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15 Custom Beer Label Design Inspiration For Craft Brewers

Avatar by David Paul Tweet - in Label Design - [wtr-time]

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

The competition in craft brewery is increasing steadily as more small and individual companies are entering the fray. As a result, there is even greater need to have a unique beer label design so as to draw the attention of the crowd instantly towards the brand. These inspirational label designs from craft beer industry are exemplary.

Small producers of beer fall under the category of craft brewery. These producers make and sell only small amounts of beer. Most of the times it is root beer, which is typically produced at small scale. This is in contrast with the large-scale corporate breweries. So, most of the craft breweries are independently owned. Many of these small beer labels are known for their special flavor and quality.

In the U.S, craft brewing is a huge industry. The country generates an estimated revenue of 23.5 billion dollars from sales of craft beer annually. There are 5234 operating craft breweries in the U.S at present. So, this is a big market where your small company has to face a tough competition from many established and new brands.

Your beer label design will be of crucial importance when it comes to winning the customers with great visuals. Your new customers will first see your label design in a beer shop or shopping center. When they see the label, it is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on them. There are surveys which say that people make a buying decision on the impression they get from a design on the packages or bottles.

So, your beer label design is not just any other visual. Instead, it is a special design that stands for your brand values, message, and identity. People will recall the taste of your craft beer whenever they see your label design in the market. So, design your label with the help of label templates online carefully with proper planning.

These days, the beer drinkers are more concerned about the experience they get from the beer they drink in a party. They talk about the experience, flavor, and texture of the beverage. They will also talk about the impression they get from the label design. Many of the young customers are surely impressed by a great beer label design and share it with their friends.

So, make sure that your label design stands apart from other competitors. There are hundreds of bottles and cans on the shelf. People will pull your bottle if they are drawn to its label design. Create the design in such a way that your customers have some indication of what the bottle has inside in terms of taste and flavor. The label should be conveying your brand message to the potential buyers.

Beer label design comes in many forms. You will find illustrative beer label art that includes the use of cartoons. There are graphic labels that use colorful graphics with big letters to pack a visual punch. You can also see beer label designs that have the use of art & photography. Minimalistic design is also a trend in creating beer label designs.

One of the key features of craft beer label designs is that they all are sophisticated designs by graphic design services. This is because most of them want to project an image of professionalism and unique brand.

Here Are 15 Custom Beer Label Design Inspiration For Craft Brewers

01. Buck O‘Hairen’s Sunshine

This is a unique label design as white color is dominating all other elements. The designer made a successful attempt to create a beer label design in white, which is unusual design in this category. The brand name in the bold thin letter is also a memorable use of typeface to provide a contrasting effect for eyes. Some letters in the classical style above and lower of the brand name are to build a trustworthy image of the brand.

Label Design

[Source: Image]

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02. Daredevil Brewing Co.

The company name Daredevil Brewing Co, is reflected in the images used in this label design. There is a man lifted up in the image. The man is being lifted by powerful wings, justifying the words Lift Off in the label. The red color in the design stand for the emotions such as energy, passion, and aggression. The brand wishes to project its image by evoking these emotions from target customers.

label design

[Source: Image]

03. Luminary Quarter

Everything is depicted in a classic style in this custom beer label design. There are several curvy lines that are entangled with each other in an impressive way. There is no use of typeface but the brand is still able to project itself as a classic beer brand. The beer brand is available in four colors to target different customers.

Luminary Quarter

[Source: Image]

04. Barn Door Brewing Co.

Because the company uses the word Storm in its label to project aggression and energy associated with beer drinking, there is lightning effect shown in the design. The image of a village home stands for the rawness of the beverage, which the customers would definitely love. The weather indicator is also an element because of the brand name Storm.

Barn Door

05. Ponysaurus Brewing Co.

This beer label design uses a mythical horse as its main element to convey a brand message to customers. White is the predominant color as the brand wants to project its image as the coolest brand in the market. The use of serif fonts conveys that the brand is of high quality and strict professional approach is adopted to make the beer.


[Source: Image]

06.Underground Beer Club

The company’s name Underground has some mystery in it. The figures such as a ship and a suspicious man stand for the message that there is some secret about this beer label. The customers should try it to reveal the secret. The typeface is in straightforward and formal style.

Beer Club

[Source: Image]

07. Shiner White Wing

This beer label design is unique and memorable due to use of the bird sitting on a man’s pointing finger. This symbol stands for the authority and authenticity. A fine combination of white background and bold letters presents an appealing contrast. Clouds and homes in the background give this label design a dreamy look. Such memorable labels go well when it is used as a logo design as well.

White Wing

[Source: Image]

08. The Seasoned Traveler

The Seasoned Traveler beer label design instantly attracts your attention due to the red color. Then, your eyes are drawn to the old and experienced traveler on the bicycle, which stands for warmth and energy. The company wants to project its beer label as a warm-up drink during winter.

beer label design

[Source: Image]

09. Maneblusser

This is a lovable beer label design due to its brilliant use of colors. The designer used yellow, red, dark brown and white to express happiness that is associated with drinking the beverage. The way the man is dressed, it looks like the target customers of the brand are workers.


[Source: Image]

10. Pioneer Brewery Snakebite IPA

Though the brand was opened only recently in 2013 as is clear from the label, still it wishes to be seen as a classic brand of the beverage. So, the label is in faded bluish color that indicates to the bygone classic era. The use of a deer in classic style and snake around it are the elements that project a trustworthy brand image of the company. Such beer labels look great on website design and other graphic designs used for marketing purpose.

graphic designs

[Source: Image]

11. Innis & Gunn Lager

In this beer logo design, the use of green gives an impressive touch of sophistication to it. Both the colors green and dark brown are used to create a special brand identity of a sophisticated quality beverage.

logo design

[Source: Image]

12. Double Vienna

It is a unique label design because of the use of yellow as a dominant color in the background. We generally do not see a yellow as a sole color for the background. The company’s name designed in classic lettering provides a pleasing contrasting effect that helps catch the eye.

Double Vienna

[Source: Image]

13. Sail & Anchor

To express happiness, enjoyment and festivity, this beer label design use the power of colors to its advantage. Dark brown color of the bottles provides for the background color. Then, on it, yellow is the main color used by the designer as a color of joy. Bold letters used in the design stand for the brand’s authenticity.

label design

[Source: Image]

14. Tin Man Brewing Co.

White is the dominating color in this label design. But what catches your eyes first is the yellow, red, green and brownish colors for different versions of the label. These colors draw attention to the label immediately when shopping.

label color

[Source: Image]

15. The Imperial Series

This beer label design is memorable due to its special use of lettering. The letters are thinly designed so that they stand for the company name Imperial. Other elements at the bottom of the design are also designed in thin lines. This label design is an excellent example of line art also.

Imperial Series

[Source: Image]

So, these are some of the remarkable beer label designs that are unique due to their strategic use of design elements of colors, typefaces, and images. Here are two more special mentions from the collection of Designhill, a leading graphic design marketplace. These label designs were created in response to the label design contest launched by the small beer companies. Have a look-

01. Volans

This is surely a high-quality beer label design by freelancer designers. Black color gives a touch of sophistication and professionalism to the design, which helps build a brand image of the beverage label.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

02. Thirsty Mule Winery

The designer is successful in giving the label design a classic touch due to the use of some retro elements of grapes, leaves, and classic curvy designs. Black is the major color to express authority and loyalty of the brand in the market. Fading yellow color is to give the design a classic touch.

Thirsty Mule Winery

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

If your startup beverage company is looking for such memorable beer label designs, you can crowdsource the work to Designhill. This is a prominent marketplace where hundreds of small business meet their graphic design need daily. Just launch your label design contest on this site and you will be flooded with unique designs from the graphic designers.

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These inspirational beer label designs are unique and memorable. They all stand out because of the planned use of colors, typeface, and images. Each element expresses the desired brand message and ensures a lasting impression on viewers. These are surely great visuals to communicate a brand message and identity.

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