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Last updated on January 13th, 2018

Your company logo is one of the most important and vital visual symbol as it helps greatly in creating a nice brand image of your business. It creates a sense of trust in the minds of your targeted audience. Whenever you plan a marketing strategy for branding, make sure that you follow some vital tips to create a logo design that helps in enhancing your business image.

Follow These Factors When You Think for a Logo Design:

  • Your logo design must be appropriate as it is integral part of your branding. The emblem is not only a reliable symbol of your company but it should also be an authentic one. Therefore, choose a symbol that connects your audience with their perception of your business, products or services.
  • A minimalistic logo design is effective way to create brand identity. Do not cram too much images or photographs, text or fine details as those lose clarity in small dimensions. Moreover, such details become relevant as your business grows in next five years. So, use only one simple symbol or shape for longevity and clarity.
  • Avoid applying special effects such as patterns, beveling and drop shadows. These effects can be lost or distorted across devices and platforms which can reduce the effectiveness of an excellent logo design.
  • Make judicious use of colors in logo design to create a quick impression of your brand. For example, blue and gray are the colors to express authority and trust while yellow and orange are for energy and fun.
  • Another important factor to ensure brand image from your logo design is to create a logo that works well for variety of dimensions. Your logo should remain attractive even if blown up to billboard proportions or squeezed to a tiny size for use in social media.

These tips will surely help you in creating a logo that enhances your brand image.

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