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New Nissan Logo: It’s Minimal & Lit Reflecting Transition To The Digital Age

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on October 18th, 2021

Great news for Nissan’s fans! The global Japanese automobile manufacturer, has recently redesigned its logo to make it look pleasing and appealing to the new-age audience. The new logo is sleek and carries the trendy minimalistic look. With the changing perception of modern customers, the company thought it fit to consider giving a new visual identity to its logo.

Global brands are conscious about how people perceive their products or services with the changing times. As their audience keeps on following latest trends and styles; big brands also feel the urge to redesign their visual identities to stay connected with the new vibes. They prefer to redesign their logos, business cards, letterheads, etc. to reflect the aspirations and new mindsets of modern day customers.

Recently, Nissan has redesigned its logo in line with the changing circumstances, markets, and customers’ choices. Today’s world is far more connected than the world of even a decade ago. People have more access to knowledge, and they can quickly interact due to easy internet availability. In the modern digital world, we connect more with digital means than physically. Therefore, strong brands have visuals that have touchpoints from both the digital and physical worlds.

New Nissan Logo

Why did Nissan redesign its logo?

Nissan’s old logo existed for the past 20 years before the company finally bid farewell to it by replacing it with a redesigned logo. For decades, the company’s old emblem was everywhere on the company’s vehicle, business cards, websites, etc. platforms.

The company felt the need to redesign the logo as the world over the time has changed a lot. The company wanted to have a new logo that pivots the organization to the future and speaks about the rich heritage of the company.

In brief, Nissan is a Japanese car maker multinational company that was established in 1933. The company sells its car in 112 markets worldwide, making it the sixth-largest automobile maker in the world.

The Company is Entering The Electric Vehicle Era

The company has already started manufacturing electric vehicles with the Nissan Leaf being the first such vehicle. Lately, it launched its all-electric crossover SUV car, the Ariya, in the global market. Today, the company will be manufacturing electric cars and other vehicles mostly. This naturally required a new brand identity through a redesigned logo to deliver the message of new inventions.

In the past, other automobile manufacturers also had redesigned logos

Many car manufacturers had already adopted a minimalistic new logo design to reflect the new changes happening in the people’s choices and fashions. Following the trends, Nissan recreated its logo into a thin, minimalistic, and monochromatic version.

BMW, MINI, and Volkswagen have already replaced their old thickly designed logos with a new flat and two-dimensional logo. So, they all have moved from three-dimensional emblems to two-dimensional ones.

The Design Process

The design process, according to the Nissan website, had begun in 2017. At that time, Nissan’s president of global design Alfonso Albaisa gave three keywords: “thin, light, and flexible” to the design team as guidance about how the logo should look like.

With these keywords in mind, the designers started the process first in 3D. They then converted the logo design in 2D, which the company described as a transformation from” a hard-edged, industrial feel to a refined, familiar and digital-friendly look”.


Talking about the inspiration behind the logo, Albaisa had said that it came from the breakthroughs in science, technology, and connectivity. He believed that these breakthroughs had brought in some basic changes in the way customers looked at the products. Digitization was already in consumers’ minds, which was also a factor behind keeping the logo flat and thin.

The Challenges Designers Faced

The design team had to confront some challenges. It had to decide the fact that the logo would be illuminated on the all-electric models that the company was thinking of manufacturing.

Another challenge was to gauge the thickness of the new logo’s outline. The right thickness was important for making a crisp impression on viewers when the logo was lit.

Then, the new logo design also had to comply with the government’s regulations pertaining to the illuminated elements of cars. The logo should still be making the desired impression when the vehicle was not illuminated. It should also make an impact when appearing digitally or on paper.

The new Nissan logo redesign indicates the transition from the industrial era feels to the modern digital age. The new logo is sleek and reflects the digital-friendly look. It also represents the vehicle manufacturer’s evolution from being a traditional vehicle maker to a mobility and services provider.

Major Elements Of The New Logo

Kept Some Old Elements

When a reputed and globally known company redesigns its logo, it does not completely overhaul the design. Instead, a basic principle is that the old logo’s major elements mostly remain untouched in the new design. This is because people have already established an emotional connection with the old logo. So, when looking at the new design, people must be able to recognize that it belongs to the same brand immediately.

Considering that, the company name Nissan in the new flat design still is in the middle of the logo. But this time, the name does not appear as some raised element that had a 3D impression. Instead, the company name appears flat with some simple and basic block lines.

The new logo has lettering, which is the company name, stretched out. Now, there is a good amount of space between the letters. This measure helps give the logo a cleaner and aesthetic look.

Minimalistic – Simple Design

The simplicity of design is key to a logo’s success in conveying its brand message to the target audience. After keeping that principle in mind, the design team kept the new look of the Nissan logo as simple as delivering the message to the new-age customers.

Moreover, the simplicity of a logo is desirable. After all, the symbol is extensively used across websites, letterheads, dealership signs, advertising, social media, and many other digital media types, besides on the car bonnet.

A Sense of Airiness

The new Nissan logo has a sense of airiness in it, which the experts have welcomed. This new design looks impressive also when compared to the old typical big, bold chrome logos, which are now out of trend.

Now, the new Nissan logo looks like a pretty wordmark. Some experts do not like the half circles and spurs shooting sideways, but its overall look is an impressive minimalist design.

Overall, the newly redesigned Nissan logo is a sleek visual that makes the desired impact on the target audience. It is also a lesson in redesigning logos. The designer did not make radical changes and kept the look thin. So, the logo connects with today’s audience and still interacts with the company’s heritage.

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Wrapping Up

The Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan has recently redesigned its two-decade-old logo. Now, the new logo looks sleek and minimalist to reflect the company’s aspirations to enter the digital age with its electric vehicle.

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