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Last updated on January 13th, 2018

Professionals logo designers follow a lengthy process which involves different stages before finally submitting a sample logo design to the client. The process starts with the most important stage of understanding a client’s brand or business. This is also one of the most difficult aspects to know as every design element will find place in logo based on details about a brand.

logo designThis is true that a logo is an image but it also introduces a brand to the customers. A logo must address a specific audience and the designer must keep this fact in mind. So, when starting on designing a logo, the designer should write down what he or she thinks of the brand and try to create some imagery roughly and write the brand’s ideology.

When researching other visual brands, the designers should not rely much only on aesthetics and instead should reach to deeper meaning. The designers should rely more on their clients’ unique brand attributes. Find out if the brand depends more on evoking emotion or is it utility-driven? You should know if the brand is quirky or contemporary? One of the most important aspect of understanding a brand is to know about the things the customers mostly care about the brand and also that what does the brand want to achieve in the future.

Many designers know more about the design trends than a brand. While it is vital to stay up to date on design trends, to know a brand’s overreaching personality is also equally important. So, the designer must evaluate a brand’s personality to get help in designing a logo.

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A professional will always know what a logo means. Every logo has some history and it comes with certain purpose and meaning. An example is of Apple logo, the fruit is missing a ‘byte’. Another example is of Wikipedia logo which is designed in unfinished puzzle pieces from different writing systems. While both of these logos are simple but their uniqueness is in taking the customers back to brand ideology.

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