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Paypal Logo Hints At Its More Mobile Future

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Paypal Logo

Last updated on February 13th, 2023

PayPal is an online payment system operating worldwide that provides online money transfer thus substituting the traditional way of transactions. PayPal logo design is unique and memorable, but it has gone through few design changes recently. This is because the company is growing fast and it has some aspiration for future. The newly redesigned logo speaks about the company’s ambitions.

PayPal is an internationally recognized and trusted global payment system. People have been using the system for safe and secure monetary transactions. But considering the new changes happening in the world and thinking of people, PayPal started its new branding plans. The first thing it ensured was to redesign its logo.

In 2014, PayPal redesigned its logo for the second time since 2007. The decision to recreate the logo was taken due to the rapid changes happening in the company’s payments business. The biggest change noticed was that the company was transforming from the web payment era to the new mobile payment era. The company started providing payments on mobile devices and on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Yves Behar’s Fuseproject redesigned the PayPal logo design. The old logo has been the company’s face for 15 long years. Now, the company thought it fit to redesign the logo due to the company’s technological advancements, which were not represented well in the old logo design.

“If you stop people on the street and ask them if they know PayPal, invariably they will say yes,” says David Marcus, president of PayPal. “But when you start asking questions about how it works or what it does for you, you start getting very different levels of understanding.”

As the company launched the new products and it re-launched old products, it needed to change the brand. The biggest change was that the company was moving-off the web. The world has changed a lot, and it is not dependent on the web anymore.

The world is using mobile apps more, and the company has to adjust its branding efforts. There were new payment mediums coming to the fore and most of them are based on mobile. After changing its tactics, PayPal wants to create ‘a people-powered economy’.

One of the concerns in redesigning of PayPal logo was the issue of brand continuity. When a brand drastically changes its logo, people do not like it and they fail to establish a relationship with the new logo. PayPal did not want that to happen. Any greater change would have created the crisis of trust amongst people who were using web for payment transfer.

The PayPal logo designer Behar was experiencing some constraints. “If you think about the millions of places PayPal appears…” he says. “When you redesign a logo that people look for on a webpage or smartphone on a daily basis, there’s a responsibly to do something that will have a sense of legacy for what was there before.” Therefore, no significant changes were made in the new logo design.

When the designer team started working on the logo to give it a new look, they first did a visual audit of the older version of the logo. This was done to know the new branding issues that the company was facing.

The team found two major issues: “It scored high in trust, but it didn’t score high in innovation,” he says.  For all its digital savvy, PayPal’s legacy was firmly rooted in the digital of yesteryear. “The old logo was really designed at a time when people’s experiences of digital payments were online,” explains Behar.

To compete with younger, native mobile app design like Venmo, PayPal needed to show its flexibility. Behar’s big goal was bringing the visual identity to a mobile age, and in order to do that, he needed to cut out some of the fat.

In the digital age, logos are taking a new shape. They are being created now considering the fact that people are using mobile apps to search and shop. PayPal also was forced to revisit its old logo design in view of the design requirements of the modern digital age.

The company had started an aggressive push to giving a new look and usefulness to its existing services. The company was thinking of rolling out new services. Therefore, its old logo was not good enough anymore to express the new ambition of the company and the target audience.

Here Are Paypal New Logo Hints At Its More Mobile Future

01. Old Logo

PayPal’s old logo, which is its original logo also, was in white. The first change in the logo design took place in 2012. But those changes were not for the mobile era of today. At that time, the aim of redesigning the logo was to create a simple logo.

Old Logo

At that time, the company was merely looking for a business symbol that could help build a nice brand identity. But now the aim is to create a compact symbol that functions well on the mobile phone and other mobile devices. Such a logo should also look great on storefronts.

02. Features Of The New PayPal Logo

The new PayPal logo uses a bolder wordmark. It has a stronger monogram. It also has vibrant colors. The purpose behind these changes is to emphasize on innovation and trust. The designers used the italicized text in the logo.

New PayPal Logo

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

A purpose of the text style is to express the message that the company is now a dynamic brand. The new logo addresses the perceptions of young people and their energy and trust.

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03. The Typeface

The new logo of the payment system company uses the Futura typeface, but its modified version. There are softer edges in the version. This typeface makes the logo appear as unique and sends out the message that the company is now transformed to taking care of the new payment needs of people. To make the business logo mobile friendly and comparative, the Futura typeface is now spaced closer.

logo design

04. Combination Of Monogram And Logotype

The new logo uses two design elements to form a new look of the company’s business symbol. The logo has a combined use of a double-P monogram and new ‘PayPal logotype. The monogram can be compared with Nike’s swoosh logo. The PayPal monogram intends to bring people together, which also has been the company’s major marketing campaign.


Initially, there was one P in the logo. But it confused people for a parking sign. So, the company later added a second P, which was like a shadow of the frontal P in the logo. But the double use of the letter P gave the logo an entirely new and unique look by graphic design services. It is now the identity of the logo and the company.


05. Condensed And Modernized

While the new logo keeps the company’s core identity, the logo is actually a condensed and modern version of the old self. This is because the new logo design is mainly in keeping with mobile apps as a new medium of payment transactions. The new logo design has been condensed to be more mobile-ready.

graphic designer

06. Colour

The new logo has brighter colours. There are bolder hues of blue colour used in the logo. The designer was of the view that the bolder blue will also help in distinguishing PayPal from many other businesses in the financial sector.

Blue is the colour for socialising, which is why most of the social media page designs are in blue colour. So, this color evokes the feelings of trust and confidence in the users of PayPal’s payment transaction services.

But PayPal was not the sole global company which was looking for a new logo for mobile phones. In 2008, Google also was planning to create a new icon that could go well on mobile phones. In fact, logos are now designed to make sure that they look good and functional on mobile sites.

Logo Colour

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PayPal revisited its old logo design and thought it fit to recreate it to reflect the new development happenings in the payment transaction company. The new logo was simplified with just the letter P dominating the design. But to give it a unique and memorable look, double P was later created in the company’s logo. Now, this logo has become an identity of the company.

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