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20 Memorable And Inspiring Construction Logos

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design

Construction Logos

Last updated on February 9th, 2023

Construction companies are many in any niche market. They all have to compete hard to survive and than to make a name as a credible business. But they can send out right branding signals to the audience using their unique construction logos. These visuals are effective tools to build a convincing brand identity of your business.

There is a wide scope for the growth of your construction company due to vastness of the market. According to an estimate, annual revenue of the U.S construction industry is around 1.731 trillion dollars. So, despite a tough competition, your startup enterprise has a chance to grow.

At the same time, competition too is becoming intense with entry of each new player in the market. This prompts business owners to create an identity in the field so that clients recognize the company and offer them new contracts.

All marketing strategies in the field of construction and in tool manufacturing first require a nice logo, which serves as symbol of the company. As the time passes, construction logos becomes a symbol of quality construction services that the company provides.

Later on, people start looking at the logo as a mark of trust and reliability. Such a brand identity created by construction company logos helps in building a loyal customer base, which is basis for rapid growth of any business. Depending on the budget some companies use online logo creator tools whereas some hire professional logo designers

If you are a construction and tool business owners, ensure that your business logo is attractive and memorable design. Such professionally created construction logos have capability to lure your potential clients to your company with more contracts. If you are a logo designer, try to design logos that have some elements of surprise for the viewers.

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Here We Give You 20 Memorable And Inspiring Construction Logos

01. R&D Building Solutions

The R & D logo uses the conventional elements to evoke the feelings of patriotism. The company wishes to make people feel proud of their country the U.S. It is through the route of patriotism that the company wants to bring its potential customer to the construction business.

R&D Building

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Therefore, there is a widespread use of the U.S flag elements of colors and stars. The owl is the symbol of wisdom. Other elements like a house, windows, trees, etc. are also included in the logo to make it look unique.

02. CM Home Solutions

This construction logo design is simple but unique in its own way. There are two rooftops in the logo, representing the field of construction the company works in. In the background, there are trees which symbolizes a happy and environment-friendly home.

CM Home

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

This way, the logo sends right message of building great and family-oriented homes for people. Green color in the logo is overwhelmingly used to emphasise on living closure to the nature.

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03. Wise Home Building

The Wise Home logo is an excellent example of the use of line art and typeface as a combined force to create memorable logos. Orange color used in the word Home stands for energy, hope, and passion that home builders experience.

Wise Home

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Because of this color, the logo becomes unique and remains in our memory. Such logos enhance the value of other graphic design items such as business card design when the same is printed on it.

04. Asphalt Paving

We instantly come to know about the company’s field of work in the construction industry. The company builds pavements. Yellow color is widely used in traffic and road construction. Hence, yellow dominates this logo design. The hexagon shape of the logo stands for construction and building.

Asphalt Paving

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]


05. The Gutter Guy

The Gutter Guy logo spells out the company’s field of construction clearly. The company builds gutters. Green color in the logo stands for clean environment. The guy looks smart and professional, which is also the brand message of the company.

logo design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

06. Concrete Caulking

This logo is unique due to its memorable use of the initial letters of the company’s name. The colors in the logo are moderate and dim to give it a professional touch.

Concrete Caulking

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

07. Frontline Roofing

This logo has the traditional rooftop element that instantly conveys to the customers about the field of the company’s work. In the logo design, the letter O has been shaped as a target, which says about focused approach of the company in providing roofing services. The bright orange color in the last letter E is to attract the viewer’s attention to the logo.

Frontline Roofing

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

08. Lobo

The Lobo company is in the field of facility construction. The company wants to create a robust image to convey a message of quality construction services. There is an image of a lion in the company’s logo that signifies high quality facility construction services and focused approach.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

09. Ennis Roofing

The Ennis Roofing logo design is magnificent as it projects a grand image of the company. There are towers in the background whose tops are shaped like roofs. Then, there are houses in the front with red roofs.

website design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

As a combined effect of the towers and the houses the company’s logo is able to build a nice brand identity of the business. Such logos look great on all the marketing materials such as website design.

10. I-Mac Commercial

This logo has a modern look due to formation of the letters. There is a straightforwardness in the way the letters are shaped in the logo. Blue color signifies the intellectual and researched approach the company adopts towards construction.

graphic designer

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

11. High Mark

What makes the High Mark logo unique is the use of snow-laden mountain peaks. These peaks also stand for the ‘High’ in the company’s name. Because of the high mountain peaks, such a logo look impressive on t-shirt design and other marketing items.

tshirt design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

12. MRG

You can notice some elements in the logo to showcase the company’s carperanty and design business. The letter R has been shaped as a chair, which symbolizes the design aspect of carpentry business of the company. There is a hammer seen in the letter G to symbolize the construction works of the company.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

13. Rodriguez

This logo is for a company that constructs swimming pools. The logo is in the shape of a big drop. It is an example of a minimalistic design that conveys its message with the help of few design elements. Here, the drop shape of logo says a lot about the company’s core business of swimming pools.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

14. Zenobi Roofing Inc

This logo has many roofs, which signifies the company’s core business of roofing. The logo is an impressive design and appears equally great on all surfaces.

Zenobi Roofing

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

15. Waverly

The Waverly logo one of the remarkable construction logos that catch our eye immediately. The logo has letters in red to draw the attention of the viewers. Red is also a color for passion, aggression, and energy.

construction logos

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

16. Illustrious

The illustrious logo design is another great example of construction logos. It is a simple logo with one yellow color as its main attractive feature. There is just a little hose figure, which speaks about the design and development business of the company. This logo is designed after the minimalistic design principles that allows for keeping only a few elements to express a message.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

17. Works

The Works company gives construction equipment on rent. Because of the company’s name, there is a mechanical wheel figure in the logo. This logo expresses movement in a beautiful way and encourages viewers to take notice of the company’s equipment rental business.

graphic design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

18. HR Horizon

This company is in the business of providing roofing and exterior solutions. A conventional slanted rooftop figure is the central attraction of the business logo. Its red color catches the eye instantly. The logo appears to be huge to catch the attention of the viewers and potential customers.

HR Horizon

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

19. Max

The Max logo is unique in the sense that it has two rooftop figures that are designed like hilltops. The logo itself becomes a symbol for homes that are build with new technologies. Blue and black colors are powerful colors to express sophistication and energy. These colors also present much needed contrast to catch the viewer’s’ eye when looking at the company’s logo.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

20. CWS Constructions

The CWS construction logo is a memorable design due to the use of a lot of skyscraping towers to create an impression of construction business by graphic design services. There is just one color used in the logo to keep the focus of viewers on the brand message of the company.

CWS Constructions

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

These are some of the best construction logos that you will find inspirational when you too want to have a logo for your construction business startup. There is a lot to learn from these logos. However, if you are interested in having such logos for your construction company, an easier option is to let many graphic designers handle your logo work.

In other words, just crowdsource your logo design work to sites like Designhill. This crowdsourcing platform is known for its affordable graphic design solutions for small and medium businesses. Launch your logo design contest on this site and you get dozens of unique and memorable logo designs from as many creative graphic designers.

Your entire money is safe and secure when sourcing your logo from Designhill. This is because the site runs 100% Money Back Guarantee policy that allows you to get refunds if you are not satisfied with the designs you get in response to your logo design contest.

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Construction logos such as these are inspirational pieces of designs due to unique use of colors, fonts, conventional rooftop, etc. You can take inspiration to create such logos for your clients or business.But come out with a memorable design that lingers on the memory of viewers.

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