Looking To Get the Most from Your Design Contest? Remember These Tips

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Get the Most from Your Design Contest

Last updated on May 21st, 2018

If you are thinking of designing a custom logo design or website for your company, then one of the best options you should explore is to crowdsource the work. You will not only own the design at low costs but also a competitive design that is worthy of representing your company.However, you must adhere to some tips for success of your design contest.

Here are some of tips you must pay heed to in order to create an engaging design.


• Invite Talented Designers

One of the ways to get best out of your design contest is to use the features that allow you to invite your choice of talented designers on the crowdsourcing platform. This feature will help in working with the designers whom you find suitable to work on your design project. Of course, you will need to review their Designer Portfolio before inviting them to the contest.

• Select Right Package

Crowdsourcing sites have price packages for everyone. If you have a small business and cannot afford paying too much money, then pick up a design contest package that has most of the features such as dozens of design concepts, access to many designers and other such benefits. But remember, select the price that you deem fit for the design job.

• Write Informative Brief

For a successful design contest that has many talented designers working on it, you should write a precise but informative design brief. Try to provide some details about your company, why you started it, your business, target customers, niche market etc. You should let them know also your choice of colors and other elements if any that you want to include your logo or other graphic designs.

• Use Guaranteed Contest

Crowdsourcing sites allow you to choose from different contest categories. One of these is a Guaranteed Contest. This type of contest implies that you will be guaranteeing prize money to the winner designer. In other words, you will surely be selecting a winning design and you will then give the award money to the designer. Such a guarantee of getting money encourages more designers to work on your graphic design.

• Provide Feedback on Designs

After launching your design contest, you will receive dozens of design entries from many graphic designers. To get best out of them, provide quick feedback on their designs. Let the designers know what you liked or disliked the most in their work. Do interact more with the designers whose work you find promising.

Adhere to these tips if you wish to extract maximum benefits from graphic design contest. However, these are some main consideration you must keep in mind.

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