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Mistakes That Graphic Designers Must Avoid Committing!

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on January 7th, 2020

Mistakes are that part of graphic designer lives that always teach them, but if they do not learn any lesson from these mistakes then there are chances that they will fall in a pit of loss and destruction. No matter which profession you are in, avoiding committing silly mistakes works as panacea for your success. Whether you are into any manufacturing field or creative field, mistakes are doomed to happen, but the real winner is the one who learn and amend them to go ahead. Getting a huge lot of degree does not bring you any thing but gained experience and expertise in your arena is what pays you as reward. In today’s arena when there are platforms like Elance, Odesk, Freelancer and more, chances of committing mistakes could be highly fatal for your job.

The responsibility of taking into account all the mistakes and mending them timely is not only of the job seekers, but the clients are also equally liable to avoid these kinds of mistakes. Lets face it; creativity comes with the practices and to tell you the truth, practice makes you perfect. However, if you commit mistakes that I am going to talk about below, it is feasible that you will lose your job or if you are client then you will have to face a monetary loss.

Graphic designer

Here Are 5 Mistakes That Graphic Designers Must Avoid Committing!

1. Do Not Ever Forget Your Client!

As a logo designer, if you think that after the job assignment, you need not keep you client in mind, it could be your biggest blunder. You must keep in mind for which you are going to design the logo.


As a graphic designer, you can argue that your work that you do with your clients is at the really least partially involving you as its built-in to your portfolio, but the design of a client’s logo is usually for, well, the client. To keep away from this faux pas from happening, you must time and again be linked with clients through meetings and by rolling out regular iterations of the design to help the client in analyzing as they feel good at.

2. Do Not Misunderstand The Audience!

The second mistake that is supposed to be committed by graphic designers is not knowing about which audience client is targeting for. You may have heard a saying, simplicity works as the best solution. And this can best be learned from Apple, the leading giant of the smartphone world.


So, if you are a designer with specialization in designs and worked with companies that look for simple designs, and all of a sudden you get a client who is looking to get a logo designed for his company that target young children between the age group of 7 to 12, then it is not necessary that a simple design will work here. It may happen that the logo that you have designed for them could be rejected, due to not meeting their requirements. So it should be your first priority to understand the client’s requirement so that you do not waste your time.

3. Avoid Being Much Advanced And Forward In Your Thinking!

If as a logo designer, you think that you know all and everything then stop yourself here. If a graphic designer designs logo for the here and now, their designs would just be relevant to the past sooner or later. It is essential to not create a logo design by supporting it more than on the current events. It is crucial to look at where you desire your company ought to go while doing designing. Being ahead of its time does not just slot in a time frame, it also entails where you will need to find your logo in future. If, for the time being, you are putting your logo in one medium (for instance; a website), it’s crucial to hash out a design that could be applicable to other mediums (billboards or books) in future. So, do not be forward-thinking in designing your work, it’s good for both client and you.


4. Building Off The Existing Market

While it’s fine to remember the current market and its trends, being too much reliant on it might be detrimental. In a few cases, it might make the client’s reputation look to be a deception or a copycat. While doing market research, draw on the current market as a support and from there start designing in line with the client’s necessities and design principles. So, in place of doing a thorough research, you get to perform a sensible research so that business reputation could be saved.

5. Un-Interpretable

An abstract can turn out to be a memorable one in numerous cases. It can keep a company aside and make their design do well as being earlier than the times and even a piece of art in its own right. However, then there are the abstracted logos that are not just interpretable.


As a graphic designer, you ought to not have surplus fun in Photoshop to where the clients vision and thought is gone in an abstract shape or letter. This can be deferred by testing the waters with your newly-created design by having a second or even third opinion on the more or less complete project.

Hence mistakes that mentioned above by us can lead to a horrific logo design. If you donot do the said mistakes, there will be a logo that will work for long and increase your fame and reputation as a graphic designer. To err is human, but if it is not mended in time, it can cause you and your business much harm.

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Thus, as a graphic designer, you should be much wary about these mistakes at the time of meeting the requirement of your designing clients. After being fully aware and alert of these mistakes, you can end up with your best possible design, and in return, client will be much happier. Chances are that you may be getting more and more designing work. So be wary to avoid committing these mistakes!

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