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7 Tips For Designing A Product Label

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Label Design

Product Label

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

A nicely designed product label can help draw the attention of potential customers. But more than that a strategically created label makes a brand statement. Such a label contributes to a company’s efforts in building a trustworthy brand identity.

Your product may be highly useful to your customers. But that is not enough to sell the product in a competitive market.

You have to do something extra to lure customers. While planning an effective marketing strategy should be on your priority list, the first thing to remember is your product label which needs to be created by a professional graphic designer.

There are many reasons why a product label design is important for the steady growth of your business.

One of the foremost things an outstanding product label can do is that it helps your products stand out from competitors.

Such differentiating of your product and company from competitors is crucial to creating a distinctive brand identity. Another reason to get a nice label is that it can influence the consumer’s buying decision when shopping.

There are plenty of products lined up on a shopping shelf. The label will draw the attention of potential customers instantly to your product if the design is attractive and unique. Even undecided customers can also think of buying your product based on its memorable label.

Many surveys have highlighted the importance of product labels from customers’ point of view. According to a study known as Shopping Decisions Made In-Store, 70% of consumers make their purchase decisions right in a store.

This shows that consumers like to be engaged by brands in-store. But what surprises the most is that the survey reveals that 1 in 10 shoppers switches brands in-store. This means that the success of your brand depends a lot on the way you present your product inside a store.

Here Are 7 Tips For Designing A Product Label

01. Enhanced Readability

A product label generally holds the information such as the name of the product, the logo of the brand if the product is of a company’s line, units of the quantity, etc.

Or sometimes, it can be a short description or a tag-line. Lengthier information is written on the flip side which includes instructions on how to use, ingredients, etc.

Enhanced Readability

When creating a label design, make sure the text is legible. The font size should appropriate so that people can read the label from a good distance clearly.

Ideally, the text should be above 6 points font at the very least. For the other relevant information listed,10 points font and up can be used.

To further enhance the readability, the font color should be in contrast to the background color. But try not to make it a maverick color combination. So choose a font color that comes with both value and intensity contrast.

Going by customer’s psychology, bright color is a wiser choice as it gives them a sense of confidence. Also, the color shades should be in sync with the brand’s existing visual style.

02. Look Out For Typographic Pairing

Since a product label has usually little space for image and content, designers create a visual juxtaposition by typographic pairing.

Viewers can easily recognize the pieces of information with the help of the contrast. You’re suggested to use the same font if there’s a need for continuity between information.

The main objective of typographic pairing is to display the relationship between the information and different type choices. Also, to make the design more impactful, use fonts those reflect the nature of the product.

Typographic Pairing

For instance, in a product label for a hot taco sauce, you can use a font that reflects toughness and longevity. Make sure that the typeface doesn’t become too cursive and lose out on the readability.

Another thing to remember while picking a typeface is brand consistency. Your client has many marketing materials such as logo, brochures, business cards, etc. The typeface you choose should be the same as already is in logo design and other graphic designs of the client’s business.

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03. Emphasise On White Space

White space is the areas of a design which has not been used by the designer for images, text or other illustrations. In other words, it is the background color of the design.

White space is a significant element in designing a product label that can be created with the help of a product label template.

White space helps to separate the chunks of different information so that customers can read the details easily. It is also used to create visual distinction.

White Space

White space gives a minimalist look to the packaging design. This gives a sophisticated look to the design. It denotes the calmness of the product. This is the reason that white space is the main element in creating a label for baby products, cosmetics, and such other products.

The audience can also be attracted towards a powerful product label having clear content and simple logo design. It reflects the user-friendliness of the product and communicates a sense of simplicity.

04. Illustrate

Some product labels require illustration and graphic design elements. It is used when you have to speak about the product more visually. An online packaging design service provider can help you make it clear.

For instance, a product label for jellies or fruit juice has altogether a different color combination and illustrative images of fruit flavors. A simple design would not work for them. Abstract inky illustrations are also sometimes a good choice to go for such labels.


05. Maintain Originality

Make sure that your label design looks unique, memorable and original. Research your competitors’ label. Get a design that stands out.

An obsolete, boring or copied design may lead to a legal razzmatazz. This may also bring you to a crucial quotient which is often misleading for the first time customers.

Maintain Originality

Do not put anything on the design, which is not related to the product just for the sake of making the design look better. The barcode is an essential element that should be mentioned clearly in the design.

It helps to gain the sense of authenticity, which otherwise also helps in dealing with any legal checking or quick audits. Provide the company contact information in an effective way to encourage communication with buyers. Integrity counts!

06. Consider The Label Size For Designing

The design relies heavily on the size of your product label for packaging of the product. You client may demand that the label should be both for the front and back labels of the same product. Or, it may be just for the front label.

Label Size

Most of the time when there are multiple labels required, the front face has just the logo and the brand name. The rest of the information is dumped at the back.

However, many designers believe that one single “wrap-around” label is more cost-effective. It also gives a more appealing design panel and helps build a brand identity.

07. Focus On The Print Quality

This is the last but definitely not the least point to consider – get a good print of the label.

Try and enhance the visual presence of the product with the quality cards to ensure a good first impression. So whether to make it a slick gloss, matte surface or coated, get an expert to make it for you.

Print Quality

Consider these vital tips when thinking of creating a memorable product label. But you do not have to hire an expensive designer to do the job.

Your small business or startup can easily afford a unique label. All you need to do is to crowdsource the work to Designhill, a prominent crowdsourcing site.

Just launch your label design contest on this site. Many online graphic design services professionals will respond to your contest.

They will come out with exemplary graphic design ideas to win the contest. You can then pick one design that is worthy of sticking on your products. The design cost is entirely affordable.

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A product label can help build a nice brand identity of its business. But the label should be legible and sophisticated. Use white space for less strain on eyes and to give the design a unique and memorable look.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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