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How Website Design Plays A Vital Role In Page Speed Optimization?

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Website Design

Website Design

Last updated on February 19th, 2024

The need to emphasize Page speed optimization should be any Web Design Company’s top priority. This works as a key factor in curtailing bounce rates and improving engagement on the website. Thus, making it crucial for all Top SEO Companies to ensure their website page speed is being consistently optimized.

While designers focus on gaining the visitors’ attention with new visuals, graphics, and relevant content, it is also essential to focus on retaining these visitors so that they do not bounce off before fully exploring all the pages on the website. And it brings us to the most crucial question: How will website design be essential for page speed optimization?

Here Are Some Of The Points That We Highlight As Keys To Ensure Your Page Speed Is Optimized With The Required Web Design:

01. Avoid Bulky Media

Heavy media files can prove to be slowing your website speed, thus causing visitors to lose interest and drop off. Bulky media on pages can lead to a longer loading time, and some may even face buffering issues which can be very frustrating to an online visitor. Thus making it crucial to optimize website media and avoid heavy files.

Resizing images to have them fit the website pages can be an efficient tactic to reduce the loading time of that page. It is important to ensure that the images are resized so that they do not consume a lot of loading time.

Web designers can also use it to activate certain website content based on the visitor’s navigation and activity across the website. These types of images are Lazy Load images. These images are accessible only when the user makes a certain action on the website.

Avoid Bulky Media

Unnecessary visual aids can be off-putting to a visitor if it does not convey the message accurately. Too much media can look like clutter on the page and heavy images can be slow, rendering the page go unnoticed despite having visual aids.

While it is important to use media as a form of visually conveying a message, it is important to keep in mind that visitors may lose interest if the page takes too long to respond, thus discouraging them from advancing further in their navigation.

Hence you should optimize the size and quality of the media content for speedy loading.

02. Manage Internal Database

Managing the website’s internal database efficiently is a great way to optimize page speed and thus have greater retention of visitors. This method helps in finding result queries in a faster manner and reduces the overall loading time. It is important to schedule regular internal database management operations to ensure there are no unnecessary files that may be causing the website to take a longer load time.

If your website is slow, visitors will likely move on to sites that are faster. So how can you make sure your website is as fast as possible? One of the most important things you can do is to use the right website design tools to fasten your website’s loading speed. But at the same time, you should manage your internal database as well.

Manage Internal Database

Your website’s database contains all the information about your customers and products. This information needs to be accessed frequently by the website’s various components. If the database is slow, these components will take longer to load. This will result in a slower page speed.

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your website’s database speeds using optimized images, logo design, and illustration. Mainly the image files are bigger than the text files. So, using compressed images is a good option to optimize the database. It can help you to optimize your SQL queries. You can install caching mechanisms and also use compression technologies, and so on.

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03. Optimize Google Analytics

Activating Google Analytics for your website is an excellent way to track the website performance and improve on pages that seem to have visitors dropping off from the page. Google Analytics is a crucial tool in studying your website performance and diving deep into evaluating your website performance.

Optimize Google Analytics

It also helps you read and track the individual page speed, enabling you to have a better understanding of necessary areas of improvement and execute them to improve performance.

For instance, you may notice that a certain page may be seeing a majority of users dropping off from there. After investigating the situation, you may realize that the page is slow to load all content which causes users to leave. Thus forcing you rectify the situation by making the required changes to the website page.

04. Browser Caching

Browser caching is a SEO technique wherein a visitor’s recently viewed web pages are temporarily saved on the web browser. This data is stored for a short period of time and allows the visitor to have quick navigation across the website the next time they open it.

This is an important feature as this saves the loading time, thus increasing efficiency and enabling quicker access across the website. This process helps improve the website speed and has a faster browsing experience for a second-time visitors.

Browser Caching

Improving core web vitals can help to improve page speed by reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent from your website to the user’s computer. This reduction in data traffic can lead to faster page loading times and improved user experience.

One effective strategy to achieve this is by optimizing your hosting infrastructure, such as utilizing a dedicated server. When all your content is served from the same server, it streamlines data caching for individual pages, resulting in consistently faster loading times across your website.

By ensuring that your website design is tailored to meet the needs of modern browsers, you can achieve fast page loading times for your users. If you don’t have any hands on experience, consulting a website design company might help.

Website design

05. Accurate Coding

It’s essential to make sure that the website codes are written accurately. Codes that are not framed well can cause the website to take a longer time to load and can cause multiple redirects within the website pages. This can cause the website to take a longer load time, and multiple redirects may even cause the visitors to get irritated and leave the website.

Accurate Coding

So, if you want your website to load quickly and look professional, make sure to use accurate coding tools and design techniques. A web development company will significantly impact your page speed performance.

Tips For Following Best Coding Practices To Improve Page Speed Performance:

  1. Specify a character set in HTTP headers
  2. Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom
  3. Link to your stylesheets, don’t use @import
  4. Fix all broken links
  5. Add Expires headers to leverage browser caching
  6. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

06. Check Plugins

Plugins aid in website functionality. However, they can even cause the website to have a longer loading time. It thereby reduces the overall speed of the website. While some plugins are considered essential to the website experience, others may be solving simpler tasks that do not need the support of the plugins. Hence it is crucial to check the plugins used on the website and optimize the essential ones to reduce the website loading time and speed the process.

Check Website Plugins

Retaining the visitors on the website and having them explore all that the website has to offer is what web development aims for. It is important to make sure that the visitor has a good experience using the website, so that they revisit. Hence, making it essential for you to monitor the website performance and have consistent speed tests to check the efficiency of the pages.

Page speed optimization tests will help you better the website, making it work quicker and thus reducing the loading time for the pages. To create a smooth experience for the visitors, ensure you work on designing it in a manner that makes it engaging and fast in loading.

07. Avoid Redirects, If Possible

Site architecture and design can have a huge impact on page speed. One of the most common causes of slow pages is redirects – when a web page takes users to a different URL, even if it’s just to load additional content.

Avoid Redirects If Possible

Redirects can easily add hundreds of milliseconds to your page load time. So, a web designer must improve website design and avoids redirects as much as possible.

08. Reducing The Number of HTTP Request

HTTP requests are the number of requests a browser makes to fetch a webpage from a web server. In general, the more HTTP requests your site makes, the more time it will take to load.

Reducing The Number of HTTP Request

There are many factors that can contribute to increased HTTP request counts, including oversized images, inefficient coding practices, and excessive use of media elements. By making simple adjustments to your website design, you can help reduce the number of HTTP requests your site makes and improve page speed performance.

Here Are Some Tips For Reducing HTTP Request Counts:

  • Minimize the use of large images by compressing them using compression tools such as JPEG or PNG.
  • Optimize CSS code for performance by using inline styles instead of referencing external files and using lazy loading techniques when possible.
  • Avoid issuing multiple requests for the same piece of content from different origins (i.e., different servers).
  • Enable browser caching where possible to minimize repeated requests.

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Website design can make a huge difference in the speed of your website. By carefully choosing the type of content and layout, you can ensure that your site loads quickly and provides an enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors. In addition to optimizing your website’s layout, you should also consider optimizing your CSS and JavaScript code. By doing these three things, you will help to keep your website running as smoothly as possible and improve page speed dramatically.

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