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Last updated on September 12th, 2018

Small and medium businesses are the ones that look for some market share which is generally in the hands of big players. But to get attention of the customers away from big companies is the toughest job for small businesses since have very little resources to tackle competition. Therefore, your company must own a logo design that helps in enhancing your market presence.


To get a logo that works well for your small business and stands out in the market, you need to know about your business message. This is important since all logos express some message to the customers. A good logo is the one that coveys a strong business message right away just when viewers have a glance at it the logo. So, get your message right and let be known to your designer.

Your design brief is the most important part of creating a logo for your small company. The brief must include all the relevant information that a logo designer needs as part of preparation for designing a logo. The information includes your company’s history, products and services you sell, the targeted market, your business ambition and lifestyle of your customers. The brief also contains any specific choice of colors or other elements that you want incorporated in the logo.

When the designer has submitted couple of entries to you, make sure that the elements are perfect. Choice of color should be such that it represents the industry that your company is in and the targeted customers relate to the colors. If for instance, you manufacture women’s clothing, then your logo should preferably have pink as main colors or you run a food business, its logo can have green as dominant color.

Similarly perfect selection of fonts in your logo design can help in getting attention of the customers. If you prefer a text based logo, then role of fonts becomes all the more important. Other design elements such as space, negative space, shape and size of the logo should also be considered by the designers.

Make sure that you take suggestions from an expert designer when you select a logo design out of many entries from your designer.

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