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10 Quick Tips To Create A Professional Business Flyer

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Flyer Design

Business Flyer

Last updated on October 29th, 2021

A business flyer is amongst the most affordable but versatile marketing materials for small entrepreneurs. Containing a lot of information in a thin and handy full-page; printed flyers help to convey a brand message in a colorful way. Besides printed flyers, their digital counterparts also help businesses drive customers online effectively. But why do entrepreneurs need flyers to promote their products and services? How they can help them to create a first impression of brands? What are various ways to create a professional business flyer? If these questions are popping in your mind, then this article will give you a quick ride on the importance of using business flyers by answering these queries.

A flyer, also known as circular or leaflet, is one of the ways of advertisements on a thin sheet of paper. The main purpose of creating these leaflets mostly is mass distribution in a public place. Everyone who moves around frequently and uses the Internet must have noticed flyers.

Even big brands distribute these leaflets by the side of an event to people randomly. Whereas, digital flyers are the advertisements you come across on the screen very often. So, these colorful marketing means are part of strategies to reach out to an audience.

Why Your Business Needs Flyers?

Flyers carry many advantages over other marketing materials. If yours is a small business, then flyers can turn out to be the most cost-effective source of marketing as its overall product cost is within a tiny budget.

Right from designing to printing, the flyer’s cost is most affordable and manageable for new entrepreneurs.

A flyer design creates an impression that grabs the customers’ attention quickly. This is because these tangible advertising materials engage the readers easily. You can experiment with many shapes of flyers to catch the eye and interact with potential customers.

Another benefit of using flyers for smaller businesses is that they can distribute business flyers on a larger scale. In this way, they reach out to thousands of people at a time.

Just create these leaflets using leaflet maker and distribute by the side of a business event or at any crowded place to enhance the reach of your brand. Like, Pizza or Dominos outlets do.

Flyers are one of the most effective tools to engage people with brands. Recently, a survey revealed how much time people spent looking at digital or print flyers for business.

Their response from the surveyed people was encouraging to marketers. According to the surveys, ten percent of the respondents said they spent up to 30 minutes per week looking or reading the flyer advertisements.

Use A Flyer Maker To Create Business Flyers

If you are a new business owner who does not want to spend on resources or hire a designer to create flyers, then you can explore a cheaper alternative i.e. Flyer Maker Tool.

You can use the flyer maker tool from sites like Designhill that offers flyers with plenty of colors and font choices. You can access thousands of images to incorporate in the design as per your brand personality for free. The site also gives you full copyrights on the flyer design you create using the tool.

However, before you use the flyer maker, you should know what goes into making an impressive flyer that converts the readers into customers. Consider some basics and stick to them when creating your unique flyer with the help of software.

Here Are Some Crucial Tips To Create Impressive Business Flyers

01. Give Information Precisely

The first and foremost thing to consider is the amount of information that should go in your flyers. The rule is to keep it – the minimum.

Most people do not have time to read all about your business from a flyer or any other marketing gimmicks. Therefore, make your important points of business and offerings straightaway before the reader’s attention diverts to somewhere else.

Flyer Design

So, when using a flyer maker, edit the text until you have a small piece of content that is good enough to instantly send a message to the readers. But even the short information should be easy to read.

Therefore, spread the text in a big and bold headline, subheads, and bullet points. Give your contact details in bold and colorful letters so that the potential customers find it quickly.

Most importantly, incorporate a big image relating to your brand. People should get your message of the business flyer by one such a simple image.

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02. Prepare A Unique Layout

Flyers are smaller in size, leaving only a restricted space to display your crucial information. When using a flyer making software, ensure that you explore the small amount of print space well.

A standard business flyer page size is A5 [ 148 mm x 210 mm ] or A6 [ 105 mm x 148 mm ]. So, a creative and unique layout will help you distribute the information perfectly.

Unique Layout

Therefore, first, creatively use a grid system to present the information in a neat and clean layout. Come out with a layout or grid that allows for packing all of your key information.

But at the same time, the details should look clean, uncluttered, and well proportioned. Many modern flyer templates can show you the experimental layouts.

03. Keep It Simple

While preparing a layout, come out with a simple design. Customers do not like to be involved in the complexity of the design.

So, it should be a clever mix of bright colors and novelty fonts that look clean and simple. The overall impression of your flyer should be that of an aesthetic design that is minimalist and subtle.

Keep It Simple

You can use designs like Volunteer flyer templates but avoid using too many varieties of typefaces as it may lead to confusion. Prefer using one color that dominates. But you can create corporate flyers in black, white, and gray palette versions.

04. Create Exciting Flyers

Your flyer must catch the potential customer’s attention immediately. So, whether your flyer has a bold or a moderate statement it must make an exciting reading without a trace of dullness. The design should represent the spirit of the festival, discounts, events, etc that the business offers.

Flyer Maker

To create flyers for business, choose eye-catching bright colors with bold tones. Another tip to design such flyers is to use a big but striking photo at the top of the middle space.

Then, put an attention-grabbing header that conveys the message. Think also of using one colored element that gives the business flyer an additional dimension.

The overall impression of a flyer should be of fun and optimism. Do not make it look like a serious design unless your campaign requires that. Instead, you can choose even a bit of childish design that people would like to keep with them for some time.

05. Take Inspiration From Apps

How about taking some inspiration from app designs for flyers? Even when your flyer is a print-based visual, it may be selling products or services that are accessible online.

By borrowing of app design elements into a flyer, your target customers can connect well with your offerings. In this age, most customers use online platforms to interact with brands.

Inspiration From Apps

Note that while flyers are lacking in interactivity elements, still they have a lot common with apps. Both the designs are optimized for a small space. So, both display information in an easy-to-read way. So, visit some exciting app designs and see if you can incorporate some of their features in your print business flyer design.

For instance, you can create a boxy grid, flat icons, and white text of apps designs when doing your flyer. The typical app design has chunky buttons, simple but strong color palette and clean sans serif typeface. These typical app-inspired design style will also help your flyers stand out.

06. Put A Smiling Face

Another proven trick to engage people with your business is to put a smiling human face on the flyer. Such a friendly face will serve as the first point of contact with your business in terms of making a good impression on people.

If your business flyer is advertising services, then such an engaging face is all the more important to be part of the design. People will keep that “face” in mind when they search for your products or services online.

Put A Smiling Face

So, put a friendly and approachable photo that people can relate with. Such a photo will make your business more customer-friendly. However, avoid using stock images of such human faces as people might have seen them before.

Many flyers or other advertisements may have used those images. Instead, hire a professional photographer and take high-quality photos of a model worthy of representing your brand. Use that image across your social media platforms and website.

07. Use Your Brand Elements

The readers must instantly figure out your brand just when they pick your flyer to read. Your message on the flyer may go waste if the readers do not know about the brand.

Therefore, include your brand identity elements to create a flyer. Such branding elements are your logo, your website URL, and your tagline.

Use Your Brand Elements

But, when thinking about how to make flyers, know which of these elements you want to highlight on the flyer. Some flyers have URLs displayed prominently while others have a logo design. Similarly, if you have a brand font, use it to ascertain design consistency.

In this way, people who have already visited your website or used products can recognize the flyer. Or, when they first visit or use your products, they can recognize the elements they saw in the flyer. It may be a mascot or other imagery that makes you quickly recognizable. Use such brand elements.

08. Give A Unique Shape To Your Flyer

One of the ways to look different from your competitors’ flyers is to create your own flyer shape. Since flyers are tangible designs, people first get the impression from the shape. You should experiment with different shapes and try to come out with something modular. When determining the layout, consider the shape.

Unique Shape To Your Flyer

You can create a shape-based layout to give an impression of a photo-based collage business flyer.

You can also use the tool like photo collage maker to create awesome collages to club in your flyer design. Such flyers are suitable to most businesses. How about using circles that overlap and have sections of text?

Or, how about creating adding some playful elements to your flyer shape? Explore a variety of shapes such as layered squares, rectangles, circular, polygons, etc. Think on these lines to attract potential customers through a unique shape of your flyer.

09. Use Color To Set Mood

Colors are known for their power of evoking our emotions. When creating your business flyer using the software, use this characteristic of colors to convey your brand message.

Pick the right color palette that suits your brand image. But make sure that the color is a strong psychological element in your flyer design. Have a working knowledge at least of which colors evoke what set of emotions.

Use Color To Set Mood

For instance, the red color conveys the emotions and feelings of warmth, love, passion, aggression, etc.

Similarly, yellows and oranges are used mainly in graphic designs to make it appear optimistic and zingy, which is just perfect for informal flyer designs. For cooler tones, use pale greys, icy blues, etc if you run a technology-related business.

If you cannot decide which color is perfect for your flyers, then pick black and white, which is timeless and it can also work as a backdrop for any color. If you intend to give a stylish look to your flyers, use bright neons or fresh pastels and combined them with monochrome photographs.

10. Use The Right Paper

Choose the right printing paper for your flyers as per the occasion. If you want people to keep flyers with them for a longer period, then pay attention to the thickness of the paper.

A cheap thin paper of flyers will most likely be thrown in the dustbin quickly. But a thicker paper is enticing and people keep it with them as a sign of some luxury.

If the flyer is for advertising of your products or services, use 135 gsm [gram per square meter] flyer paper as it is convenient for distribution. For a business flyer, prefer using 170 gsm flyer which is two times thicker than printing paper. It will give your flyer a professional look.

Use The Right Paper

For hospitality and retail businesses, 250 gsm flyers are ideal as these are three times thicker than printing paper and give a luxurious feel to the flyer.

But to make a great lasting first impression on the readers, use premium grade flyer paper which is 400 gsm and its thickness can be compared with that of postcard.

So, these are the key points to consider when creating your flyer design to give it a professional look. Make sure that you explore the features of the flyer maker tool very well to create the design.

Besides using the flyer maker, alternatively, you can also outsource the job to many designers.

Just launch a design contest for them to create your flyer as per your design brief. In this way, you have access to dozens of new flyer design ideas for your flyer. You can also pick on winning design that suits your brand.

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Wrapping Up

A perfectly designed business flyer is your best bet to make a lasting impression on target customers. You can do so by considering the flyer’s function for your target audience. Use some irregular grid to give the design a friendly but unique look. Put some smiling face on the flyer and choose your brand elements such as colors. Also, give your flyer an impressive shape. The right thickness of your flyer paper also matters in making an impression on the potential customers.

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