How to Use Red to Promote Your Brand

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How to Use Red to Promote Your Brand

Last updated on June 6th, 2018

Businesses use varied graphic design tools such as logos, brochures, business cards and web banners etc to market their products or services. All of such designs have significant use of colors to highlight a business message. In fact, color is one of the key elements that are capable of giving a unique personality to any design. Of all the colors, red is one of the most used colors to express a range of diverse emotions in brand promotion

Ways of incorporating red in your graphic design for effective brand promotion

Why Red Is So Important Color?
For graphic designs, red color is the key element to create intended impression and impact on the viewers. This is because red is capable of evoking a set of strong emotions. Red can express courage, energy, boldness and urgency as well as caution. This is not only a primary color but it also is the color that human eye sees the first amidst all colors. So, red is the color that is generally used for creating an impact quickly on the viewers and onlookers.

But the designer has to carefully mull over the varied aspects of using this color. For example, you need to find out if red can be used as a color for background or for contrast in your intended design. Or, do you want to use it to highlight some features on a web banner? The use of red color can prove to be an asset to make a design look simple, bold and memorable when you wish to convey some urgency and energy in your brand promotion.

Major Brands Using Red
Many global brands have successfully incorporated red in their logo designs and other design products to market their businesses. Take the example of some of the famous company logos Coca-Cola, which uses Red Color to highlight the name of the company. For this soft drink maker, red conveys the energy of its targeted customers and creates a great impact while doing brand promotion, which is the youth. McDonald uses red as a background color for its logo to express its youthful energy and innovative cuisines. Similarly, Exxon, which produces fuel, has red lettering in its logo against white background to grab the viewers’ attention.

Here are some popular logos that use red color.

How to Use Red in brand promotion


CNN in brand promotion

brand promotion

How to Use Red to Promote Your Brand

Red in brand promotion
How To Decide If Red Should Be Your Brand’s Color?
When you are mulling over various colors for their usefulness to select the right color for your brand, consider red as an option. You can safely choose red if your business targets the youth as the color expresses undying energy and unmatched enthusiasm. Similarly, other emotions such as boldness, urgency, courage and excitement related to your business message can also be expressed by red color.

So, make sure that your designer knows about your business and its intended message. Once the message, the targeted market and customer profile is known fully, and then find out if red suits your needs in terms of communicating with your target audience successfully.

Note that red can be used in varied ways in a design. So, you can use red as the main and dominating color on lettering, icons or as a background color. Or, red can also be used as a minor color, shade or tint just to grab viewers’ attention to a particular element in your graphic design.

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