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What To Write In Your Feedback To Logo Designers?

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Designers

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

Hiring a logo designer is not usually enough to ensure a unique and memorable logo. Logo design requires collaboration between the client and the designer. A logo designer wants to get a clear-worded and precise feedback to review the work. The feedback must give a direction to the design in an unambiguous way.

When we work together, we come out with more creative ideas. We collaborate in order to generate new ideas, products or services that benefit us mutually. But when working with creative people, feedback to them from clients matters a lot. A graphic designer is one such artistically inclined person. You can benefit from the artist’s talent by giving your opinion on the design you need.

As an aspirant client in need of an impressive unique logo, you should ensure an interaction with the logo designer you hired. A lack of effective communication with the designer may result in redesigning of logo many times.

So, the success of a logo design matters on what you write in your feedback to the designer. But feedback is not just about criticizing the designer’s work. There are in fact many aspects of feedback to a designer.

When your logo designer shows you the logo concepts, you may not like them right away. There is, in fact, the trial and error process involved in designing a logo. The very first logo concept from the designer is hardly going to give you the logo of your choice. You will want to have more changes made in the design concept.

Here Is What To Write In Your Feedback To Logo Designers

01. Give Precise Directions

The key to offering effective feedback to your logo designer is to be specific about the changes you want to ensure. Avoid using a language that is not clear to the designer. Do not leave the logo designer even more confused about what you really want.

Tell the designer in detail about what you wish to remove or include in the design while offering your feedback on a submitted design. Many clients will simply respond by saying – I do not like it. The designer will get no details with this feedback. Instead, you should clearly tell that you do not like the font or the colors etc. used.

logo designer

Similarly, instead of requesting the designer to make the logo look more professional, tell about the precise changes you want to see. You can write that the font is a bit plain and make it look more professional. You can even give some examples of the fonts you have in mind. If the graphic design is too complex, ask the logo designer to simplify it.

If you have a certain color choice for your logo design, mention it clearly in your feedback. If possible, provide a picture of that color hue. Your feedback must clearly state what you exactly want instead of leaving the designer with some guesses.

02. Write Clear-Worded Feedback

Communicate with the designer in a clear language. What you write in your feedback should be able to give precise direction to the designer. Choose your words carefully. Use the words that are relevant to designing the logo. Do not use words such as ‘this is weird’ when commenting on a design submission.

Such words do not tell anything concrete to the designer. If you do not like a design, point out it specifically. Write about a particular element that you did not like or you want to change.

Keeping things vague, you will allow the designer to guess. This may not yield the desired results. Avoid using flowery words. Such words mean one thing to you and other to your designer. So, use accurate words that clearly define your requirement. This advice should also be followed for every graphic design item such as brochure design.

logo design

You should describe what your logo designer should do and what exactly you are looking for. So, if you find a design weird, point out, for example, that the layout itself is weird or the font is weird. Or, it is something else in the design that you do not like.

Then, ask the designer to change that font or color etc. to make it further clear, give your own example of these elements from other logos. This way, the logo designer can know what precisely you have in mind. If your feedback is confusing, it will result in more revisions of your design. So, use clear words in your feedback.

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03. Be Realistic

When giving feedback to the designer, have a realistic view of the design. Do not expect miracles from your logo design. Your logo may not be admired by everyone instantly. People usually do not respond emotionally to a logo initially. But if the design is impressive and unique, they gradually build a relationship with it.

Be Realistic

Keep in mind that your logo cannot do everything for your business. A logo is just a visual representation of your company and business. But it should stand out as a memorable design. It cannot tell all of your business stories.

The fact is that all of your design items such as websites, business card design, leaflets, stationery, etc. must make a combined impact on customers. So, challenge your logo designer to create something unique and memorable, but be realistic.

04. Use Right Terminology

Graphic designers use specific terms when they want to describe a design. If you want a lighter tint, then do not request for a darker shade. If tracking is your concern in the design, then do not ask for kerning.

Right Terminology

You should be clear what you mean when you say bleed or trim in your feedback. It would be good to have some basic knowledge of these specific terms of graphic design. You know what you want. But if you use a wrong word, it will only create more confusion. That will result in delay and frustration in your logo work.

professional logo

05. Avoid Too Many Details

We have advised you to give details of what you want and be specific. But that does not mean that you should overload the designers with a series of details. Avoid making your feedback too nitpicky and detailed.

logo designer

This can be an obstacle in the way of creativity. You should give freedom to the logo designer. So, do not hold hands of your designer. Do not give the impression that you know more than the designer. If you impose your will, the designer will come out with a logo design that has no imagination and passion.

06. Ask Questions, Do Not Direct

You must have a complete trust in your designer’s ability to come out with a unique logo design. Logo designers are experienced people who know the tricks of their trade. They are experts in their field.

Ask Questions

They know how to turn a logo into a beautiful and purposeful design. All you need to do is to collaborate with the designer. Just communicate your ideas. Ask questions regarding the design. You should communicate with the designer in a clear language. Do not try to dominate and direct a designer.

07. Talk About How You Feel About The Design

Some clients make the mistake of talking about how their users will feel when looking at a logo design. When giving your feedback, do not worry about the users. It would be better to let the designer know about your feeling. So, tell how do you feel about the designer. The designer is more interested in knowing your perspective and not your users’.

graphic design

So, instead of saying that the users will not like a particular color in your logo, say that you do not like the color. That holds true for giving feedback to all the graphic designs. For example, if you comment on a social media page, do not say that your users would not see the social buttons. Instead, tell that you do not find share buttons on the page.

08. Do Not React Immediately

One of the mistakes many clients make is that they react to a design instantly and send an email of feedback to the designer. Our gut reactions do not work best all the time. Reacting to a design instantly can even backfire as you may be rejecting a design that is otherwise nice. You may prompt some changes that are actually helpful in making a logo unique.

designer feedback

It is advisable to wait for a couple of days before giving your feedback. Just let your eyes soak the design to get its essence. See the logo from different angles several times a day while completing your daily chores.

09. Use The Tools

Here are collaborative prototyping tools available to improve your feedback. Tools like Justinmind and Annotation, and apps like Red Pen are useful when you want many reviewers to comment on a design in real-time. These tools can quicken your review process to save your time.

You can also think of using tools like Culture Amp to track how designers are responding to your feedback. So, these are some of the tips that you can consider to make your feedback more useful to your logo designer.

use tools

These tips will come handy also when you are using crowdsourcing platforms like Designhill and giving feedback to dozens of logo designers. At this site, you will get your logo work done at affordable price. You can select from many new logo concepts submitted by the designers. The site has 100% Money Back Guarantee policy, implying that the site will refund your money if you do not like the logo designs.

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Make sure that your feedback, lets your designers know what you have in mind. Give a specific requirement of colors, fonts etc, elements. Tell what you do not like in the design and point out the area of improvements. Do not offer vogue and general comments. Instead, be specific in your feedback.

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