be the author profile and the plot of the novel. There are various factors which contribute to this achievement like business card design, brochure designs, social media page promotions, etc. The book cover design plays a vital role in this success and is a constant element in all the other factors.

brochure designs

The secret is quite simple, and it is the uniqueness of the graphic designer. Some book cover designers use their creativity to add a simple component which changes the value of the book which can be seen majorly in best marketing books. This could be simple like an earmark or a review from a leading publication.

08. Add More Dimensions To The Image

The world has seen its share of book cover ideas comprising of plots, characters, images, words and the list goes on. The next trend in the series would be creating a multi-dimensional model to provide the holistic approach to the reader. However, the primary step is to finalise the theme and the images associated with the book cover.

Image Dimension

The graphic designer should also plan the positioning of the different pictures before the commencement of the dimensions. The simpler the model, the more attractive and efficient is the outcome.

09. Remember The Legends

All best sellers might not have much in common. The only factors connecting all these novels are expert book cover designers and the reader’s love. These entire books have something or the other which make the readers happy and have boosted the sales of the books.

Image Dimension

They are also an excellent source of inspiration and information for the budding graphic designers. Always maintain a copy of the graphic designs and brand identity collaterals of the novels. We never know when they can inspire a change and be a motivator for a new trend.

10. Print It To Feel It

There is a sea of difference between the book cover design on the screen and the actual print. A graphic designer envisions a particular outlook while creating the model. In their defence, they are creative folks who see the world in rainbows and unicorns.

graphic designer

Always feel the material and check the design in the exact print and size before finalizing the design. This will help you to avoid unnecessary stress and also depict a certain level of professionalism.

The same design could look different in different types and sizes of print. The success of the book could be felt by the designers and all the stakeholders at this stage.

11. Be Bold And Experiment

Every field has a predefined prototype and manual which guides the budding talents in the industry. The book cover designers have millions of book cover designs and inspirations to guide them. In the digital world, they are provided with ample information on the pros and cons of a design.

book cover designers

They are also offered with the SWOT analysis of the existing designs so they can avoid the mistakes of the past generation. But this knowledge should not be a deal breaker and stop the potential graphic designers to innovate a new trend of their own. Use the experience of the past to create wonders in the future.

12. Gather Multiple Opinions

Most people prefer to work alone to protect the beauty of their thought process. It is true that creative people need their space to let the imagination run wild. However, it is essential to collect inputs from various stakeholders during different stages of the process.

Multiple Opinions

The ideal way would be to create specific periods in the timeline of the project to gather contributions and feedback. A fresh set of eyes always comes with refreshing ideas and are more sensitive to errors. Every design should be subjected to a stringent feedback process to increase its exquisiteness.

13. Be Confident Of The Design

A common problem faced by most graphic designers is losing the originality of the design after multiple edits. The same issue is also confronted by graphic designs, brochure designs and social media page designs. The wavelength of the client and the designers are not always on synchrony, and it is bound to certain modifications.

social media page

It is essential for the book cover designer to be confident of the design and to balance the thin line between with overconfidence. The secret of success behind an efficacious designer or a brand identity consultant is the strong knowledge of the industry as the collective experience over the years.

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When a consumer walks into a bookstore, they either pick up a famous novel at first sight or stroll the aisles for an exciting option. The book cover design is the first thing which attracts the attention of the potential reader, and it is essential to make it as innovative as possible. Graphic designers can also follow companies like Designhill to be updated on the industry and design trends. An important tip to remember is the compatibility of the design in different mediums like brochure design, brand identity collaterals and social media pages.

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