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75 Stunning Sports Logo Ideas For Your Inspiration

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Sports Logo

Last updated on February 25th, 2023

Sports is a highly competitive field where teams are not only meant to fight against each other and win trophies but follow their passion and challenge themselves every time. For that, a team has to first inspire its players and motivate them to give their best. This is where a logo comes in handy. A sports logo is one visual that team members consistently have in mind and get inspiration from it.

Whether yours is a sporting team or you run a business selling sports goods, your success depends on the impression your logo makes. If it conveys the right message, it will drive inspiration and attention.

So, when starting a team or a sports-related business, your first concern should be to have a logo that sends out the proper signal to the target audience. Such a logo will appear on your team jersey, sports equipment, merchandise, signboards of your shop, etc. Fortunately, today, your small budget will not hinder owning a logo of your choice.

Even with no experience in designing logos, you can still create a logo for your sports team or sports goods selling shop. An online logo maker will guide you by making your logo design according to your requirements of colors, fonts, etc.

Such a DIY software tool lets you pick colors, etc., elements from its vast library. Then, drop those elements into a pre-set design template to customize the design as many times as you want until your satisfaction.

However, before you set out to create your logo all by yourself or hire a professional designer, know how unique sports logos look.

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Here Are Impressive 75 Sports Logo For Your Inspiration

01. Snackers

The Snackers sports logo is for a blood bowl team that consists of hobbits. So, the logo has small pointed spikes and a fork on the football to show the aggression of the team and winning spirit, and the red color with black evokes passion and aggression.

Snackers sports logo

02. Lumberjack Bat Co.

The lumberjack Bat consists of youth and high school baseball amateur baseball minor league teams. Considering that, its logo features a skull, cap, and baseball bats. All such elements show the spirit of the game and the aggression. This unique black and white sports logo immediately drives attention and conveys the message.

Lumberjack Bat Co.

03. Boston Battalion

The Boston Battalion sports logo represents a summer hockey team brand. The logo brings intensity, excitement, and interest to the viewers and fills them with these feelings. It is a robust design with military elements incorporated in red and black.

Boston Battalion sports logo

04. Atlantic Disc Co.

The Atlantic Disc company is in a different sport which is disc golf. Therefore, the logo design comprises thick flowing elements that indicate a disc. An excellent combination of blue, green, and white makes this logo attractive.

Atlantic Disc Co.

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05. Diamond Kings

The Diamond Kings logo is for a youth baseball team. It is in yellow, which is for hope and youthful energy, and there is a touch of blue as well. The crown element stands for a victory that the team aspires for in the competitions.

Diamond Kings logo

06. OTS

OTS is a billiard company with its logo being in red and black. The company wanted its logo to have the T of the OTS designed in a pool cue. So, the designer came up with this logo idea. Here, the billiard stick and the red vertical thick line make the T.


07. Padel Haus

Padel tennis is growing in popularity, different from conventional tennis. This logo is for a Padel tennis club in the Midwest. The logo shows a pedal tennis racket and the club’s name to convey what it is all about.

Padel Haus

Sports logo design

08. Pepper Pong

The Pepper Pong sports logo design is full of energy and enthusiasm due to the bright colors of green, red, and yellow. Then, the black gives authority and strength to the feeling while watching this design.

Pepper Pong sports logo design

09. Milligan Golf Co.

Milligan Golf is a local golf club repair, grip service, and club customization company, and Its sports logo design evokes authority and confidence. The logo is golden with the letters cursive to express the services’ quality and elegance.

Milligan Golf

10. Indiana County Warriors

The Indiana County Warriors logo is amongst those sports logos that use red excessively to show aggression and fierce competition offered by a sporting team. This logo is for a high school rugby team and appears on the team sporting jersey. The Celtic or Nordic character as the warrior is the chief attraction of the design.

Indiana County Warriors logo

11. Partido Los Crespos

This sports logo is for a company involved in cockfighting, and so the logo displays a cock so prominently. Every element in this design is bold, with the brand name in sans serif big letters and conventional big olive branches. The logo conveys the business of the company.

Partido Los Crespos

12. Ryder Cup Battle Royal

The Ryder Cup Battle Royal logo uses classic elements such as the cup, the trophy, and the American flag to express patriotism and passion. It is a logo for a golf tournament that has its lighter moments.

Ryder Cup Battle Royal logo

13. Espys

It is a logo for baseball team Espys, and so all the baseball-related icons and elements are involved in this design. A player in action and two baseball bats and stars symbolize big dreams. The logo is in all blue and black for the robustness of the sport.

Espys logo

14. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a lifestyle beach brand and needed a cool surf logo. The designer came up with this beautiful sports logo with the brand name. It looks impressive against black and white backgrounds. But it also has the ocean flaring waves as an abstract element, which is the visual identity of the design and the brand.

Laguna Beach

15. Sandman’s Courts

The Sandman’s Sports logo is one of the most amazing sports logo ideas as it incorporates the courts in the design. It shows a badminton, basketball and tennis court. These three rectangular boxes become a unique identity of the design and the brand.

Sandman’s Sports logo

16. Diamond Kings Sports

Diamond Kings Sports sells bats, globes, etc. Its logo is in the shape of a baseball ground, with the brand’s initials and a crown on the top, making it look unique and impressive. Also, the design is in a diamond shape representing the company name.

Diamond Kings Sports

17. The Hit Doctor Baseball Goal Book

The sports logo for the baseball goal book, an online diary, and a workbook to set and track their goals has a book element, and the ball is also in the brand name. Indeed, a clean logo that tells what it is all about.

The Hit Doctor Baseball Goal Book

18. Mind Dojo

Mind Dojo is a sports training tool company that helps sportspeople overcome physical limitations by subconsciously making them competent. So, the designer incorporated a brain icon to convey the message that the company is in the training business.

Mind Dojo

19. Brewster Baseball Garage

Brewster Baseball Garage is a sports complex for baseball/softball players to enhance their performance. With two red baseball bats behind a trophy-shaped design made of the company’s initials, its logo looks impressive. Also, the red and dark blue color combination gives this logo a unique look.

Brewster Baseball Garage

20. Fierce County Roller Derby

The Fierce County Roller Derby sports logo displays an octopus that the client wanted to represent fierce competition. So, the designer created this logo with the octopus arms all around and gave the logo a unique look.

Fierce County Roller Derby sports logo

21. Tempe

Tempe is a rugby club, and it wanted to send out a message of fiercely fighting its opponent on the playing field. So, its logo has the ‘Bounding Devil’ image to convey the message.

Tempe Sports Logo

22. Legion Neo

Legion Neo is a team in lacrosse, a very aggressive sport, with players wearing protective gear. The designer showed this aggression by incorporating a prominent fearful lion figure in the logo design.

Legion Neo

23. Sporty Store

Sporty Store is an online sports store, and therefore, its sports logo shows up different sports balls and two baseball bats. So, the design is such that it instantly tells viewers that the brand sells sports goods. A trophy element stands for the winning spirit of the teams involved in those sports.

Sporty Store

24. Bobcat

Bobcats are fierce hunters, so this brand with the same name has the animal’s dominant figure. The logo is in red to evoke aggression and passion. There is a gold ball in the design that stands for golfing organization.


25. Pedro Baiao Reining Horses

Pedro Baiao Reining Horses is for a trainer from Brazil. The trainer wanted the logo in purple, for it was his favorite color. So, the designer incorporated a horse in green and a significant part of the logo in purple.

Pedro Baiao logo

26. Teammate Basketball

This sports logo has conventional sports elements such as a trophy and a ball, but it still looks unique due to the beach scene created with two trees and ocean waves. Excellent use of yellow, blue, and black drives the attention towards the beach basketball championship.

Teammate Basketball logo

27. Olden Knights

Olden Knights is a men’s league hockey team, and it wanted a logo that is a play on the Vegas knights jerseys. The graphic designer inspired the team’s name and created an older man proudly holding the ice hockey stick and a shield with skates, ready to compete. Indeed, the logo conveys its message of competence and passion.

Olden Knights

28. PB

The client wished to have initial letters P, B as part of the sports logo, so the designer came up with this beautiful idea. It has the letters shaped like a baseball glove, taking the message cleanly to the audience. With just a passing glance at the design, one can know that it is all about baseball.

PB sports logo

29. Foot Odds

Foot Odds is a football betting site. Its logo has the site’s name in and a football. The name and football send out the message that it is a betting site for football lovers. Green is the color for growth, hoping to make a significant amount of money by winning a bet.

Foot Odds

30. Lakeview Golf Club

The Lakeview Golf Club sports logo design gets inspiration from the club name. So, some thick flourishing lines and blue and green indicate the lake. It looks great against a black background as well.

Lakeview Golf Club sports logo

31. Play 9D Academy

This is one of the best sports logo design ideas since it cleverly incorporates the academy’s name into the design. So, the brand name itself is the inspiration for the logo’s shape in green and black.

best sports logo design ideas

32. Boomers

The Boomers logo also uses the conventional shield elements to message that the team is winning trophies across championships. It is a uniquely designed trophy logo.

Boomers logo

33. Miami Beach Football Club

This is another beautifully created beach logo as it gives the impression of a crown, which stands for domination and victory. It is a logo for a beach football club in an art deco style which makes it stand out.

Miami Beach Football Club

34. US National Beach Soccer

The sports logo is for a company that hosts and runs beach soccer events and tournaments throughout the United States. So, the beach sand, palm tree, and a man playing football are the elements that convey that it is about beach sports.

US National Beach Soccer

35. Reacting Ringside

The Reacting Ringside logo is for a wrestling blog, and so it has a winner’s wrestling belt. Also, the overall impression of the design is that it belongs to a robust sport.

Reacting Ringside logo

36. The Trackfellaz

The Trackfellaz sports logo targets young athletes and even elder track and field fans. It shows two athletes on the track, conveying the logo’s message. Here, the red color of the T is for driving the attention.

The Trackfellaz sports logo

37. Diablos

The diablos logo is for a baseball team that wants to be seen as a daredevil. So, the designer made the design look bold and full of high energy by creating some flares. There are mountains also that stand for the Diablo Valley, meaning the devil’s valley.


38. Euro F.C

This cute and innocent-looking sports logo is for Euro F.C, a youth soccer club with kids ranging from 4 to 17 years of age. The shield shape evokes innocence and targets its audience well. Light yellow and blue with a touch of white gives a different look to the design.

Euro F.C club logo

39. Ball Out

Ball Out creates, hosts, and manages national basketball tournaments. So, its logo displays a prominent basketball figure and a players’ fingers over it. The name appears in big capital letters with white giving them a shining look. While the logo designer used conventional elements, the design is attractive.

Ball Out

40. Brain & Barrel Hitting

This company is in professional baseball-hitting consulting businesses. Taking the inspiration from the company name, the designer created the business logo in brain shape inside a light bulb, symbolizing new ideas.

Brain & Barrel Hitting

41. The Betting Window

This sports logo is for a gambling and betting site that caters to sports gamblers from across the world. Therefore, the logo is in the digital letters that appear on digital signboards everywhere, such as on stock market boards, which is also a kind of speculation. So, the logo design immediately conveys what the company does.

The Betting Window sports logo

42 Oakwood Soccer

Oakwood Soccer is a high school girls soccer team, and its logo has a big oakwood tree in the center, dominating the entire design. The trophy looks famine for a girl team, and it looks impressive in blue and black.

Oakwood Soccer logo

43. Teer

Teer is in the business of offering basketball training. According to NBA Blast, this training center has so far sent many players to different NBA teams. Its sports logo is a beautiful and compact design that says it all about the business at a glance. An immense basketball and its basket drive the attention toward the training business. The company name is in bold serif letters to convey the professionalism of the training services.

Teer Sports Logo

44. BMB Social

The BMB Social logo design is for the sport social network company, and so it uses a symbol of networking in place of O of the social. Also, the Black and red colors of the logo send the message strongly.

BMB Social logo design

45. Mass Soccer

Mass Soccer is an adult soccer organization in Massachusetts, USA. Its logo has a soccer ball designed in style with the help of some thick flowing lines—the blue and light green catch the viewers’ attention.

Mass Soccer

46. Stryxx Pro Shop

Stryxx Pro Shop is a bowling pro shop that serves bowlers with sales/custom fitting of their bowling equipment. The shining XX letters in gold and shattered bowling pins are the key visual elements that make this design unique.

Stryxx Pro Shop logo

47. Shred It

Shred It is a fitness kickboxing studio. Its logo design is in red, mainly for the passion and aggression of the sports. There are white letters to spell out the field of sports. Then there is a kickboxer’s figure in action as well.

Shred It logo design

48. Rugby Shop

This is the logo for a rugby shop. So, the designer created a shop road sign-like element to replay the letter O in the shop and made the design outstanding and impressive.

Rugby Shop

49. T & A Bucking Bulls

T & A Bucking Bulls is a simple and minimalistic design with the brand name and the letter A prominently designed. The logo looks impressive against a black background as well.

T & A Bucking Bulls

50. Bear Claw

Bear Claw sells outdoor gear, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc., products. The designers got the clue for the design from the brand name and created an impressive bear claw in black to convey the company’s dominance in its field of business.

Bear Claw logo


51. The Academy

The Academy runs golf instruction programs, and so its sports logo is in the shape of a conventional shield that stands for competition, quality, and victory. A unique combination of red and grey makes the design even more impressive.

The Academy logo

52. Sports Max

Sports Max specializes in sporting accessories. The designer used the brand name’s S and M letters to shape them up to a triangle, and it looks impressive in white against a black background.

Sports Max

53. Great American Grand Slam

The Great American Grand Slam provides girls 12 to 17 years of age. Its logo tells that story by incorporating two young girls in blue and green within a circle. The stars are from the American flag.

Great American Grand Slam logo

54. Mutt Open

Mutt Open is a golf tournament between friends. So, its sports logo has some fun elements in red and yellow. The trophy shape is also friendly and conveys that it is just a personal tournament.

Mutt Open

55. Southern Impact

Southern Impact, a girls’ fastpitch softball team, has a logo with sharp and pointed lines to show the movements. The designers used a combination of dark blue, red, and green to create the impact.

Southern Impact logo

56. W2G

The W2G sports logo is for a golf blog/media company. Its logo design is mainly a swing of the golf as the main attractive element, along with a golfer’s figure. The brand name is in red and black to evoke passion and authenticity.

W2G sports logo

57. Adrenaline

Adrenaline is a global eSport company that invests in an esports team, venues, game publishers, marketing firms, etc. The graphic designer gave the company’s logo a modern look using a simple text-based design.


58. Maui

Maui, an annual outdoor table hockey tournament in Hawaii, and its logo feature the players, the sun behind, beach trees, and the hockey table. It offers all the elements that make the environment for this tournament.

Maui logo

59. South St. Paul Girls

South St. Paul Girls is a girls basketball program, and to show the game’s aggression, competitiveness, and passion, its logo displays a fierce bull figure. A unique feature is that it uses white selectively to make the logo memorable.

South St. Paul Girls logo

60. Grinders

Grinders is an inline hockey team, and it wanted a logo for its t shirt design. So, the logo depicts a fierce competitor player with a large ice hockey stick and big gloves. The team name is in white and orange color bold text. It indeed drives the attention immediately.

Grinders team logo

61. Polie’s Hobbies

Polie’s Hobbies sells sports cards, painting supplies for artists, etc. The company wanted a bird picture, something like the KU Jaybirds mascot in its logo. So, the graphic designer came up with this bird mascot within a triangle shape. It has the brand’s name in bold white and green letters. The combination of green and black gives this design an impressive new look.

Polie’s Hobbies

62. Jacksonville Onslow

Jacksonville Onslow is a running series such as half-marathon. It needed a navy, red, and white logo design since it is a military town. Therefore, the trophy-shaped logo of the brand features some runner athletes prominently with the brand name stretched across the design in bold letters.

Jacksonville Onslow

63. Football Strong

The Football Strong logo features American footballs into the arm as the bicep, making this design outstanding and impressive. The designer created a Viking-like character to convey the message of aggression in the game.

Football Strong logo

64. Hockey Advantage

This is a simple but impressive sports logo for an ice hockey brand, Hockey Advantage. It has a shield and stars on the top, all in blue and black.

impressive sports logo

65. Thunder

Thunder is a softball organization, which likes to project itself as conservative and classic. Its sports logo has navy blue and white as primary brand colors with a touch of yellow to stand out.

Thunder Sports Logo

66. My Roster Spot

My Roster Spot helps athletes find college roster spots. Its sports logo is a simple text-based design with the full brand name and its initial letters R and S exclusive features.

My Roster Spot

67. Snowgear

The Snowgear sports logo is entirely typography-based and has an S and G encircled while the full brand name is underneath. The logo looks impressive in white against a black background.

Snowgear sports logo

68. Novo Kimono

Novo Kimono sells combat sports apparel such as rash guards, t-shirts, and shorts. Its circular logo with the brand initials is specially created to look impressive on custom clothing.

Novo Kimono

69. The Phrase

The Phrase sports logo design is for a fun sports podcast, and so the logo has a basketball, podcasting mic, and headphone as main features to tell the brand’s business.

The Phrase sports logo design

70. Rangers

The Rangers sports logo shows a big baseball in red and white as its dominant feature, which makes the logo stand out for its brand.

Rangers sports logo

71. Moss Lake

Moss Lake is a private indoor golf and shooting simulator club. Therefore, its unique sports logo design represents its business by incorporating a golf stick and a rifle to convey the message. This stamp-shaped logo has stars from the American flag to evoke passion.

Moss Lake

72. Minnesota Generals

Minnesota Generals is a youth AAA hockey team. Its logo has a red color, a tough ice hockey player, a big star, and giant letters that show aggression and passion.

Minnesota Generals team logo

73. Fore Ladies

The Fore Ladies sports logo shows ladies playing golf with the hill and grass indicated in green and thick lines. This is an excellent design due to adequate representation of the brand’s selling of golf apparel. Dark pink, green, and yellow are the colors of joy and happiness. This logo is apt for funny t-shirts.

Fore Ladies sports logo

74. Columbus Cricket Club

The Columbus Cricket Club logo expresses a sense of pride in the club’s long and rich history of accomplishments. That is why the logo design is circular, which is the symbol for completeness. Blue and red colors evoke a passion for the game.

Columbus Cricket Club logo

75. ReadySwim

Ready Swim sells swimming gear, and its logo design is awe-inspiring on swim costumes. This sporting goods logo has waves and a hint of the swimmer. The logo looks great against all backgrounds.

Ready Swim

Bonus Sports Logo For Inspiration

Apex Athletics

Apex Athletics is a faith-based company involved in speed training, baseball, and softball. Its sports logo has mountains and a lightning bolt to express the message of speed training.

Apex Athletics

So, these are the sports logo ideas for your inspiration. Make sure that your sports logo looks unique and impressive to drive your target audience’s attention and to convey your brand message effectively.

To get one such logo for your sports team, you can use the Designhill marketplace, where thousands of active graphic designers look for work.

Just as you launch your logo design contests, the designers from different countries and cultures start working on your logo brief. You can then get an excellent logo design within a few days within your budgetary limits.

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Wrapping Up

Sport industry is huge! Sports teams and organizations must have unique logos that convey their message of passion, aggression, and enthusiasm for the game. These are inspirational logos based on the strategic use of colors, fonts, and sports icons. These visuals look great on sports gear and apparel as they are versatile designs.

Get Your Sports Logo Design

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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